Monday, June 11, 2007

Duane LeGate Part 4.1 He's What?

Duane continued:

From meeting with Galina, I am CONVINCED of this: She has been manipulated. She has played the part of the respectful wife, allowing her domineering husband free reign. She IS NOT involved. She wasn’t on the mortgage notes except for the first one, and when she realized things weren’t as they seemed, she had Casey take her names off all the properties. She doesn’t deserve the beating she has taken. To date, she has been a shadowy figure in the background with Casey planting continuous seeds of doubt over her. The fraud, the lies the manipulation from Casey is all about Casey, not about Galina.

Okay, after meeting with the 2 of them I came back and was relatively silent. Mostly out of respect for Galina.

I got this email from Casey shortly after the meeting…

“Good meeting. Thanks for the dinner and drinks. I hope your friday ends up being productive.

Galina and I want to seriously consider selling the domain. How much are you willing to offer?

The will help us knock off our personal loans, and create a little padding untill we get out finances going and will make Galina feel a lot better about our situation.”

My response?

“I enjoyed putting a name with a face. Sorry I left when I did, I just
> literally ran out of steam. I tried to "sleep" in this morning, I
> only made it to 3:30 San Fran time, that means I will burn out early again today.
> As for as the domain, I really haven't put much thought into it. My
> initial reaction is if I do a lump payment it would be less than if I
> pay a monthly payment.
> Nothing firm... just thinking off the cuff... 15K, if you wanted it
> all up front, or we could do something like 2K for 12 months... again, just off the
> cuff. Or I could make a bigger payment in less months, something like 3500
> for 5 months. My thinking for you guys standpoint - it would be better for
> yall to spread the payments, have monthly stability coupled with 2
> jobs and you would have really nice cash flow...
> I would strip the url bare and rebuild into one of my sites. It
> wouldn't be a blog per se so comments about you and Galina would drift away...
> Thoughts??

To which he replied…

“Ok, will run by Galina and get back to you. Thanks for the generous offer.”

I got silence for 3 days and then I emailed him this:

” Casey,
> If you are planning to sell the website to me, I would need
> confirmation by 5pm EST today. I have a shareholders meeting tomorrow
> and would need the approval of the board to make this happen. If I
> don't hear from you by 5pm, I will not proceed.
> I wish you well.”

He came back with:


XXXXXXXXXXXX is offering $2,000/month over 18 months = $36,000.
Like you they just want the domain without the content.

Galina is open to both but prefers a lump sum. She wants me to pay off her credit cards ASAP because it's weighing heavily on her.

Can you accommodate a lump sum of $24K? That is is 80% of her 30K
debt. I'm fairly sure we can get everybody to settle for at least 80% (maybe lower but not sure since the debt is not that old).

Of course we'll also have to pay taxes on the money, but I'll worry about that later.

Please consider. Clearing her debt will be HUGE step toward her trusting me as a provider. I have usage of my cell phone back for certain activities. So you can call me.”

I replied:

“> Casey,
> I will have to pass. What I threw out is kind of the max I would be
> willing to do.”

He replied:

“Ok, are you still willing to do $15K lump?

If that's the most you can do, let me run by Galina and I can get back to you before the 5 PM EST deadline.

Casey Serin”

Now, I put conditions on the 15K. A non-compete, he called me to discuss. I told him I wasn’t trying to hold him back from making money, and if he had the book deal I would make it to where the non-compete wouldn’t interfere. The non-compete was strictly to keep Casey from doing a foreclosure assistance site. Roughly 20% of our business is helping people in foreclosure, and I didn’t want Casey to sell, then start Casey 2.0.

(And for those that think I was making a play for his domain, we buy an average of 20 per week. If I bought Caseys url, great, if not great. I could care less.)

Silence… so I emailed him this…


I never heard back. I am assuming you decided not to move forward. That is okay. I would have appreciated a courtesy email from you though. You will learn one day that little things make a big difference.

Word is your starting another blog. True?
Anyway. just wanted to write one last time to wish you well. “

This is his final email that came to me on the 5th of June…

“You're right... I should have at least sent an email. Don't have a good excuse. Honestly, my wife and I have been talking about our issues late into the night and I completely forgot. I have a lot to improve on in the area of reliability.

As for selling, yes, I decided NOT to move forward.

Thanks for everything!”

So like everyone else… I saw him re-launch. I scratched my head.. but what do you do…

Then I had someone reach out to me… and everything I had thought about Casey just multiplied 10-fold.

Casey, the coward, the manipulator, the child pretending to be a businessman, up and left his wife.

He spent some time with his family… he needed to get away I guess… and he calls Galina to say he is leaving, that she could come pick up the car, but she was not to try and discourage him from leaving… he had to be at the airport in 1hour. ONE HOUR notice to leave your wife.. COWARD.

He fled the country.. he is in AUSTRALIA....

My comments on Australia later after you adsorb all this. At least the family is safe.


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Jean Valjean said...


Holy cow manure, Batman!

This stuff is coming fast.
And it's good.

Thanks, Duane/Dawg/R-boy
and any one else behind the scenes

Jake said...

Murst - what an asshole

Murses said...

OMG! What a little fucktard! Galina is so much better off without him. Although it looks like he left her holding the bag.

Do they have Jamba Juice in Australia?

beezer said...


Is this what the six weeks is in reference to? Is he planning on coming back? WTF?! Ok, this is some good shit you guys!! :D

Seb said...

Jesus, what an asshole.

Kirk said...


He left her!


Sorry for doubting you Duane!



Wow! I'm actually pissed of with someone I've never even met. Really pissed off. I didn't think that was possible. He runs and leaves her to clean up the mess, what a prick!

Mouse And Pencil said...





My offer to donate to Galina's defense fund stands! Count me in - we need to get her enough cash to hire the most rabid, anti-male, blood sucking divorce lawyer in the country!

Rob Dawg said...

Casey is there on a tourist srtamp that is good for only 2 months. So, how many people who have been visiting IAFF "because it is mostly harmless" and doesn't put much money in his pocket are ready to swear they'll never click to IAFF again? He's been playing us ALL for fools. He now lives for one thing only, clicks. This is no longer harmless entertainment. Any money generated, any money goes to him and him alone.

Gosh, we haven't even gotten to the publisher yet. Did everybody forget? ;-)

lurker said...


Leaving G was an honest act. He had already left her for dreams of riches. This allows her a chance to start rebuilding her life.

And 1 hour, that is more than enough time to say good-bye. If he had given 3 days notice, it would have been 3 guilt ridden days for G where he could manipulate freely.

Mouse And Pencil said...

My computer is now incapable of typing in the url for IAFF, permanently.

I have a million questions...will hold off. This is Shock and Awe, if this is one bomb of many, it's gonna be a loooong day.

lurker said...

California is community property laws, which is bad for G. Should she fly to Australia for a quicky divorce?

Roger Hayes said...

Good God, I have work to do and here I am, bringing on carpel tunnel by obsessively clicking refresh.

Austrailia? What the fuck is he doing there? Now I'm roped into tonight's call in show, too.

If Galina is clean in this, then I really hope she has lined up a divorce attorney that knows what he's doing. She's in a hell of a mess.

