Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lennar Industry Leader?

Forbes reports that Lennar had a "surprising" profit report. Instead of a 5¢ profit they took a $1.55 loss. Ouch. No one here had better be surprised.

Question. Is Lennar doing the right thing here for their stockholders by frontloading the bad news or are they going to get chewed up for being the first to speak the truth?


Northern Renter said...

First and Murst again.

Weep, Dude.

Northern Renter

PS Is this getting easier?

Tony Soprano said...

First Loosers!

Tony Soprano said...


Northern Renter said...

I think Lennar is doing the right thing. Whichever company is first to stick their neck out and say "This system is fucked and we are trying to salvage what we can" deserves a medal. From what I've read, they put so much money into buying land that they are better off making more homes and selling them cheap, adding to the inventory problem.

In any event, give them credit for speaking the truth... or something roughly equivalent to it.


PS I still say that interest rates will spike in a few years and even the people who bought with normal mortgages at the height of the bubble (but with the high prices) are going to get skinned. That'll be the bottom.

chris said...

I'm gonna sit here and keep hitting F5 until I can be first...

The Dude said...


Nothing like calling FIRST just a bit before someone else....

In the spirit of unity that embodies EN, place your foot on their throat and shout "Beyitch Slap"

Chris....either it's in ya or it ain't....

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

as opposed to what? What else could Lennar have done? They could have sold off a divison, laid off workers earlier in the quarter, or fudged the numbers. Besides that, there isn't a whole lot you can do. I think it was best to time your info with public info and that way your stock takes a hit and you move on. It beats delaying the release even further and have the hit of the fed news, followed by your own poor sales.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

I'm with Northern Renter, best to put it out up front and take the hit. When the subprime crisis hit, most of the investment banks were happy to repeat the "situation contained" line, but HSBC and Merrill Lynch were the exceptions, both aggressively attempting to cut their losses in any way possible.

A couple of months later, and HSBC and Merrill are still taking a hit, but it's Bear Stearns (who were strangely mum when the whole subprime crisis started up) who is staring into the void. Sure, they bailed out one failing hedge fund (with the stockholders' equity, of course)--but what about the other, bigger fund? Oh, and how much did those CDOs go for in the fire sale? Oh, and how are things going on over in Goldman Sachs' corner, it's been strangely silent over there--I couldn't help but notice the lack of response on S&P's downgrade of their subprime bonds?

Anonymous said...

as promised ive price chopped the domain due to market conditions.

I will chop 10% a day until sold


(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

The Dow, NASDAQ, S&P all down, bond yields up, and Blackstone is beneath the IPO price. Weep, Wall Street, weep.

1000 a weak said...

@Anonymous 12:22.

Give it up.

A quick scan of available domains that are near enough to that particular domain reveals plenty of available namespace for $9 per year. You are wasting your time. Domain names don't mean anything once you get past 8 letters.

Rob Dawg said...

"Past 8 letters?" Who invented that? Sure my buddy sold wow.com for a pile but this issue is fast losing value. Mnenonics count but length is no longer a big issue. "iamfacingforeclosure" is 20.

1000 a weak said...

People cannot remember more than 7 distinct items in a list, nor can they remember spelling past 8 letters.

I would be very, very surprised if people knew enough to type "iamfacingforeclosure" directly into their browser based off of, say, hearing the domain on Oz radio.

This is why you see that crazy MLM shit advertised on TV as "93future.com" or "83success.com" etc etc.

The Dude said...

On topic, for a change....doesn't the street "reward" companies for taking their beating up front? If they massage the numbers and THEN come clean, people wonder what other news they are hiding.

Dunno....just what I've heard, but I didn't go to college or stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Rob Dawg said...

If I had to guess I'd say Wallstreet rewards papering over problems but punishes continuing to paper over problems. Still recent events are so unprecedented who's to say?

serinitis said...

The probability is they front loaded a bunch of expenses so that all of their bad news would come out now. For the next 12 quarters they can now beat expectations, because a lot of their expenses were covered in this quarters loss

Anonymous said...

This is why you see that crazy MLM shit advertised on TV as "93future.com" or "83success.com" etc etc.

Not too bright are you? They use that to track responses. Next week it will be 94future.com etc...


1000 a weak said...

"They use that to track responses. Next week it will be 94future.com etc..."

Actually it's different per television channel, if you notice. But it's also to keep their domain names short, so it can be mentioned (easily) within the span of a tv commercial.

Witness that stupid little song for "house (pause) values dot com, that's house (pause) values dot com". The general populace can't spell words fed to them over the airwaves.

...but this all goes back to my original point, which is that paying anything more than $10 a year for "iamfacingbankruptcy.com" is a scam.

Euclase said...

Perhaps the honest results are due to the fact that key employees/officers finished exercising their stock options.

Mozillo cashed out 70 million in stock options, but Countrywide is sitting on how much overvalued REO?

Mozillo must still have some options to exercise.

Anonymous said...

actually i think its funny to rub it in casey's face that he did not have the brains to think ahead and reggister it,,,

even if it gets sold for $1
its better than casey getting that passive income

makes you wonder why caseyserin.com is registered to CHris Record
and why marty the pagedaddy guy registered iamfacingdivorce.com

king friday the 13th said...

It's called sandbagging, and is a staple of Financial Engineering 201. You realize you are going to have a crappy quarter. So, why not have a REALLY crappy quarter. Write down everything in a single quarter, including the kitchen sink.

I bet Lennar did a lot of writing down that they could have done over the next several quarters. Take the lumps now. But, have favorable comparisons for the next several quarters.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

to add to the list of questions:
What happened to Chris Record?

Did we ever create a page on caseypedia for outstanding questions?

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Speaking of devalued stock, didn't casey tell that aussie toilet-head that he got 10K of traffic a day? I don't know if Casey hasn't looked at his sitemeter but his stock is going down. Besides the usual Monday spike most sites get, he's way below what he said.


BJ said...


I think the problem with the IAFF site is all of the javascript/DHTML popup advertisement references (the double underlined text). Moving the mouse is like going through a veritable minefield. As for content value, it is going downhill fast.

Basically, IAFF => stick a fork in it.. its done. Story has pretty well run its course and we are just waiting for the epilogue.. Fliptard™ is just playing reference games and whoring his story to uneducated news services to keep the count up.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

The approach of lumping all the bad news into one quarter is also known as "taking a bath". You get all the dirt off in one go. Not supposed to do it, but happens all the time.

As for what Wall Street likes, Wall Street is crazy, period. This is the market for securities where people still buy airline stocks . . . I mean, come on. Come. On. How many bankruptcies before people simply won't buy stock in a company in the sector?

But that aside, Wall Street likes the feeling that the company is in control. Going up, going down, or plateauing, it's all about whether or not the company appears to be in control of its future. What Wall Street hates, and punishes severely, is a company that appears to be out of control, where it has been taken over by events. You can see that with the subprime stocks, where Wall Street was blissfully ignorant of their problems, until it was clear that they had been overtaken by events, when they were severely punished by their lenders and stockholders alike.

None of the investment banks have yet to be taken over by events, but we may be getting close--a whole lot of assets about to be repriced, but a whole lot of silence from the financial sphere.