Murses said...

I hope KC sends MOCHA a postcard from sunny Australia! I wonder how many supporterz will change over to the dark side now?

beezer said...

Do we have an extradition treaty with Australia?

lurker said...


I am certain you are reading this. Australia has many exciting and unique bugs. Please eat one.

To everybody else
Sorry for the Snarkyness.

Rob Dawg said...

Leaving G was an honest act. He had already left her for dreams of riches. This allows her a chance to start rebuilding her life.

You may be forgiven as you didn't know the draining of the checkbook doesn't happen until part 4.2 which isn't up yet but will you forgive yourself?

GC said...

Amazing stuff. And, Australia's real estate bubble is still expanding, so maybe Casey is still chasing the dream.

What's the source of this info? Do tell!

PMSPMS™©® said...

OK - Aussie here.

1. Divorce - you need 12 months separation in Oz. So that's out.

2. Property market in Oz has been hot. Don't count KC out trying to play down there.

3. Big big publishers there... (Murdoch and Fairfax) - maybe that's where the book deal is.

4. Rob's sister is now in more danger than Galina. That's somewhat of a relief!

Mouse And Pencil said...

Australia has a housing boom too - not sure if they're busting there but I've seen it discussed on Ben Jone's blog.

I'm also tempted to check out extradition treaties for Australia, and it's striking that it's about halfway to his home country.

I guess he did'nt hit the Fed's radar as a flight risk, he should have not been allowed to leave the country.

Can we convince them to not let him back in?

NoDebtWhatSoEver[ said...

Fuck, I was opening a yoghurt while reading this, tore the aluminum lid in two because I wasn't looking properly, and was absently licking it when I cut my lip on the tear. What a looser I am.

Still, explains the earlier marsupial post.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

So, looks like he left her--and all of the debt falls on her. Any question as to who the criminal is and who the victim is? If she had any sense at all, she'd IMMEDIATELY file for bankruptcy, and go straight to the Feds to spill all the information on him to get criminal proceedings going.

A two-month visa? I wonder if Casey has realized how strict Australia is on immigration . . . it isn't Southern California, where you can just wander around without any sort of legal status.

Jean Valjean said...

holy shit...

it just occurred to me..



Roger Hayes said...

"You may be forgiven as you didn't know the draining of the checkbook doesn't happen until part 4.2 which isn't up yet but will you forgive yourself?"

What a prick - he really did a number on her. Kind of dreading the rest of the story now.

Mouse And Pencil said...

He cleaned out the checkbook. Hardly surprising, he worked so hard for that money! It's Mine! Mine! Mine! 24/7 for young Snowflake.

We need to set up a donation fund for Galina. Seriously.

I wish I could offer her a job.

Ah, I'm sure her family has her covered. But damn it...feel so useless just reading.

Murses said...

I'm kind of curious when he got this VISA...

lurker said...

"You may be forgiven as you didn't know the draining of the checkbook doesn't happen until part 4.2 which isn't up yet but will you forgive yourself?"

I am in Sacramento. If you need anything here let me know. I sent an email to your Yahoo address with contact info

007 said...

Duane, you meet Casey a couple of weeks ago and give him $200 because he doesn't have any money...and then the next thing you know on a plane to Australia??? Why didn't you keep the $200 and donate it to a children's cancer fund or something?

I'm sorry but I see you more as an enabler than anything else. Your heart is in the right place, but the end result is just feeding the monster like the other dupes.

baa said...

But why Oz? Sure, they speak english there, but I am of the impression they take immigration laws seriously and would not hesitate to deport our dear little snowflake.

This also explains the time stamps on his posts.

michael said...

no donations to galina. she is an enabler.

if you must talk about donating money then donate it to yulia.

she is the only one that could even possibly have galina's best interest at heart.

i have an uncle that is just like casey. just talking from experience.

aaron said...

yep. Australia is very strict. My buddy had a work visa down there(company is now Accenture). They only give work visas to highly qualified individuals. Casey more than likely plans on going underground. he will overstay his visa. He's going to manipulate some poor folks down there. He's going to tweak his con game. Face it he's now on the lam. F*CKER just dropped Galina with all that baggage. At least she is safe.

The Dude said...

Who paid for the airfare to The Land Down Under?....or did Snowflake ship himself FedEx?

Kirk said...

Dawg: "You may be forgiven as you didn't know the draining of the checkbook doesn't happen until part 4.2 which isn't up yet but will you forgive yourself?"

Shit! I want to kick the prick's ass myself. So what, did he charge the flight on her credit cards too?

How'd he get to Australia, that ain't cheap? If there are any lingering supporterz out there this will surely convert them. 'cept maybe Mocha, but he isn't wanted.

What a prick! I truly hope he rots.

PMSPMS™©® said...

More Aussie comments;

1. Yes - we are strict on immigration 'coz we have seen what happened to the US. Thank Christ we don't have a land border with certain northern neighbors. KC could conceivably hide there for awhile but without a TFN (like a SSN) he can't work and will eventually pop up and get deported - quickly.

2. A VISA - morons - is a stamp or permission to land in another country. It's not a credit card - they stole the name. In fact Americans only need an ETA to visit Australia which you can get online for $20 or so in 5 minutes. I actually thought it was longer than 6 weeks - I thought 3 months. Will check and revert.

3. Australia is a BLOODY long way away from the Snowflakes home country - really - it's not half way - more like half way more plus a damn site more money than from the West Coast of the USA.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I tend to think Duane was giving the money to make sure Galina could buy food and stuff. No hatin' on Duane, he has a good heart.

Galina is NOT an enabler. You do not know what it means, if you think that.

Anonymous said...

What do you wanna bet that little jerk tried to con Galina into taking the $15K lump for the blog instead of the $24K Duane was offering, KNOWING he was just going to take off with the money.
What a contemptable bastard.

aaron said...

I think that's why Duane went through the roof on the casey animal post. Duane I believe is 'all in' so to speak now to bring casey to justice. This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of. This most likely will make 20/20 or dateline or some other similar newscast. I truely truely feel sorry for Galina. Gawd what a mess.

Mouse And Pencil said...

PMSPMS - okay geography isn't my strength. :)

How harsh are your officials on fraudsters?

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

Since nobody else has said it yet, I may as well: U.S. law enforcement has been had. They waited too long, put the case together too slowly, and dropped the ball completely. One of the most high profile mortgage fraudsters is now laughing at the U.S. rule of law from overseas, as he can get stay out of the reach of the U.S. arm of the law for quite some time.

The only hope, at this point, is that the visa expires (which it will, of course), Casey stays on (which he will, too lazy to keep moving), and that he gets stopped on the street and ends up in one of the notorious Australian detention camps. Not that much of a stretch, actually, and if that's where he ends up, U.S. law enforcement may be able to get its hands on him after all.

The Dude said...

Is Snowflake naturalized...or perm resident status? Wonder what passport he's getting stamped.

Why he didn't head to Canada...maybe he has a thing for Vegamite.

aaron said...

I wonder what Casey's family(example his brother who called in) think of him now?

Murses said...

I was under the impression that a VISA to Australia wouldn't necessarily be a 20 minute online procedure. I mean, what with the strict immigration policies and what not. But apparently, they let anyone with a passport in.

As far as their deportation policy, oddly enough I know someone who comitted mortgage fraud and fled to Australia to avoid prison. He was there for 17 years... undetected. He turned himself in eventually so he could come back to the states to make his millions (again). He is still waiting it out in prison.

Mouse And Pencil said...


The only thing Casey has learned from all this is how to be a better criminal - "Better" being relative.

I'd pay top dollar to have a web cam in his publisher's office today. LOL. 'Wait, no! Hold on! He did'nt tell us THAT!!!!"

aaron said...

vegamite. I tasted that a couple months ago. nasty stuff if you ask me.

michael said...

i know what it means to try and "help" someone like casey by giving the poor hurting wife cash fracking money.

if casey could even sniff that she was getting large "donations" from haters, he would get his hands on it.

people like casey can be very convincing to loved ones.

why do you think some spouses will stay in an abusive realtionship for years before seaking help.

baa said...

I believe our dear snowflake is the proud owner of US citizenship.

michael said...


flailing forward said...

Ok, this is good bombshell material worthy of the hype. I would like to know how you got this information and how you verified it though.

aaron said...

I agree. He's tweaked his game and now he's headed to Aussie land to find his 'riches'.

Anonymous said...

How's he going to broker the Circus Circus deal from Australia?

This turn should play out beautifully. Gets booted out from down under. Then comes back here and has no where to go home, since he's fu*&ed over his family.

Should be interesting to see his publisher turn this into a positive.

Kirk said...

Dawg, you're such a tease. I know, you're lovin' it.

aaron said...

I wonder how that conversation went with galina. 'Honey I'm heading down under. The V-dubs is yours and whatever is left in the bank account(wink winki)'.

But seriously how did you guys get this info?

Skip E. DaMann said...

Here is the relevant item from the extradition treaty between Australia and the US. The treaty lists the offenses that fall under the extradition treaty.

"15. Obtaining any property, money or valuable securities by false pretences or other form of deception."

007 said...

Why did he give the money to Casey then??? He should have given it to Galina. And he said Casey should buy Galina some flowers with the money. When you are worried about food you don't buy flowers!

And I'm NOT hating on Duane. Anyone with a good heart shouldn't be hated on. I just despise the way Casey elicits money from people he comes into contact with by playing the poor helpless victim. There are a lot more people who are truly in need of that $200

Dan said...

uh, who is this someone that reached out, and is any of this verified?

PMSPMS™©® said...

More and more Aussie comments:

1. Fraudsters.... Strict on homegrown ones. Not strict on imported ones, (RK et al all come down to make money the wankers). However ASIC (who have cracked down on imported RE guru's recently) and other agencies may be watching. Who really knows? It's just possible that because Australia trails US trends by a short period (1 to 2 years) Snowflake is trying to see if he can get into the Foreclosure (Forced Sale / Mortgagee Sale) market in Oz as guru? (They have been going up recently.

2. Like the US - you can get a visa easily for Australia if you come from a country that is predominantly "western" (i.e. civilized) - with caveats (no criminal record for one).

3. Yes - Murses - Australia has been a bit of a hideaway traditionally but as mentioned that is changing. No employer will touch you without a TFN, you can't open a bank acocunt without one etc etc ... it's the mark of the beast Oz style. Snowflake can get one easily enough - probably online - but then it becomes a tool to track him and the immigration people aren't too bad at catching people... (we don't have several million illegals - only a few thousand - the advantage of having to catch a flight with a valid passport and visa helps prevent that).

Honestly Wondering said...

So does this mean we won't have a scheduled Foreclosure Friday talkathon this week?

sid_finster said...

What evidence do we have that KC is in Australia other than his (owrthless) word and the timestamps on his blogs? After all, Sweet Casey keeps odd hours.

lawnmower man said...

What's the source of this info? Do tell!

I'm assuming that the "someone who reached out to Duane" is either Steve or Galina herself.

Rob, Duane, R-Boy: how reliable is this information? No need to name sources, but is this 100% solid?

007 said...


Duane should be slapping himself upside the head. He's got nobody to be angry with but himself. Snowflake is a ratf*ck for sure, but you HAVE to be aware of that going into it. You get involved with him and you are going to get screwed one way or another.

Duane LeGate said...

This info is rock solid... look for Casey to post soon and put a totally different spin... he just needed time to work his business.. the opportunity was there... she was holding me back...

we are protecting all the sources..

baa said...

Why didn't casey head back to his homeland? Worried some relatives may find him and straighten him out?

lawnmower man said...

Thanks Duane. Good enough for me. Carry on with the good works.

Jean Valjean said...

@ Duane, R-Boy, Rob, et al:

Thanks for all the stuff.

To those wondering about the reliability of the info, let me remind you that they've yet to fail to live up to the hype, and have yet to fail to be accurate in their claims.

The Dude said...

This just in from the news wires......
Casey Spotted!

sid_finster said...

Good enough, Duane.

I just don't have much faith in Casey's ability to tell the whole truth.

If Sweet Casey told me he was in "Australia", I'd be scoping Sacto-area Outback Steakhouses if I wanted to find Turdboi.

aaron said...

thanks again. All I can say is I hope everyone's push on authorities will help bring this scumbag to justice. I wonder how much cash he fled with? I wonder when this 'plan' came into snowflake's head? As someone stated. He can't get a job down there and he can't open a bank account. So I guess he's carrying around everything in the murse. I hope some criminal in Aussie land relinquishes Snowflake of the murse as soon as he lands. that would be true kharma.

Rob Dawg said...

In theory a couple actors in collusion could be pulling a major stunt but it would have to be so good I wouldn't mind being held the fool against such a masterful con. This ain't "Oceans 14." Duane aslo said; "we are protecting all the sources..

I add; "we are protecting all the sources and trying to keep Casey's filth off the innocent.

Calling Declan... You out there buddy?

Mouse And Pencil said...

I hardly think that Rob & Co. would be posting this unless they dotted every i and crossed every t.

It would be stupid to burn their sources, as this is an ongoing story.

People's private lives are at stake here - some of whom are in the position they are *because* they wanted their private lives private. Let Rob & Co. work, and don't expect every question answered - there may be none as yet for some, and others, you just are'nt gonna know, at least not now.

Today this saga changed it's course. It's not about Casey paying back his debtors, getting a job, and living a stable life where he respects and honors his wife. He's incapable of that. Now it's about putting a scumbag in jail where he belongs.

Okay, gotta leave. I'll be watching at work. One last thing:

LossMitPro. What did you know, and are you helping the effort?

aaron said...

sid_finster brings up a good point. He could have told his family he was going to Australia and then gone somewhere else. I mean he's lied to everyone before...what's stopping him now?
did someone actually see him step on to a flight headed there?

sid_finster said...

Well, if R-Boy, R-Dawg, and D-uane are willing to stick their necks out on this, far be it from me to question them.

sid_finster said...

Or more accurately stated - if Boy, Dawg, and Duane are convinced that Turdboi is in Australia, I'll believe them until I see evidence otherwise.