Anonymous said...

Where have all the trollz gone. seems like it just the 5 EN regulars in the last 3 posts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah IAFF's 15 minutes of fame has ended officially.... again. Hey lets place bets on when the next endo 15 minute proclamation is made again.

$15 says it happens in 4 weeks from tomorrow (27th of July).

mejustme said...

Anonymous 2:04, maybe that means Marty and his PageDaddy minions are OUT.

One of his virtual ASSistants posted a link to foreclosurecode on Yaro's site.

I still can't believe the guy's only got 12 comments moderated. There's got to be more waiting. His system is worse than Casey's, and that's saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Most of the supposed people Casey threw under the bus, as claimed on caseypedia, were people trying to take advantage of him. Pure and simple. Casey takes a long time to figure them out but when he does those associations cry foul and logon to EN. Casey was a mark loads of people made loads of money off him. They are the criminals. No mention of that on Caseypedia. Huh? Who owns Caseypedia?

Yeah thought so. Oh and this is not casey or his business partner or a high schooler on break.

Mozatta said...

@ 2:18 Anon

Yeah thought so. Oh and this is not casey or his business partner or a high schooler on break
- Yeah, you're just an idiot, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Mozatta so fine go ahead and think I am casey or an associate. It doesn't matter though thanks for responding.

Dolph said...

Nice to see a company be upfront about stuff, but Lennar has always been the lone exception in an industry full of b.s. artists.

Isn't Lennar the company that gives to homeless organizations for every house sold?

Serin is as Serin does... said...

"Most of the supposed people Casey threw under the bus, as claimed on caseypedia, were people trying to take advantage of him. Pure and simple."

Right, like his wife who he up and left with his messes/debt/possible criminal charges hanging over her head. THAT was all someone else's fault, too.


Dolph said...

P.S. - why does Casey ask us questions like "know anybody who..." or "Anybody have one to spare..."

I don't think he's writing these anymore. The style is not his at all.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

@ Dolph 2:33--

I respectfully disagree. Casey's always been a beggar--IAFF was initially created to essentially beg someone else to wave a magic wand, buy his shitty properties, and get him out of his own messes. Panhandling for a Skype set is the same thing on a smaller scale.

Anonymous said...

I said MOST not ALL.

you sir are the IDIOT.

Lurkerz-R-us said...

seems like it just the 5 EN regulars in the last 3 posts

Oh there are plenty of us around just enjoying the regulars.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

*snerk* Nice try, anonypussy 2:35. Where did Duane make any money off of Casey? He tried to help Casey help himself even when it became fairly evident that any financial quid pro quo wouldn't be happening. Oh, and his "cute" realtor Amy? Yeah, that bitch deserved everything she got from Snowflake for trying to do the job that he hired her to do. His sister-in-law that he's been mooching off of? Christ, at a certain point you can't blame "naivete" for Snowflake's problems--he's a shitty con artist, at best. Nice try defending him there, Anonytroll.

Oh, and I'm not a "sir." You definitely have a problem w/assumptions. Crawl back under a rock w/a book on basic netiquette, and don't crawl back out until you can properly use the info. therein.


I like M. Singh said...

Good day gentlemen,

A person above wrote:

"People cannot remember more than 7 distinct items in a list, nor can they remember spelling past 8 letters.

I would be very, very surprised if people knew enough to type "iamfacingforeclosure" directly into their browser based off of, say, hearing the domain on Oz radio."

To the writer of this passage, I submit:


is no more than five items, thus well within your criteria of 7. I believe your assertion is presumptuous (twelve letters).

As always,

The Real Wagga™ said...

We're all here, lurking and enjoying thread safety.

lawnmower man said...

@Alabama_Swamp_Donkey: Did we ever create a page on caseypedia for outstanding questions?

Why, yes we did. The MurseMaster even added a pretty link from the CaseyPedia front page.

I added a couple of open Chris Record questions. Keep 'em coming and I, or other CaseyPedia editors, will pick 'em up and add them.

And ditto for other comments on CaseyPedia. It's a volunteer effort so pages tend to get added to scratch people's particular itches, but it's pretty safe to say that most if not all of the editors read here; suggestions do not go unread.

On the subject of Casey as the mark -- yes, very true. Casey is greedy and naive and that does lead him into shark-infested waters; but it doesn't excuse his actions. Casey knew full well that his deals were "shady"; he did them anyway.

Suggested new pages for CaseyPedia: "Mark" and "List of people who exploited Casey"?

Anonymous said...

At 2:41 PM, Serin is as Serin does... said...

Dude you are one big jackass. Go back and read what I wrote I said people were trying to take advantage of him. That does *not* mean they MADE money off him. stupidazz. And even if duane says he wanted nothing out of it doesnt mean you should beleive him. Casey doesnt exactly attract altruistic people. But I can see why you would be stupid enough to believe it. Go away fucktard.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

"Mark" and "List of people who exploited Casey"?
Yes, shows that he is both victim (early on) and confidence man in training, imo.

lawnmower man said...

@BJ: I think the problem with the IAFF site is all of the javascript/DHTML popup advertisement references

FireFox + AdBlock Plus clears the IAFF minefield nicely.

Add the ABP Tracking Filter subscription and you can disappear from his SiteMeter and Google stats, too.

Dolph said...

Duane TRULY tried to help Casey turn his blog into something. Casey even admits this.

Please, trolls, try and get the facts straight. Do I need to go find the quotes to prove my point? Duane wanted to pay Casey 6K/month. The money was a combination of employment and advertising. He had some simple rules like anybody doing a deal would have. Casey accepted and then backed out.

Duane is the victim for caring and trying to help. Give it up.

BTW - I've emailed Duane privately for awhile now and the man is an honorable person with old school beliefs.

Wanna try and top me on this? I will win the argument because you can't base your post in anything but weak speculation, assumption and hearsay.

I can post facts what can you do other than troll?

O said...

::crickets chirping::

Anonymous said...

Duane may have truly selflessly tried to help Casey. All I am saying is that of the list of people that he has supposedly thrown under the bus most were there to capitalize off him. I don't trust most of what I read online. If you had personal conversations with him that lead you to believe what you do that is fine. Nothing out of your mouth is going to convince me, for obvious reasons. I trust you as much as I trust what Duane says... as much as I would trust something out of Caseys mouth. What I do know is that basically most strangers, and some family, will screw you if they can. It quite some BS for caseypedia to have a running list of Caseys victims. Yulia sounds like a victim. Most those others though. NLL et.al. victims? Whatever.

rokit88 said...

Lennar is doing the smart thing by taking the big bath now.

If they are right, then they were rpudent and prescient. If they are wrong, then they will have the ability to make their earnings in the future look a little bit rosier.


Anonymous said...

Oh and on calling me a troll or other names, that's standard EN procedure that if someone says something contrary to the EN line then the EN'ers shout them down.

Rob Dawg said...

The trollbots really need to give it a rest. Dolph is correct. I've been cc'd on many of the same back channel discussions and Casey is a serial rapist on many levels. He's been trying to be a rapist for a decade with varying success. Now he is a serial rapist on the run practicing his only skill on the net. That sounds harsh but here's a test. Who is satisfied with their Casey experience? Bigger rapists and new arrivials who haven't been screwed yet.