I just don't consider Sweet Casey's word to have much value as evidence, and Turdboi is a notorious troll.

lawnmower man said...

R-Boy, R-Dawg, and D-uane

The Three Murseketeers of EN?

R-Boy said...


If you were looking at Casey's IAFF sitemeter, you would see some hits from australia coming in from a bloglines account. Partial verification there.

I have been in touch behind the scenes of the behind the scenes folks with someone who has confirmed privately to me what Duane has posted. This person is able to verify.

Thus, we do have independent verification.

flailing forward said...

I'm still skeptical. We've been asked to swallow the "trust us, things are happening, they just take time" line for a very long time, and if this story is true it clearly shows that the wheels of justice either weren't turning at all or operate at a snail's pace. Things would have a lot more credence if you told us in general terms where the info came from (family member, friend of Casey, FBI agent, Dick Cheney, etc.) and how you got it (call, email, etc.). This story could very well be true, but it's not that hard to craft and send fake emails.

Mort said...

This is all part of the show folks. I don't believe a word he or his wife say. It is all for publicity. Casey is what Casey does, a fraud first and a publicity hound second. The buyers of MBS and CDOs deserve the screwing they have coming. The problem is the criminals in government will force us all to pay for this banking orgy screw job. I hate, therefore I am.

PMSPMS™©® said...

R-Boy - assuming you're going to Australia - which is why you need a passport - be aware it is a little cold on the east coast this time of year. Also the US dollar is slipping so you may need extra cash (but US ATM cards work ok). Travel safe.

wine country dude said...

@ 7:38 Mouse and Pencil

Leave the "anti-male" out of it. This isn't about male v. female. I've known snarky, duplicitous women, too. Everyone agrees Casey is an unbelievable shithead.

PS: I'm an attorney (definitely not a divorce lawyer, though; there are limits to my pain threshold) If Galina gets good representation, it doesn't matter whether the attorney has an anti-male bias or not. In fact, it's undoubtedly better that said attorney not have an anti-male bias.

We are ethically obligated to represent our clients zealously. On pain, potentially, of losing our ticket. And "zealously" is not merely a somewhat stodgy, overly proper term. It's for real.

Murses said...

I think Casey ran off with Mocha.

R-Boy said...

At this point, I have no reason not to trust Duane Legate's information.

I am hoping to have a conversation with someone later today that will further confirm this story. But Robert felt compelled enough to post.

Dolph, you out there buddy?

Anonymous said...

does this mean galina is on the market?

LossMitPro said...

Mouse & Pencil @ 8:23 AM:
”LossMitPro. ...are you helping the effort?”

Hey Mouse, only because you asked.

I’m playing it very DL right now but am coordinating efforts with Dawg & R-Boy (check your email, gents). And I’ll do what I can, despite appearances to the contrary.


LOL said...

I am busy working at my W2 loser job and the shit hits the fan!

We can only hope that he does not come back, what a scumbag.

michael said...

"At this point, I have no reason not to trust Duane Legate's information."

the fact that he's an "ex-business partner" who was willing to invest cash in IAFF is enough for me.

Jeffrey said...

Did he really leave the country? How do you know this specifically?

Well i spent a semester of school in Australia, and let me tell you, your dollar does not go far.

But what the hell, what's more mortgage fraud! I surfed the entire semester when i was there (anthropology be damned!)

Mouse And Pencil said...


You are absolved of all sin, my son. Go forth and sin no more. E Donaldus Trumpus and all that. :)

michael said...

i will admit though. i don't know which is more fun...

reading duane's post or watching the yield on the 10 year treasury.

subsonic22 said...

Wow! This is a plot twist that outdid anything that the Sopranos tried last night. I wonder if this finally gets the IRS's attention now.

Mozatta said...

1. how did he get money to get there? Corporation? Does this mean ultimately his mother is paying for the trip?
2. Where is he staying, how is he eating, etc? How is he paying for this? Corp. credit?

The market may be booming in Australia, but how does he plan on doing more fraud? He can't own a house, he can't broker loans. He would have to search for other shady individuals and get an illegal, under the table kick back. Is he trying to purchase property with the corporation?

LT said...

duane, i must of missed something. did you just recently meet with casey? from the talkcast a few weeks ago he sounded pretty angry with you. did you two make up?

Anonymous said...

This whole affair won't end well at all. At the very least mama Serin will be crying over the suicide of her little fraudster down under. At worst Casey is going to take a few people with him when he departs this Earth. The dirty job being by done by Duane,Dawg and R-Boy is sadly neccessary for the general public's good. However I would caution all of you gentlemen that someone at some point will file a lawsuit against one or all three of you. None of you are law enforcement and are IMO playing with fire by publishing your findings. I do not quarrel with your efforts-Casey is a definite bad guy. However this is not Wild West vigilante justice served up by outraged citizens who act when the law fails them.

I hope I have conveyed that while I respect your work truly, I want you to please consider that real life repricussions may exist for you all personally. I am not a troll I am a hater and I wish all three of you nothing but the best.

flailing forward said...

Assuming that this is true, Galina's best course of action is to immediately file for divorce and bankruptcy. She may end up permanently saddled with some of the debt (her credit cards come to mind), but she's probably immune from jailtime considering her husband fled the country without her. Casey is a lazy and ineffective scammer, and unemployable. He's probably got enough dough to last until his visa or whatever runs out, but after that he'll have to come back here to mooch off of his friends and family. If Galina has already dropped the dime, then the Federales will be waiting.

One other thing, if this info is true, Declan just got himself one hell of a story. And mystery publisher's book deal just got a lot more valuable. Prlinkbiz might be interested in these latest developments.

KC said...

Where is Casey going to go? Does he have friend/family there? How long before his money runs out? Where did he find said money?

Jean Valjean said...

@Anon 8:53

I believe that Dawg came out rather well from the Swaby incident, and even had DA Homey (any news???) on his side.

I also believe that Duane has pretty good legal representation, and R-Boy works for a 3-letter gov't agency, so I wouldn't worry about them.


I like M. Singh said...

Dear Mr. LeGate,

I read your post '4.1' after making my comment on your post '4.0'. All I can muster to write, after having read this most recent update, is that this tale is truly sad for Casey's family.

As ever,

Stephanie J. said...

Okay, is this some bizarre joke? I take a break this weekend and I come back to a story that Casey has fled to Australia?

Is this really true?

BTW; I love the publisher's pre-sales spin to generate buzz over the books... All that mysterious craziness just makes you want to go out and buy the first book in the series, huh? Not.

Please update me.

@CHJTS -- I do *not* have a foreign accent. I speak with a generic American accent like pretty much everyone else. I'll do my best to get out of here and on the road spot-on my end of day time (I sometimes stay an hour or two later).

@Whoever mentioned my job: Yes it is a good job that I have--and I do it well. Too well, perhaps because it affords me a bit of time to kick around.

But honestly, it doesn't take too much time out of my day to browse the threads and reply. And most of my really intricate photoshopping I do at home since I only have some crap photo-editor here.

Anyway... this Aussie thing really true? Has anyone verified this

flailing forward said...