The return countdown continues.

The media is alerted.

There is a conjunction and Casey has no way to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

That is true, Anonymous 3:21, NLL were trying to take advantage of him. Why not spell out what you were referring to in the first place.

Nevertheless, Casey signed the so-called contract and wanted to walk away from it within minutes.

If you ask them, did he throw them under the bus? I imagine they'd say yes.

Rob Dawg said...

Anonymous said...
Oh and on calling me a troll or other names, that's standard EN procedure that if someone says something contrary to the EN line then the EN'ers shout them down.

When you choose to post as "Anon" you get all the respect "anon" has earned. You want your own respect? Pick a name. Don't cost nothin'.

Anonymous said...

I am sure theres a couple mortgage brokers that were happy with the money they made off Casey.

I am sure theres a couple RE agents that were happy with the money they made off Casey.

I am sure theres a couple home owners that were happy with the money they made off the bag they sold Casey.

I am sure theres a couple appraisers that were happy with the money they made off Casey.

I am sure theres a couple contractors that were happy with the money they made off Casey.

Oh and Galina was living pretty high on the hog there for a while.

I know there are more but you get the idea. A lot of people associated with Casey made good money. Some knew he was trying to scam. They went along b/c they wanted their cut.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

*eye roll*

Fine, Troll. If you want to get pedantic about it, Caseypedia lists 14 "victims" by name. Of those 14, THREE (NLL, Nigel, and Marty) can very easily and rightly be called coattail riders and grifters.) Depending on how you view his business model, you may or may not be able to throw the East Coast Mentor in there as well. (And for arguments sake, I'll give you all four as grifters.) Four out of 14 ain't "most" of a list, shithead. Not even close. Now go back to your GED class. It looks like you need to brush up on your basic arithmetic.

Link Whore said...

Hey Kids!
It is now time to vote for the winner of the most challenging 6 Degrees of Casey Serin game ever: Casey to Success!

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg,

You seem a little too pushy on the having to pick a screen name. For that alone I won't get one. Anyway that is some bullshit excuse you guys are always trying to shout people down. It's not b/c they are anons it's because we don't beleive your bs whole hog. Like people say if you have such a big problem with anons turn the feature off. or... guess what? STFU.


Dolph said...

Anon, fine - that is your prerogative and I am not one to force my view down anyone's throat. All I am doing is correcting something you said with verifiable facts.

Trust but verify is my motto. You don't have to take my word for anything, that is the beauty of a free country. Problem I have is you post things that others find and you give a false impression of a man that is a good guy.

Don't believe me, fine, but look a bit deeper before disparaging Duane. He's a good guy.

Dolph said...

BTW - I call anybody who hides behind "ANONYMOUS" and without any kind of posting history a troll. Why? Because for all I know you are doing what trolls do...posting salacious and questionable information about others when the facts have shown the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

Anna-not victim
Annie-not victim
LossMitPro-admitted it was for pagerank or something like that.
Steve-not victim
Galina-Wanted the pampered life, not victim
27 y.o.-wanted brush with celebrity not victim

Serin is as Serin does - Fucking pussy that doesnt know what *it* is talking about.

Dolph said...

Not b.s. anon. Look at all the anons who post insults and crap.

If you are different, fine...like I said I respect opinions if they are based in fact no matter WHO posts.

My response to you was to point out that Duane is a good guy. Don't believe me all you want, I can live with that. I posted my response because your entry looked like classic trolling in which a disparaging comment is made about others with no backing facts.

That's all. I don't hate ya' even though I am sure you hate me.

lawnmower man said...

Like people say if you have such a big problem with anons turn the feature off. or... guess what? STFU.


You seem to be the one with the problem, my anonymous friend.

The fact that Rob allows anon posting does not automatically extend credibility to anon posters. Credibility has to be earned; and by choosing to post anon, you're choosing to start from minimal credibility. Your choice; too late now to whine about it.

ha38349 said...

on Lennar
The average sales price of homes delivered decreased to $298,000, compared to $322,000 in the same period last year. The drop was due to higher sales incentives that averaged $43,700 per home delivered in the second quarter of 2007, compared to $24,700 per home delivered in the year-ago period.
I wonder if these "sales incentives" are reflected in the commerce dept. figures for median price.

Serin is as Serin does... said...


Alright, Anonypussy. You're more or less arguing w/yourself now, and I don't have the time to parse just how Casey has fucked over legitimate goodwill from family members and (what should have been) honest transactions with all the people you're snottily disparaging. I'd refer you to Caseypedia for a Cliff's Notes version of the facts, but I know your reading skills aren't up to snuff, and you think that a semi-satirical wiki is the devil. (And hell, I'll even admit a wee oversight; I forgot to add Chris Record to the list of known grifters that Casey has merrily hitched his wagon to, despite the overwhelming mountain of good, free advice that he got via his blog in the early days. You now have a list of 5 out of 15 "victims", at best, that can be characterized as grifters. ALL of them came out of the woodwork after Casey stole money from banks via false documentation, and Casey was warned about doing business w/most of them on his blog from concerned users. He decided to chase easy money and shiny objects over actually working, and knowingly fucked over his family and genuine would-be benefactors in the process. Your sympathy is misplaced, Anonypussy.

Anonymous said...

really the one throwing people under the bus is the EN folks. "Hey we hear you are initiating a venture with CS. We don't know anything about you but we don't like you and we will put much hours researching your history and then harrass you until said venture is defunct. Then. We will put your name on the list of people that Casey threw under the bus."

The Dude said...

From an article on Ben's Blog:
"Although prices have tumbled in the last year, Merced still has one of the most overvalued real estate markets in the country, with the median price about 63 percent above where it should be, according to a new study by National City and Global Insight."

Damn....63% is a Trainwreckus Maximus
Don't know a thing about Merced, or even where it is, but should median prices drop that much, I'd love to see what the city looks like after the blood stops flowing.

Anonymous said...

At 3:47 PM, Serin is as Serin does... said...

I have no sympathy for Casey. I have distaste for your brand of bs.

And even this whole, oh gee i dont have time now to get into it with you, is a bs cope out. You list is shit your arguements are shit. And you are a dickhead for not admitting as much when I have shown your logic to be faulty. You can kiss my ass. As you know.

there I picked a name... said...

My reading skills are pretty good.
I recall reading that it was you that got pedantic about the semi-satirical wiki.

Too bad you can't have it both ways bitch.

lawnmower man said...

Anna-not victim

That remains to be seen. Enabler, certainly. Provider of mooched vegetables. And if she really was the guarantor for Hammar's debt, she is now on the hook for Casey's corporate spending. Certainly sounds like Casey took advantage of her.

LossMitPro-admitted it was for pagerank or something like that.

Casey never linked to Mark's site; Casey never identified him by name until the Declan/Casey/Marty phone interview. Hard to see how Mark could have got _less_ PageRank benefit.

But more to the point: so what if his putative business partners hoped to gain from the association? That's business. Win-win, its all good, sweet.

Not all business is expoitative; although Casey certainly does attract grifters like flies to shit.

On the LossMitPro saga: my understanding was that Mark had three different objectives, at three different points in time, in association with Casey.

#1: Interview. Mark said on the haterzcast that he originally approached Casey for an interview. I forget why -- for publicity? a case study? Mark?

#2: Referrals. Mark and Casey discussed partnering; Mark would be referred leads suitable for his professional services. Casey blew this deal by losing focus, chasing other shiny objects, and leaving Mark dangling.

#3: Debt negotiation. Mark offered to assist Casey in negotiating his mortgage debts. Casey blew this deal by bringing IAFF back up, damaging Mark's credibility with the lenders who he had assured that Casey had ended IAFF and was securing stable income.

Thrown under the bus? Mark can come across as a hothead, but Casey blew it with him twice. Once by dithering; once by cutting his legs from under him.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Awww, AnonyPicked...

You're too cute when you're overlooking the facts behind your little delusion that CS is somehow the victim of an EN witch hunt. Seriously, it's hilarious how angry you're getting over the well-deserved fate of a crook like Snowflake. Just stating that one's arguments are shit doesn't make it so; you really haven't got a leg to stand on, thereIpickedmynose. Now I really do have a life to attend to, so I must bow out for now from this scintillating conversation w/you, little Marty-bot. *air kisses* Would you like to continue this delightful bout tomorrow, little foot-stamping namepicker?

king friday the 13th said...

>> Damn....63% is a Trainwreckus Maximus

Prices would have to decline 39% to get back into line with historical norms. Now, for the sake of argument you bought with a 30 year fixed, and the next day the 39% decline happened, and prices stayed there.

If you put 20% down, you would break even 12.5 YEARS into a 30 yr loan.

If you put 0% down, you would break even after 19.5 YEARS into 30 year loan.

Now, this analysis assumes you eat all other maintenance, taxes, and fees (i.e., the TI in PITI). And, it assumes no appreciaition or inflation. Tweak those as you please, but a buyer today is likely to be a f--ked buyer.

see... I picked another name said...

And if the wiki is semi-satirical it should be labelled as such. Since the site is being recommended to media-types by the EN'ers as a place to go for background info. Caseys actions stand for themselves without you pussys making shit up and kind of implying that they are (true) facts.

Anonymous said...

I expect Casey to get more and more desperate for traffic. He will start trolling harder and harder. Soon Marty will see how dried up he is and how heavy the anchor he tied himself to is.

lawnmower man said...

if the wiki is semi-satirical it should be labelled as such

From About CaseyPedia, linked from the bottom of *every* CaseyPedia page: Caseypedia is the web's leading semi-satirical wiki about foreclosure blogs.

Next straw man, please.

king friday the 13th said...

and in the last thread, the person that said "Amnesty will create problems for Texas" obviously has never been to Texas, which is a concealed carry state with very, very liberal gun laws.

Also, I believe that Texas and Louisiana are among the few states where it is perfectly legal to shoot treaspassers, no questions asked.

Crazy old dood said...

Tony's comments at placing 2nd were classic. It's good to see an unmoderated site that allows adults to act our age.
Fuck growing old, I'm not going down without a fight biatches.

Lennar isn't leading anything. They were just the first to report how bad it's getting. The problem is that it's getting much worse. Those land purchases are sucking the life out of their reserves. It makes no sense to continue building houses that aren't selling without tremendous incentives.

Lennar ain't GM. They don't need to keep building at a loss to satisfy their pension plan. I'd guess they'll drastically slow contruction in the coming months. Look for 50% layoffs of the remaining employees.

Glibly.Gilbert said...

A challenge to all KC supporterz.

Donate $5000 each to KC. You know that he is downtrodden, had bad luck, mistimed the market and has the EN cunts on his ass.

There are at least 100 of you and you will fix his problems.

Donate $5000 or kindly STFU.

Thank you.

The Dude said...

Also, I believe that Texas and Louisiana are among the few states where it is perfectly legal to shoot treaspassers, no questions asked.

Not so.....

In LA, you have to reasonably believe your life, or your family's lives, are in imminent danger before deadly force is justified. You can't whack somebody for walking across your property, but if he's crawling in your window at night....he's fair game.
Technical note: It helps if the body falls inside the house and not back in the yard.

ha38349 said...

At 4:09 PM, king friday the 13th said.
And, it assumes no appreciation or inflation.

but a slight drop in prices then staying flat for 10 years would give us the 39% decline needed to get prices back in line. I think this is the likely scenario, let inflation do the dirty work.

Bohica said...


Special "guest" blogger on IANFF.

Anonymous said...

Just stating you really haven't got a leg to stand on doesnt make it so.

Like I said I am no fan of caseys. and it is my distaste for him that brought me here. I despise those wanna get rich types.

Oh, but, yeah I'll be here tomorrow.

you bitch

Scummy said...

*Break from Casey bashing with an on topic post*

I have been short Lennar for a LONG time. I was underwater 20% at one point...yes, I suck that bad. I am now 20% ABOVE water on my Lennar shorts.

I don't think Lennar 'took their hit early or upfront' at all. I think they are doing the minimum to stay out of jail. They were passing out Kool-AId almost as much as all the others. The kept fantasy guidance going until THEY COULDN'T anymore.

I hope Lennar goes belly effing up....for personal financial reasons.

I'm now wondering when to cover...maybe when RSI 7 and RSI 14 get above 30 in a upterm climb.

I shorted some DSL two days ago and that's gone well. So all you Kalifornia Komrades with Downey mortgages PLEASE DEFAULT. Thank YOU!

My gold miner is sucking....should probably sell. At least my gold miner isn't sucking as bad as Casey's. HAH ahahahhahh!

*Now back to the Casey bashing - thanks for the opportunity to make a decent post on something that matters to me a hell of a lot more than that faggot loser*

O-solo-mio said...

@see... I picked another name

It seems you are simply here as a contrarian wanting attention. You do not seem especially commtited to defending Casey but arguing against our distaste. I'm following this while making chicken piccata so maybe I missed something. Do you feel Casey is a stand-up guy?

Anonymous said...

At 4:15 PM, lawnmower man said...
From About CaseyPedia, linked from the bottom of *every* CaseyPedia page: Caseypedia is the web's leading semi-satirical wiki about foreclosure blogs.

Whatever dickhead. yes yes it is neatly hidden in the about caseypedia with a link at the bottom of every page. yes you've covered your bases.

Rob Dawg said...

I don't think Lennar 'took their hit early or upfront' at all. I think they are doing the minimum to stay out of jail.


O-solo-mio said...

*crosspost and capers overboard*


Anonymous said...

From the Caseypedia Media Guide LinkThis guide aims to serve as a balancing resource to help reporters and journalists publish a fair, well-balanced news article.

Oh and did me mention we are semi-satirical? Sheesh theres a link at the bottom of *every* page.
Whatever LMM. you believe what you say then you are a dumbazz.

Scummy said...

*off topic post - would be on topic four posts down*

ALGEA - I recently attended a presentation for a company doing CO2 capture from fossil fueled fired electric generating stations by growing algea in the CO2 rich flue gas. The then make diesel fuel from the algea.

I shit you not.

Scummy said...