1. how did he get money to get there?
If he took Duane up on the $1000 loan, I'd say that Duane inadvertently funded Casey's latest vacation.

R-Boy said...

I am pretty much a bit player compared to the other guys involved.

All I did was actually contact the FBI on this several months ago.

I'm pretty unconcerned about suits and all that since, quite frankly, none of this information has been sourced to me. It's all sourced to Duane, Robert, and someone else.

I've done my personal part to help confirm various parts of the story. Either we getting scammed by someone very good at this, or what we're saying is real. As best as I know, as long as you speak the truth no harm shall come unto thee.

walt526 said...


At least Galina and Yulia are safe. Personally, I'm just happy to have him out of my community (I live in Sacramento). Bon voyage, Turdflake.

LOL said...

I knew that casey wrote that "publisher" post, only he talks like that. What a "looser" oops I mean "Entrepreneur with business in his blood".

R-Boy said...

Oops, okay, the Hammar Investments thing.

There is that whole cyber-stalking thing, but Casey has emailed us several times and engaged in dialogue.

Mouse And Pencil said...

One hour until Job's keynote at the WWDC, and i have a stack of proofs to get to, layouts to get out to prepress, and packaging to finalize for presentation to a major big box retailer. Oh, and several designs to work on - it's rough being creative when juggling plates.

Ugh. You guys picked the worst Monday for this! But don't stop!

aaron said...

so casey has touched down in Aussie land. I wonder if he remembered that it's cold this time of year?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of The Haterz combined effort was a factor in him leaving the country.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

@Anon 8:53: I'm with you. Law enforcement does not like the feeling that someone is doing their work for them--look at all the trouble the bounty hunters get into on a regular basis, and they're officially legal. Rob, R-Boy et al. need to be very, very careful, and be prepared in case a lawsuit heads your way. You're dealing with an individual and his supporters who see everything as a tool to be manipulated in their favor, including the rule of law.

1000 a weak said...

I have to say, after reading all of this:

Homey, R-Boy, et al, really dropped the ball on this one and it will be difficult (not impossible, but difficult) to pick up Snowflake now.

As soon as the blog "closed" there should have been an indictment and a perpwalk. Now he's probably banking on time/effort/reward-- "well, they could have gotten me in Sactown, but maybe they won't come after me in Sydney/Perth/Melbourne/wherever".

Stephanie J. said...

You keep saying he needs a TFN to "Work"

Casey? Work? He can subsist on others as he always has. He obviously has *some* connections there to go there (if he has)... so I imagine he will survive as he always has; as a parasite. I think he'll be quite fine without that TFN.

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 8:53 AM:
”...I would caution all of you gentlemen that someone at some point will file a lawsuit against one or all three of you.”

Just as an FYI, from someone who has dealt closely with Serin’s issues... The very last thing on earth Casey would want is to give the power of Subpoena to others, by filing suit. That said, the parties you speak of have done nothing actionable and are protected by recent case rulings.

Bottom-line, and take this for whatever value my words may offer; private citizens can in deed do what is being done to stop a public threat, and face no liability. And BELIEVE ME, if Casey is anything he is just that -- a public threat -- under California law, which still has jurisdiction irrespective appearances.


Endgame said...

Rob, Duane, R-boy,

Rational mode: I respect your decision to protect sources, and confirm info before publishing. You're doing the right thing in the right way. Bravo.

Emotional mode: Holy Shit, Batman!!! Somebody needs to put a whompin' on that boy. What a gutless, cowardly, despicable act to abandon G. And, sounds like, without any money. KC has now really, really pissed me off. (I have a daughter about G's age).

Rational again: How cool it would be if the Hater community could rally around G and provide her some support. (I bet Duane already has a plan, being such a kind-hearted soul!. (I mean that sincerely and with respect, Duane)). And I have a ton of transferable airline miles, should G have any black-hearted brothers or cousins who'd like to travel to Australia.

This has crossed that final line from fun to serious for me.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Assuming homey or R-boy had any kind of authority to make that happen. Don't you think they would have, if they could?

We're speculating on a lot of stuff, it's not the time to start pointing fingers. The bombing is not over. Wait for the rest.

Stephanie J. said...

I wonder how much of The Haterz combined effort was a factor in him leaving the country.

::rolls eyes::

Casey's personal combined non-efforts resulted in these consequences; and that's that.

Nobody *made* Casey do anything. Not even supporters with good intentions could *make* Casey do anything.

R-Boy said...

@1000 a weak

Uh yeah, I have zero legal authority. Sorry. I did what I could when I contacted the FBI.

Anyways, I went to the post office but the one that does passport stuff is a different one, so I am going there for lunch.


Stephanie J. said...

@Mouse & Pencil re: Rboy and Homey.


Khatie said...

I am stunned....just stunned. That little, scrawny BASTARD.

At least the family is safe. But mark my words, Casey will find a "mark" or two Down Under. At least one of them will be female. He needs a fresh line of credit, without the inconvenience of marriage. Thank heaven that his huge ego and attention for greed will enable authorities to smoke him out sooner rather than later.

What a creep.

The Dude said...

This just in........

Australia Declares War Over Serin Fiasco

flailing forward said...

As far as Duane, Rob, or R-Boy lawsuits is concerned, posting publically (or pubically, if you're the mystery publisher) available information is not illegal. And as others have said, the truth is a pretty good defense against slander. Especially when you have Casey's own words to back you up. Besides, Duane has a lawyer and deep pockets, and R-Boy knows Agent Mulder. Rob Dawg eats lawsuits for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to do a road trip for a Casey expedition, i am down, liek the earlier poster i'll do some Surfing while i am there

Alan Smithee/gt said...

Let's say it again (all together now)


Kirk said...

It looks like Snowflake has gotten more press. Mostly a rehash and none of the latest developments made the story, but if you're interested it's at

Mouse And Pencil said...

Go reread the "Name The Casey Animal" post by Rob.

That is a "wow". He dangled it right in front of us, and nobody caught it.

We are in the presence of a master.

aaron said...

hands down Dawg has mad skillz mad i tell ya!

walt526 said...

Say what you will about Turdflake, he sure knows how to keep the story interesting. The post-foreclosure era was getting kind of dull, but he managed to make things interesting with two major events: leaving Galina and fleeing the country.

That poor woman. From what Duane and others with some first-hand knowledge, it seems like she was a mark from Day 1. I wish her the best as she tries to extricate herself from this mess and move on with her life. I'd love to see her on Suze Orman.

Finally, this confirms what we all knew about Turdflake: he is a manipulative, selfish excuse for a human being who doesn't care about anyone else--even his loyal, devoted wife. I hope he gets eaten by a crocodile down under.

SayWhat? said...

I suspect that if Casey really is in Australia (it doesn't hurt to be skeptical) that he's going to go the whole nine yards and try to become a true criminal by using false ID and presenting himself as a "successful" American businessman to con unsuspecting Australians out of their life savings. I mean what else could he be doing down there? If he wants to write a book, this would make for some interesting chapters, wouldn't it?

Everything Casey has done in the past year has been leading him to become a full-time criminal. His only successes have been stealing money from people and businesses. Living a legitimate W-2 life is absolutely unthinkable to him and law-enforcement only busts people who defraud banks with forged signatures and fake checks for a few thousand bucks so why should Casey stop now? I never thought he'd get this far.