Did I just correct my spelling or screw it up?

Miss Perplexed said...

:::Confused by purpose of the trolls:::

What do they hope to accomplish?

Do they hope to convince us all that they are right? That we shall glimpse the beautiful light and never look back?

Do they hope to flame us into annoyed non-participation, thus destroying Casey's only remaining draw now that he's no longer 'facing foreclosure'? He is after all the world's most hated blogger. He can't be the world's most hated blogger without a herd of people bitching about him--it's what makes him interesting.

Do they wish to drag us down to their level and to make us fight amongst ourselves? If the differing attitudes towards Casey and Galina amongst the Haterz community hasn't caused an explosion yet, it's not going to happen at all. And there is a wide range of opinions when it comes to Snowflake... it's not a universal thing.

Do they just seek to be contrarians because there is a marked absence of folks on the other side of the fence?

It is a great a mystery.

Flame on, flamers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are saying that you don't need to lie about Casey's actions, his actions speak for themselves.

That link to the semi-satirical reference you have to admit is pretty well hidden. The Quick Press Links is pretty prominent.

Caseypedia reader said...

I've read a number of Caseypedia entries... I didn't see any lies. I did see 'snark' but nothing about casey that was a 'lie'. Unless saying that Casey 'threw people under a bus' is a lie because a large heavy vehicle didn't actually run over the top of these people after casey pushed them in the road... literally. There are a lot of references for the articles. A good reporter would not rely on a 'second source' like an encyclopedia (ANY encyclopedia) anyhow, they would follow the sourcing.

Anonymous said...

nuh huh did you just add taht semi-satirical note to front page?

Damn it if I missed it earlier.

MexMike said...

Wow! Stocks and housing are taking major hits!!

lawnmower man said...

That link to the semi-satirical reference you have to admit is pretty well hidden. The Quick Press Links is pretty prominent.


If you look three inches right of the Quick Press Links link to the Media Guide, what do you see? Yep: "semi-satirical wiki".

You may also find the discussion on the Talk:Media Guide page illuminating.

java99 said...

Yes in Texas you can shoot trespassers on sight… you are asked a few questions by the police. In my experience they ask you what gun you used and where you buy ammo.

A few helpful tips for anyone moving out our way...

Remember: "Y'all" is singular. "All y'all" is plural. "All y'all's" is plural possessive.

Be advised: The "He needed killin'" defense is valid here.

If attending a funeral in the South, remember, we stay until the last shovel of dirt is thrown on and the tent is torn down.

If you hear a Southerner exclaim, "Hey, y'all, watch this!" stay out of his way. These are likely the last words he will ever say.

Most Southerners do not use turn signals, and they ignore those who do. In fact, if you see a signal blinking on a car with a southern license plate, you may rest assured that it was on when the car was purchased.

Northerners can be identified by the spit on the inside of their car's windshield that comes from yelling at other drivers.

The winter wardrobe you always brought out in September can wait until November.

If there is the prediction of the slightest chance of even the most minuscule accumulation of snow, your presence is required at the local grocery store. It does not matter if you need anything from the store, it is just something you're supposed to do.

Satellite dishes are very popular in the South. When you purchase one it is to be positioned directly in front of your trailer. This is logical bearing in mind that the dish cost considerably more than the trailer and should, therefore, be displayed.

Tornadoes and Southerners going through a divorce have a lot in common. In either case, you know someone is going to lose a trailer.

Anonymous said...


If you look one inch up of your post, what do you see? Yep: I caught it before you.

still my bitch

soem dood said...

a rotatingly-handled-semi-anono-p*ssy kvetched:

"waah... Casepedia.... waah... making fun... wah... I don't understand satire..."

He, he. Troller -- you'll enjoy this-- take a look at what Google returns for "leading semi satirical":

Sweet Google Placement luv for Caseypedia

All done just for the heck of it; no remuneration except seeing Casey's story spread far and wide.

For instance, as linked to from Aspeth's Blog, here is a terrific early story from Motley Fool of Casey's idiocy, now going an almost one year later...

You were saying?....

Anonymous said...

That aint shit. What is shit is that you guys just added that semi-satircal part just now.




lawnmower man said...

nuh huh did you just add taht semi-satirical note to front page?

Nope. CaseyPedia edit histories are public: you can see the first appearance of "semi-satirical wiki" here on May 18th.

still my bitch


lawnmower man said...

What is shit is that you guys just added that semi-satircal part just now.

Prove it. Or STFU.

Please answer said...

we stay until the last shovel of dirt is thrown on and the tent is torn down.

Forgive me, but this sounds fascinating. Is the 'last shovel' a Christian funeral rite?
And is the 'tent' a sensible summer place for worship?

There is no disrespect whatsoever, just ignorance.

ha38349 said...

Sorry if this is old news. Bill Gross has his July news letter up over at Pimco.

Rob Dawg said...

Bill Gross at Pimco was going to be tomorrow. You got to it first. EN is not usually a news breaker except to expose criminal activity. Gross has been pretty good so far but I suspect he'll be waaay early at calling the bottom.

soem dood said...

When java 99 said:

"If you hear a Southerner exclaim, "Hey, y'all, watch this!" stay out of his way. These are likely the last words he will ever say.",

He might be recalling this classic true tale:

Associated Press
Thursday, May 17, 2001

VIBURNUM, MO. -- A man who apparently had spent the day drinking with friends choked to death trying to swallow a live, 5-inch fish.

Todd Poller's friends reported hearing the 45-year-old yell: "Hey, watch this," before he grabbed a perch from the water and dropped it headfirst into his mouth.

Iron County Sheriff Alan Mathes said Poller choked and gasped as his friends tried to dislodge the fish. He was pronounced dead when emergency crews arrived.

An autopsy found Poller died from asphyxiation from having the fish lodged in his throat. Aside from choking, Poller suffered lacerations to the inside of his throat from the fish's fins.

Mathes described Poller was a "well-known character" in the area.


Anonymous said...

LMM: You may also find the discussion on the Talk:Media Guide page lluminating.

Yes yes it is illuminating. No not really. I already knew you dopes were pathetic no-lifes. Seriously cant believe you guys spend this much time discussing some loser 25 year old. How many of you guys are there? Whats the collective age of all you guys? Are you pretty proud of what you are accomplishing here? I don't like Casey much. But at least he is in Australia. Here you are blogging about Casey when you should be thinking about moving out of your moms basement.

soem dood said...

More troll than brains sez:

"...you guys just added that semi-satircal[sic] part just now."

he he he

You are fun!

"This is G o o g l e's cache of http://stankowski.wordpress.com/comments/feed/ as retrieved on Jun 5, 2007 07:43:51 GMT...."

"The site bills itself as "the leading semi-satirical wiki about foreclosure blogs", and I'd say that's accurate, given the predictably rather vertical market for "semi-satirical wikis on the topic of foreclosure blogs." Still, it's a good read. Address: www.caseypedia.com/ Hotlink: Casey Serin http://stankowski.wordpress.com/2007/04/21/poor-casey/#comment-5240 Soem Dood Mon, 21 May 2007 14:33:48 +0000"

Thanks! Please come back and play again!

Red said...

I think the anonpussies are just trying to keep KC the topic for all the obvious reasons.

But we are moving on, aren't we :>)

Certainly we all want to see fliptard caught and jailed for his crimes. I'd love to see him line dance for his cell mate. I'll cheer the day he is deported and welcomed by the FBI and IRS with open arms.

But, without the obvious daily hating and with us getting back to real topics, they are getting desperate to keep the haters on track.

Afterall, how can you be the World's Most Hated Blogger if the Haterz are yawning and not paying attention to the attention whore anymore?

KC - 0
Haterz - 100

We are legion said...

There are enough of us to dig up ever angle needed. Some have better experience in certain areas.

Why? so when someone hears about Casey's story spun the Casey way, there are resources (current ones at that) that can shed some light on to how the story really happened.

And if you aren't one of Marty's trolls you're certainly playing off the same book ("casey isn't an angel but you guys are just mean poopieheads").

And probably like most of the people here, I moved out of Mom's basement over 10 years ago, I have more money invested than Casey has credit debt. Some here truely have the "sweet passive income" (from real estate even) that casey so desperately believes he is entitled to..

So don't try to preach that stereotype here.

soem dood said...

anon was interested in some info:

"How many of you guys are there?"


"Whats the collective age of all you guys?"
I don't have that information, but I'm 53, myself.

"Are you pretty proud of what you are accomplishing here?"
Very much so.

"I don't like Casey much."
I'd hazard to say that most of us think he is like liquid mercury or Tribles... kinda cute to watch in action, but potentially poisonous, and best kept confined to protect the public.

"But at least he is in Australia."

"Here you are blogging about Casey when you should be thinking about moving out of your moms basement."

Well, I wasn't blogging tonight until I saw you, and got inspired. You know, that is what trolls do, right? Get people to respond... so if you want to see LESS blogging. perhaps you would be doing less TROLLING?

BTW, the 'mom's basement' thing was totally inspired, though, dood! I'm hoping Marty gives you some extra kibble for that awesome and unique slight. Touche!

Rob Dawg said...

Here you are blogging about Casey when you should be thinking about moving out of your moms basement.

Gosh mom. You have a really neat basement. Here is the "basement" you are wishing I'd leave.


Anon you are such a looser.

ha38349 said...

Well Bill Gross is painting a pretty grim picture for us, especially the collateral damage.

Egosumabbas said...

OMFG Guys! Casey did it! He released the the third volume of his book series! I don't believe this!

The Dude said...


Your avatar sux.....get
Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

Dolph said...


Anons are pretty dumb. Does he really think he's disrupting anything?

Wow, inanity reigns.

Slummin' said...

Here you are blogging about Casey when you should be thinking about moving out of your moms basement.

Okay. Now I'm embarrassed for you. Get with the program already, we are elitist, overcompensated moralists. Sheesh, somebunny needs to review the script.

Sharky said...


"Yo, Toby the Comment Coolie!

Hey fella...what do YOU think that the Hobbit should do?

I know...nobody EVER asks the janitor and the receptionists about what THEY think is going on upstairs in the boardroom, but I'm THAT kinda guy.

So what's your "inside take" on the Fliptard's next move?

And btw, that cheap li'l bastid HAS started dropping coin on you for your valuable service, yes?

I put "the touch" on my cuz SharkyL specifically for YOUR benefit, y'know.

If puppet hasn't coughed up the loot, you let ole Sharky know, and I'll straighten him out, but good!

Thing is, Toby, when he says he considers you to be "like family", he really MEANS that he wants you to scrub his toilet, pluck his pubes from the shower drain, and scrape off the spooge he leaves on the mirror in the morning when he brushes his tooths.

Don't say I didn't warn ya, bub!

Ask your predecessor :"Swaby the Comment Coolie".

asw: letsdoit"

I hope Toby can at leat get his own mention in Caseypedia.

Krank said...

Oh and fight the power.

Zintradi said...

gasey has new picks posted including the original pic of him in a rental car that revealed his location

Relentless said...

He also made a comment that seems to indicate he's ready to make his move elsewhere...

"I'll haveta visit Gold Cost on the next trip... maybe during the summer months (winter for the rest of the world). That way I can do some surfin' "

Either his Aus hosts (#1 or did he get a #2) are tired of him or he has a sychophant elsewhere waiting on him, and he's ready to continue his critical blogging in another country.

Anonymous said...

Casey's next W-2 job -- Bangkok rent-boi. Fair skinned blond "women" like him will go very far...

Anonymous said...

SacBee business hack phones in story on Casey.

Tales of woe: Foreclosure "expert" to publish book
By Bob Shallit - Bee Columnist

Published 5:50 pm PDT Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For months, Casey Serin has been drawing thousands of daily readers to a quirky Web site that tells of his colossal real estate setbacks.

Now the brash West Sacramentan, who has as many detractors as fans, is publishing a book detailing what he calls his "failure story."

Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book that tells how the 24-year-old racked up $2 million in debt last year after acquiring eight homes in a space of seven months - just as the real estate market was turning south.

"I want to show people what to do and more importantly what NOT to do," he says, via e-mail from Australia, where he is traveling.

He says his book will have some similarities to author Dan Brown's best-seller, "The Da Vinci Code," including a look-alike cover.

Serin, whose story was published by the New York Times and other national media, says he's also seeking to sell his Web site -- www.iamfacingforeclosure.com -- to investors for $100,000.

His hope: Use investor funds and proceeds from book sales to pay off his debts and accumulate cash for new - and presumably wiser - real estate purchases.

Anonymous said...


no mad it skillz. fergot linky thingy.

Schnapps said...

Because sometimes the trollbait is just too tasty:

Seriously cant[sic] believe you guys spend this much time discussing some loser 25 year old.

Would you like to be the pot or the kettle in this conversation?

Benoit™ said...

Would you like to be the pot or the kettle in this conversation?

Anyone who comes here to defend Casey's actions must be smoking a lot of the former.... ;-)

Schnapps said...


But, whatever do you mean? 0:)

The Dude said...

The SacBee story is great PR spin by Dipshit. It touches all the bases, lends credibility to his actions, and paints him in a sympathetic light.

He might not have hit a home run, but he's circling the bases on that one.

KittyKat said...

I just wrote that Bob guy at the SacBee and let him know how I feel about patting a criminal on his back:


Reading this small passage in the Sac Bee and giving publicity to a scammer like Casey Serin is just sick!

Did you actually do research on this guy, how he took out fraudulent loans, maxed out his credit cards (170K+) and made note that he never intended on paying any of the money back.

It’s media like this that pats criminals on the back and rewards them for their unacceptable behavior. I’m sure O.J. book would have been taken so light hearted, right!

“Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book that tells how the 24-year-old racked up $2 million in debt last year after acquiring eight homes in a space of seven months - just as the real estate market was turning south.”

You should have included “fraudulently acquiring eight home” to better describe his actions!!

When is the media going to get it right – when are they going to tell the truth about Casey! When is the newspaper going to give hope to people that will fight criminals like Casey!!

A rewrite is necessary on your part! People are demanding it.- read his blog! Understand what a pompous manipulating deadbeat husband and person he is! Did you know he left his wife to face all the bills while he took off to Australia with little money? Out the door within a hour to “vacation” in Australia, what a man Casey is, right?”