Duane LeGate said...

Let me end some of the speculation... no Casey didnt take me up on the offer. No surprise.. you could see Galina beem at Casey probably thinking.. why not??

So no, nothing I have done has funded the coward on his flight... that too will come out...

this aint over yet...

Overopinionated said...

Is it too much to hope he took slimebag Nigel with him?

Duane LeGate said...

"Mouse And Pencil said...
Go reread the "Name The Casey Animal" post by Rob.

That is a "wow". He dangled it right in front of us, and nobody caught it.

We are in the presence of a master."

Mouse, you are dead on... I started hearing rumors... my sources read Dawgs post and knew it was a matter of time.. thats when they gave the go ahead...

Jean Valjean said...

Ok, I'm heading off to lunch...

I hope I don't have nother 400 comments to read by the time I get back..


michael said...

i wish i cold just fast forward to the end of this saga like in the movie "click".

man kate beckinsale is hot. ass said...

You dumbasses are listening to this backstabbing mutha fucka Duane?????? Then you are all dumber than I thought. I happen to have the true story and I am NOT sharing it with you mongrels. It is not the way Duane spins it at all. The truth will come out soon...VERY SOON!!! You are all such gaulible little bitches. Rob Dawg included. I can't wait to laugh at you.

Jean Valjean said... ass 9:33

Maybe you could write a book?


Anonymous said...

Damn this is strange. Take off to Australia? Why? REI opportunities in a foriegn country?

Only thing I see is a con man. But who is the con man, someone else our Casey? Casey could have learned all the ways he has been duped and may be trying his new found knowledge elsewhere. Sounds possible.

The deals get crazier and crazier.

With is inability to finish anything he has started, I do not see a bright future.

I wonder what his publisher thinks of him now? Or perhaps this ahs something to do with the publisher. Ummm....

He still thinks the one deal will net him the big payday. Possible, but he would probablly be better off thinking about the the lottery.

Casey sure can borrow cash. I'll say that for him.

Poor Galina.

Anonymous said...



SHE DID NOTHING TO GET HER LAZY ASS OUT OF THIS MESS! Give the money to Habitat for Humanity and help those that help THEMSELVES!

R-Boy said...

To ass

I've been told the same story from two different sources. So I know what they say. Again, since I don't personally communicate with the anyone with the last name of Serin on a reliable basis (Casey and I did share a few emails around the time that we learned about Hammar), of course I can't 100% confirm it. But I endeavor to try.

Feel free to tell me what I have wrong at caseyserininfo AT yahoo DOT com. I dont reveal sources or information unless I get permission.

Anonymous said...


The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

@some idiot said:

"You dumbasses are listening to this backstabbing mutha fucka Duane?????? Then you are all dumber than I thought. I happen to have the true story and I am NOT sharing it with you mongrels. It is not the way Duane spins it at all. The truth will come out soon...VERY SOON!!! You are all such gaulible little bitches. Rob Dawg included. I can't wait to laugh at you...."

Shut up, Casey. Oh, were you MOCHA on your blog, too? Are you sitting there in your little cave, shaking with anger? Jerk.

Sharky said...

Well, well, well;

And isn't this just pretty much what I called, what, back in March?.

The only surprise is that the stoopid little fucktard went to a country with tight immgration, an extradition treaty with the US, and a computer-savvy population.

You think you can hide in the Outback, little hobbit?

Your name and your numbers are knwn worldwide...the only way you're ever going to escape is becoming bestest buddies with Osama Bin-Pig Fucker.

I expected this.

Anyone with contact with Galina or Yulia...she has to get to the California DA, the AUSA, the Eff Bee Aye, AND a divorce lawyer like, YESTERDAY.

Every source of funding for the little worm has to be turned off AT THE SOURCE.

And btw, if Cal is a community property state, then isn't Galina entitled to half the gross from IAFF?

Duane, bird-dog her into this track...

...and the rest of you, hopefully she'll get the exclusive IAFF rights, and if she does, then click the mo-fo a dozen times on a daily basis.

A few months ago, someone tagged Serin as a gypsy.

I'm not culturally competent to recognie if the name is gypsy, but his actions are definitely tracking with what I've been told is their MO.

Thought a few moves ahead of you, kid, and say...when you go to the beach don there, I'll have some of my heavyweight cousins in the water, lookin' for ya.

They're gonna LOVE you, little aquatic Slim-Jim.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Looks like Mocha is awake.

Anonymous said...

So, how many ozzie IPs are visiting the site? Any chance of tracking down Casey's?

Khatie said...

I think Mocha is CASEY--at least the non-verbal version. Casey could have easily put up any of his whacko friends to play MOCHA on the fraudcast.

What a fucking loser.

walt526 said...

"Looks like Mocha is awake."

Yep, and apparently she hits the crack pipe first thing in the morning. Quite possibly the only person more useless on this planet right now than Turdflake.

Anonymous said...

Please stop with the Galina Admiration Society BS...she needs to get off her ass and get a job.

Sharky said...


"That is a "wow". He dangled it right in front of us, and nobody caught it."

I got it...just missed the country.

Seriously, though, Galina needs a firm hand on her rudder, and she could get out of this sitting pretty, if bruised.

The Shitheel ditching her could be the best thing he could possibly do for her, in a strange way.

I can see lawyers having fist-fights to see who gets to represent her...

Anonymous said...

I would willing to be a Galina Serin Supported IF she came clean.

By clean, I mean, she goes to the FBI and turns in EVERYTHING she knows about her husband scams.

If Galina does nothing, she will continue to enable her husband in his fraud.

Personally, if I had done 1/100th of what Casey did, my own mother would have taken me to the back and shot me. If not my mother, my father and so on down the list.

Enough with enablers. I understand people supporting their spouses and family, but NOT when FRAUD is involved.

Where is Nigel said...

Anyone knows if Nigel went down under too?

That would be funny!

king friday the 13th said...

Galina is available!

Better get moving .... the line outside Snapdragon is already forming!!!!

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Mother f'er... the boy ran away... now I have to come up with another piece of art since my homage to Casey's renewing vows doesn't really make sense...

This is compelling stuff sitting here during lunch... Australia is funny... but the funniest thing is the penny stock purchase... back to email pyramid schemes... the boy puts so much effort into get rich quick schemes... if he wasn't such a scam artist, he could have turned his blog into something that could have carried him through the year... but he's just not wired right.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Casey found the hidding place of Ken Lay of Enron?

Murse said...

Looks like Mocha is awake.

The She-Bear awakens and she doesn't look happy.

Mocha isn't Casey. Mocha is second in line to Nigel at Casey's blue ball licker and anus sniffer.

The Dude said...

"That is a "wow". He dangled it right in front of us, and nobody caught it."

*I* caught it and knew all along, but didn't want to share my superior FIRSTNESS with a bunch of loosers that have jobs and stuff.

Sharky said...

where is Nigel:

"Anyone knows if Nigel went down under too?"

Awww, c'mon. Poor Nigel, and maybe his koi,(which are fish), might getting interviews from the G-men.