I hope you read my letter and think about this! I would appreciate a response to show that you actually care what I have to say.

Thank you,


Let's see if the SacBee has enough balls (like Bob Parsons) to do something changing their stance on their criminal book promotion!

I suggest we stuff the sh@t out of Bob's mailbox and tell his this Casey bullcrap is unacceptable!

Schnapps said...

I blogged it instead :>

Lou Minatti said...

"Also, I believe that Texas and Louisiana are among the few states where it is perfectly legal to shoot treaspassers, no questions asked."

Certainly not true. What is true is that if a trespasser is breaking into your home and there is a reason for you to feel threatened, if you shoot the asshole the worst that will happen is the case will be referred to a grand jury which will promptly clear you.

You do not have the right to use deadly force to keep a trespasser off your property.

Lou Minatti said...

I've never heard of the "Benoit" wrestler. When I hear "our" Benoit call the Hatercast, I had assumed it was a play on Ben Wa.

segfault said...

What is this countdown I keep hearing about?

Anonymous said...

Rob, don't steal bandwidth from other sites for your images. Upload them elsewhere before linking to them.

Anonymous said...

While people are losing their homes in the Tahoe fires, Casey is running around Australia promoting his fraudulent behaviors in real estate!

Justice is for the people; vengence is for God!! I sure hope there is a God!!

Gordon Sanders said...

link for comments to Sac Bee

Benoit™ said...

I had assumed it was a play on Ben Wa.

Ben Wa balls are good for anonypussies. ;-)

Anonymous said...

RE: Texas deadly force laws.

Available here.

You cannot shoot trespassers unless you believe you are in danger. You can however shoot someone in the back while they are running off with your car stereo.

Lou Minatti said...

"Rob, don't steal bandwidth from other sites for your images. Upload them elsewhere before linking to them."

I don't know why Dawg insists on doing this. Blogger.com allows you to host the images with them. Takes about 2 seconds. C'mon buddy, stop already.

Haterezz said...

Ha, KC is missing on some sweeeeet money - he can be an iwait guy for someone who wants an iphone really badly - camp in line for 4 days - he has nothing better to do:


crazy old dood said...

Australia isn't my cup of tea. I lived their for 2 years in the 90's. It actually kinda sucks. Casey will soon figure this out and return to Meximerica.

Oz is very expensive. Their welfare (dole) system is out of wack and a massive burden to the average joe. The taxes eat their lunch (dinner too). No cheap tucker (food) for you. I liken it to Ft. Lauderdale during spring break. Crappy service and high prices.

The single biggest surprise was YOU CAN'T SWIM IN THE OCEAN! The deadly Stinger (Box jellyfish) jellyfish will kill on contact.



You have to swim in enclosed areas or in a pantyhose suit.


Mitchell said...

Topics I'd like to see covered in Caseypedia:

1. Something about Casey's pre-IAFF blogs (especially the one which was discovered by a prospective lender, who then refused the loan).

2. Something about joe, the first hater.

Akubi said...

I'm bored. Where's my Oggy?

Benoit™ said...

@ Mitchell -- the original blog, Earth Mission, already has a Caseypedia article with a link to the blog's contents.

As for "joe", maybe something can be mentioned in the article on "Haterz", but it's midnight here and I'm tired. Time for my nightly 7-hour nap. :)

El Gabo Gringo said...

Joe is my hero.

Annie said...

First - I posted the following at he Sac Bee:

Nice to write about Casey's "book" - however, until you actually see, touch and hold it in your hand, it doesn't exist. Given his poor follow through on many activities and opportunities was offered over the past nine months, chances are there could, indeed, be a last minute "glitch" where the book doesn't get published.

Have you read his blog from beginning to end - prior to all of the selective deleting that has happened over the past few weeks?

Nice to note that he is "traveling in Australia" - you failed to mention that he left on this trip providing his wife with one hour's notice and no money in the bank.

Ask the tough questions: if he is so broke and deeply in debt, how can he afford plane tickets (not just from the US to Australia but those tickets for flights in and around Australia), hotel rooms, rental cars, tourist entrance fees, restaurant meals, etc.

Please - do not enable him and his delusions of success. Hold him accountable for his debts.


Now, the big question I ask, how is Casey doing this? Is he issuing press releases? His his new jv partner on the book issuing press releases?

Anonymous said...

From Casey's De.licio.us bookmarks:

Weekly Special
Your Sexual Exposure
Item No. 922YS
Mix and Match with: None

Item in Stock

NEW! In a dramatic way, this new brochure shows how your STD infection risk increases with each new sexual partner. When you have sex with someone, your risk doesn't just depend on your current partner-it depends on their partners, and their partners' partners. An up-to-date table is included, showing 8 common STDs, their symptoms in men and women, the damage they do, and how many people are affected. Important statistics about STDs are included. The brochure also discusses condoms using current CDC information showing that condoms cannot guarantee protection from STDs. Excellent for secular or faith based audiences.

The Dude said...

Dear Diary,

Another successful day in OZ! I jetted over to Sydney and caught a couple of sweet interviews promoting my soon-to-be-released bestseller. I know I promised I would contact my lenders and shoulda done that today, but it's been so crazy I didn't get around to it. What's the rush anyway, they know I intend to pay every dirty penny once I sell my domain and work a few deals.

Those idiot haterz are probably in bed by now since they have to get up early to go to their slave W2 jobs. I am so glad I didn't waste time and money on college. For an entreprenure like me, only Nouveau Riche U will do! Those loosers don't know what they are missing, but they'll never understand the business mind of an investor like me. I travel the world, haven't a care to my name, and enjoy life to it's fullest.

I'm glad I followed that tip from Yaro and setup layers like he did. Being 12,000 miles away from G is a good layer so she can't get her hands on my boney ass. Having her as my layer between my creditors, especially CashCall, was a stroke of genius; but I've got to get her to calm down. They are all bluff and I don't take well to their threats and stuff.

Yawn....I need to get my usual 12 hours sleep because I have a big day tomorrow. My notes say it's supposed to be a Massive Focus Action Day so I've got to get organized first thing after lunch. I need to update the blog and will just as soon as I can get someone to write it for me. My talent is the big picture so these details are best done by other people.

Diary, reading today's entry I seem to use *I* an awful lot. It's like everything is about me, but since I don't use that term, all those Haterz saying I have a mental problem is wrong. I know they are wrong. I can tell when other people are wrong; it just takes me a few months after the fact to realize it. Maybe that can be a chapter in my book.

Nighty night; itsallgood!

walt526 said...

Guys, relax about the Sac Bee. No one here reads that sorry excuse for a paper (I've lived in the Sacramento area for 5+ years). Like most places, people overwhelmingly read the WSJ or NYT for serious national coverage. For California news, there's the SF Chron and the LA Times. If any of those publications cover Turdflake's book in a positive light, then I'd raise holy hell. Until such time, who gives a rats ass what essentially a local paper has to say?

Mexicanmike said...

Yeah, he's probably sending a notice to every major paper in the U.S. and around the world to promote his book.