Hey, Aussie HAterz, if y'all haven't thought of it already, you might want to alert your immigration and lawmen to the presence of the "Mortgage Fraud Desperado" in your fair land.

appropriate links to back up ypour story, yada-yada.

So if Galina gets on the ball, and the DoJ puts out the BOLO, your guys already know about Schmucktard.

Casey Enablers said...

So why does Casey wife's keeps enabling his fradulant ways?

Why does Casey's mother enable Casey by helping fund the corporation?

Why does Papa Serin not beat the living shit out of Casey?

Why does Casey's brother, the Marine, not help Papa Serin beat the shit out of Casey?

Why are there so many eanblers in this picture?

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'd say Galina is a ways from being "available". Leave her alone, guys. She's been terrorized by Casey, she has a long road of healing, after the legal issues are settled. Let her pastor and family care for her.

Nigel could show up down under, I'll bet the copy of "Priscella, Queen of The Desert" is booked out of his local Blockbuster. (I f he doesnt own the director's cut, the extended version, the VHS, the widescreen...)

Just be warned, Nigey Pooh, there's a lot of sun in Australia...which means lots of algae.

walt526 said...

More than Galina, the other person who will pay the consequences of Turdflake's actions is his mother. Remember, it's her name as the guaranteer on at least the Hammer Corp credit lines.

To someone more familiar with corporate veil, can't it be pierced in both directions? In other words, if a prosecutor successfully pierces the corporate veil (ie, no distinction between the corporate entity and Turdflake), then can SHE be held accountable for his personal debt?

I've gotten conflicting opinions on this.

flailing forward said...

The anons have a point about Galina. Even though (if the story is true) Casey screwed her over big time, the facts remain that she hasn't held a job other than the recent housekeeping for over a year and a half, and hasn't done anything to work on the debt. As of September when IAFF began, she had to know that things were not looking good, but the only action she has taken has been to harp on Casey to pay off her credit cards. It's as if in her mind, once those cards are paid she's removed from all duplicity. But that's not true, she still has some responsibility whether or not her husband is a raging asshole.

All we have as evidence of Galina's innocence are the impressions that Duane and LMP got upon meeting her. Both of them seemed predisposed to want to believe that Galina is innocent. And both of them were scammed by Casey. It's easily possible that they were scammed by her too. We've all known women who can turn the tears on on a moment's notice when it suits their purposes.

Anyway, it's not clear that she's purely a victim here. It's clear that she's getting the short end of the stick, but that's all. Anything beyond that is you projecting your own experiences and desires onto her. I'm ambivalent. The best course is to not give anyone any money until things become more clear.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

If this was a Hollywood movie we'd see Casey stepping off a plane in Australia thinking, "I had a wife, a condo and a job... How did it all go so wrong?"
*Multiple flashbacks*
Getting into Real Estate, quitting his job, lying on the loans, sweet cashback deals. All G's ideas.
*Back to present*
In slow motion, we see Casey pinned to the ground, handcuffed and taken away by airport security.
*more flashbacks*
Starting the blog, the dummy corporation, fleeing to Australia... They were all HER ideas.
*screen fades to black and fades back in*
*1 year later*
We see G in her back yard, with a shovel, digging up a briefcase full of 100 dollar bills.
*credits start to roll*

I apologize if this is in poor taste. I'll resume the Casey bashing. Umm.. He's a weasel.

1000 a weak said...

Okay, fair enough, I was too hard on R-Boy Homey etc.

But it's times like these that I lose faith in our justice system. With cybercafe access pretty much anywhere in the world, and an almost-constant stream of corporate credit to leech off, the little shit is going to be incredibly hard to locate and/or prosecute.

Something tells me that there will be a back-page story 10 years from now about some bounty hunter who finally tracks the kid down.

chris said...

What a tool, he marries her and then uses all of her credit, probably some of her w-2 earnings, gets her to quit college and then ruins her credit and condems her to clean houses. He ruined her life. I'd beat him sensless. He's leaving her to apply for welfare when she could have been a good hardworking citizen!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Falling Forward. Don't give Galina any money. Let her get a job and get her life back in order. She is not innocent of all these things. She needs to be held accountable for her part as well.


No $$$ for Galina!
No $$$ for Galina!
No $$$ for Galina!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Falling Forward. Don't give Galina any money. Let her get a job and get her life back in order. She is not innocent of all these things. She needs to be held accountable for her part as well.


No $$$ for Galina!
No $$$ for Galina!
No $$$ for Galina!

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

If Casey did indeed buy the Goldspring stock... would the posting of it on his site be considered actionable by the SEC? Did our hero just find a new hole to dig?

KC said...

Why isn't anyone wondering how Casey is surviving in Austrailia? Does he have family/friends there? I doubt he just got off the plane and went to a hotel. He has a plan to do something.

Many Casey Enablers said...

@10:08 Flailing forward:

I agree 100%. Galina is not as innocent as she apears to be.

Is she a victim? Sure looks like it. If she dosent turn her husband in, then she is no longer a victim but an enablers of husband's fraud.

My goodness people, there used to be a time when people actually had integrity and would have STOP Casey's fradulant ways 7 Day's til Sunday a LONG time ago.

The only reason Casey came this far, is due to his enablers.

flailing forward said...

For the maximal shocking conclusion:

We see G in her back yard, with a shovel, digging up a briefcase full of 100 dollar bills. She turns and high fives LMP.**
*credits start to roll*

** or Duane, or Homey, or a giant Sun Koi

lurker said...


You do not even need to pierce the corporate veil to go after cosigners. When you cosign, you are saying you will be responsible for the debt

1000 a weak said...

flailing @10:08

To be fair, Galina is a college dropout, is in her early twenties and doesn't have any real experience to go out and get a good job. Plus, one shot of Google will make any employer do a serious doubletake.

Galina should probably do (in order):

- Divorce
- Start using her maiden name
- Go back to school with the help of her parents
- Get some decent skills in a field that she likes, which has nothing to do with finance, real estate, or any other fiduciary duty

Mouse And Pencil said...


Good points. But, keep in mind, all we know is what Casey has told us. Do we know for a fact she hasnt been working?

As for the enabling comments, you have no idea what that means. Her contract with him, putting her foot down, which led to the current events, is HARDLY enabling. She did the right thing.

bemused guy said...

Bemused Guy Here...

OMFG. This is what I get for trying to sleep off jetlag & ignoring the net.

1) anyone tell Nacho?

2) If he ran off with Mocha instead of Swaby I refuse to to read another thread

3) So does this mean Galina is now totally liable for all their debts?
Duane or whoever is in contact with her should give her guidance.

4) I would like to hear Steph J's take on legitimacy of the "publisher" thread.

michael said...

with respect to galina,

if a tearful woman is all it takes for you people to so freely open your wallets then you all are much greater fools than casey himself.

Crockoshit dundee said...

May we please have the next installment?


king friday the 13th said...

so does this mean that this friday's fraudcast will be at 5pm australian time?

will casey start off with a "G'Day Mate"?

uh oh, some ugliness here in the line outside Snapdragon. This forest ranger just showed up, and threatened to sue all of us for attempting to violate his exclusivity agreement with Galina.
He kept claiming he could best help Galina mitigate her losses, and that he was a professional.