At least the one's that had a story about him during the past few months.

I think we should write letters to these same papers to let them know how we feel.

eebee said...

5:19 PM, Anonymous

>Seriously cant believe you guys spend this much time discussing some loser 25 year old. How many of you guys are there?<

Hello, pot, my name is kettle!

>Whats the collective age of all you guys?<

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm 35.

>Are you pretty proud of what you are accomplishing here?<

Why should I be proud of what I do for entertainment?

>I don't like Casey much. But at least he is in Australia. Here you are blogging about Casey<

I don't know about you, but I'm commenting. The only one on this blog who is blogging is Rob Dawg. Please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy, learn the difference between "blogging" and "commenting!" You'll sound a lot less like the ignoramus living in your mom's basement.

Anonymous said...

I read the SacBee online news everyday. I live in southern CA. I've never been to Sac. I don't know anyone there.

They have a decent state news feed. Don't assume nobody reads them.

Everyone needs to let the SacBee know that they are promoting a criminal.

Tick Tock said...

Yeah, the spear carriers always take the first shots.

That's what they do.

Maybe a new post is in order?

Sweet Cashback said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sweet Cashback said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sweet Cashback said...

KC must feel the pain being replaced on Bob Parsons show by this Douchebag

Another one of those buy my e-book for massive focused success. I have been looking around and have not found one single reference to what this guy is actually selling or sold on e-bay to make 2 million (all they say is bathroom stuff). Maybe he stopped selling on e-bay? Business wasn't that good? Trying now to get some sweet passive income through a W-2 cubicle looserz[tm] e-book?

Never fails to amaze me how much of this shit is being offered in this country. I hope not many people buy this stuff but I think I am delusional about that.....

P.S. Sorry for my mad IT skillz[tm], wondering every time why the link gets messed up...

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

From the Douchebag link: "Spending 8+ hours a day away from the ones you love?" KC can do better than that, he's spending 24+ hours a day from the one he professes to love.

Anyway, new IAFF post up. More sweet media coverage, but homelessness is getting to be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of KC...

latest troll post:

June 27th, 2007
Live on Australia National Radio

Tomorrow I will be on national radio in Australia: ABC Triple J - Top Shelf with Robbie Buck. The interview is live at 3PM. I will be sharing my foreclosure story and what I’m doing to pay back debt and make a comeback.

I’m blogging right now from an internet cafe in Sydney ($2/hr), ‘cuz I couldn’t find a free WIFI quickly enough. Tonight I’m staying in a hostel. It’s $50/night for my own room so that my stuff is secure.

I need a place in Sydney for a few nights. There is another big interview opportunity that may or may not happen. So I want to hang out here just in case. If I can’t find a place I’m comfortable with I may continue doing the hostel thing or maybe CouchSurfing.com?

By the way, thanks to my host in Newcastle for putting me up!


R-Boy said...

So he wants to stay for another interview that may or may not happen.

Ive left a comment on Mr Bucks website.

The Dude said...


From the site:

....sounds like he doesn't like looser W2 jobs

sid_finster said...

@the Dude:

I think disparaging w-2 jobs is part of the guru/huckster mindset. This is probably because work is inherently antithetical to the "get rick quick"/"sweet passive income" mentality.

Gordon Sanders said...

If you wish to make a complaint about triple j programming or the website, contact ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs by filling out the official complaints form.


ABC Southbank Centre
120 Southbank Boulevard
Southbank 3006;
GPO Box 9994;
Melbourne VIC 3001;
Phone (03) 9626 1600;
Fax (03) 9626 1633;
Director: Sue Howard

Anonymous said...

Call 1300 0555 36 to contact programs during talkback or Super Request (6pm-9pm AEST) or text/SMS 1975 7 555

El Gabo Gringo said...

Regarding Douchebag,

$2.5Million over 2 years at 10% margin (which is generous) is $125K/yr. As usual, the real get rich quick scheme is the book or seminar they are selling, not their day job.

The Dude said...

Mr. Jack Meoff submitted his info to Mr. Novak and received the following.....Secrets revealed has a release date of August. The entire video series will cost $997, but can be purchased TODAY for only $197; an instant savings of $800!

Jack Meoff found Novak & Co sells steam showers and is located in Fort Wayne, IN. Relax, all you Iphone folks, they have an Ipod compatible model.

There's no active listing for this product on Ebay.

ChasingRainbows said...

Here's the comment I left in response to the SacBee's article on Casey's upcoming "book".


ChasingRainbows wrote: Whatever happend to real news reporting?

Way to go SacBee!!! You just gave free publicity to an admitted scammer and con artist! Kudos! Casey Serin is NOT a down on his luck real estate investor. He hatched a plan to purchase multiple homes in a short amount of time in order to maximize his borrowing power (such a short period of time that he was able to take out multiple mortgages before they all appeared on his credit report), and then he deliberately let them fall into foreclosure. He admittedly took "cash back" at closing (well in excess of California's cash back maximum limits!) with the intention of making his "profit" up front. He signed paperwork stating the houses would be owner occupied, but had no intention of living in even one, much less 8! He has now run away from his debts, and is hiding out in Australia, leaving his wife destitute and dealing with harrassing calls from creditors. Is this the sort of behavior you want to promote with your "newspaper"? How about an article outlining the real story?


I would like to encourage as many people as possible to register at SacBee so you can leave comments regarding their free promotion of Casey.

Anonymous said...

CASEY posted it late to make sure that we do not sabotage his appearance.


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mike said...

Regarding Douchebag:

Wow. I think I'd take the cash from all those sweet deals and invest it in a good plastic surgeon. The kids are cute, and I'd do the wife, but DAY-UM, that chin has GOT to GO!

Zintradi said...

Here is a story of a REAL entrepreneur. He did have a hair brained gamble that took some forsight and a gamble, but it payed off.
He LEVERAGED his families already strong past as Firefighters and built a business...

you think fliptard could have taken something HIS family does and properly leverage that, but now, he goes down the scam artist route.

Zintradi said...

... his brother and assorted family members seem big into car repair... maybe start a shop, or simething like that... But he's an ideas guy... that would take some actual execution.

But hey, profesional blogger that blogs about blogging is a nice occupation too...

Anonymous said...

Interesting story Zintradi. I agree, Casey probably could apply some of his enterprising to something smaller (and tangible!) like an autoshop, and maybe genuinely "organic" success could follow. Notice about the firefighting equipment business and their emphasis on quarterly reports and decision making and analysis. Hmm, imagine that!

Zintradi said...

Notice also how they are not getting rich quick, but rapidly none the less... and only after a career and family backround that make him an expert that people seek...
Not just some hack out of high school who goes to some scaminars, fails spectacularly at "Real estate investing" and think people will consult him....

this insults my sensabilities...

This may seem like re-hashing old points already made, but I thought it would be nice to get back to old school haterz talk with the dirth of information that's been out there.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the deal is with 'isamu'? He would post pretty nasty things here, aimed at the regulars (haterz), but he seems by no means to be a Casey 'supporter'.

Rob Dawg said...

Regards, isamu and the others. There will always be critics of anything on the net. It is easy and even reasonable people go overboard under the guise of being anonymous.