We told him "Back of the line, Mark"

H Simpson said...

I was expecting this to get weird, but not THIS weird.

Besides G., he has blown his mother off for the Corporate Credit monies. I am sure Steve and his family are extra proud on that one.

Visa: Easy to get for tourism. To work there is HARD. I have been going to Oz for over 20 years on business. They don't like competition, esspecially if it is from a non commonwealth country.

Flight. Most flights in Oz originate in LA. But there are a couple that do start in SF. So getting to Oz is not hard. If you plan or fly standby, an economy tix is ~$2.5k. Buying a 1 way ticket is unusual, but he could just say he is flying Quantas to Auckland and will be coming back with them.

Money. Sounds like Snowflake took the Cashback shoebox with him. Or whatever was left on the last credit card.

Trigger: Sounds like Duane pulled back the curtain on the wizard in front of Dorothy, I mean G. Once the jig was up, it was time to accelerate plans to head out.

The question I have in my mind is this: Why Australia?
- The US is not a Commonwealth country nor is Ubekstan, so work visas are hard to come by.
- Next to Japan, Oz has the best relations with the US. Unlike 2 decades ago, the govts now work together whether we are talking about high seas pirates or Iraq.
- His accent will not blend in. He sticks out (though not as much as in Fiji etc).
-There is extredition from Australia once our government says "Hand him over". He would have been been better off to become a Muslim and head for Indonesia.

My guess is Snowflake is gay, or bi. Why?
- Look at his clothes.
- The anarexic boy model frame.
- He lived near SF (biggest gay community in world) and probably landed in Sydney (#2 gay community in world).
- Blew off the church at every point.
- Mocha (the gaydar was going off).

Could it be he was always going to blow the family off and come out after becoming successful, but Duane forced his timetable? Did he meet someone that said they would help him in Sydney?

Man this is bizzarre..

I'd wager he intends to hide there not thinking CASEY SERIN sets off alarms on the internet when any employer checks on him.

As for finding out if Snowflake is there, it is too late for us W-2 loosers to fine out via online manifests (check his name against each flight for that day), but G or Steve can put in a missing person's report and say she thinks he may have taken off for overseas. The police can check the manifests of the dozen flights from SF/LA to Sydney for that day

I look at this site as becoming the virtual version of "Butch Casadey and the Sundance Kid". He can run, but not hide, all the time muttering "Who are those guys"

Yes you too can become part of the "Virtual Possie" (tm). Once we can find the rat b@stard, we may have to start a letter writting campaign to specific congressmen to get the feds moving.

Can't wait for the photos of him in irons coming into the courthouse instead of standing on the steps.

Casey Enablers said...

@ Mouse and a Pencil:

Yes, Galina took some actions, what, 3 FRUCKING YEARS LATER!

Look, I agree with 99.99% of all you have said, but I don't buy the innocent story too much.

If my family had no food, I would scrub toilets; I would work 2 jobs; I would work 4 jobs; I would swallow my pride and stand on a corner and begged for money/food to feed my family.


That is my point with so many enablers in Casey's life. They all want the easy life and they let this fraud last way too long before they took action.

The Dude said...


1) anyone tell Nacho?

....already done. :o)

Honestly Wondering said...

Guys.. I'm not jumping to give Galina a free ride either, but if you haven't been involved with an NPD, you can't appreciate what she's been through. And even if Casey isn't clinically NPD, he might as well be.

Galina The Diabolical Mastermind is a bit of a stretch for me at this point. I'm seeing a girl who will now be unable to completely trust anyone for years, if not decades. Deep down, now matter how well people treat her, she'll always think she's being lied to. Or used. Or if she's about to be abandoned. It's going to be a very long time before she leads an emotionally normal life again.

Imagine being married to Ted Bundy, only without the body count. That's where Galina is now.

But again, not giving G a free ride. She needs to get a job, make her own money, get out, divorce Casey, make her own life, get on her own terms.

Murses said...

Galina went to Hawaii. Which one of the 2 were working then? Neither one. Where did the money come from? A tree in the back yard.

Galina went to man of the travelling scaminars with KC. Were either of them working? Neither one. Where did the money come from? Same tree in the back yard?

She'd have to know that a year ago they didn't have any money. They had to move in with her sister.

Playing dumb doesn't even work when you are Paris Hilton. It will not work with Galina either.

Anonymous said...

Casey jumped to Australia awfully quickly. Some think it's too try and flip RE over there. Anybody think he possibly caught wind of an indictment coming his way?

Murses said...

@ Honestly Wondering

Do you know someone close to you with NPD? My mother has it. I've grown up with it my entire life. Sometimes it has put us into life threatening situations and, even now, she hasn't gotten a handle on it.

I don't think Galina is a mastermind of anything. But she has gone along with this behavior, regardless of how she ended up going along with it. Her family also allowed this to happen.

This is the best thing that could have happened to her though, Casey leaving. I hope he stays gone for her sake.

flailing forward said...

@ bemused guy
2) If he ran off with Mocha instead of Swaby I refuse to to read another thread
Priceless! Good question about Galina getting stuck with the full debt. I would think at most she could get half, but I don't know what I'm talking about.

One other unrelated point, if Casey thinks he can hide from the long arm of the law in Australia, he's overlooking the fact that they extradited one of their OWN CITIZENS to the US to stand trial for copyright violations.

aaron said...

Snowflake is trying to play 'Catch me if you can'. Although I doubt he is as good as the character in that movie.

Casey Enablers said...

@Murses 10:27:

Exactly! Agree 100%

Galina participated in much of the RE frauds.

She needs to come clean now and present the truth to the FBI and get on with her life.

We all make mistakes, now she needs to do the right thing and tell the truth to the FBI and if they don't take action, she did her part and she can live with that.

Duane LeGate said...


Come ON>>>>

"All we have as evidence of Galina's innocence are the impressions that Duane and LMP got upon meeting her. Both of them seemed predisposed to want to believe that Galina is innocent. And both of them were scammed by Casey"

Why do you think I was predisposed?? Thats ridiculous.. speculate if you wish.. but your off base..

flailing forward said...

@ King Friday
Keep us apprised of the Snapdragon scene. It's hilarious!

Dolph said...

Let's rationalize this people. Apparently G was TOO trusting. I've been around folks like Casey and they can be brilliant at putting off friends and families with charm and "trust me, I will take care of worries." Ever the good old school wife, G willfully trusts her partner 100%.

I believe she is innocent. Yes, I was one of many who lampooned her and asked my fair share of questions regarding her involvement. If she was aware of anything I believe it came to light once she took off her rose-colored glasses.

The person who needs to be held accountable is in Australia. If the law decides to pay attention, they may go talk to G. If they do, she will most likely sell him down the river. Once she files for divorce, she could argue those debts aren't hers, they are his. I've seen it done and since Casey is in Australia, it won't be easy or cheap for him to get back here to defend himself.

He's fucked.

BTW - I am not an enabler. If you've seen my posts over the course of this saga, I've been one of the critics forever.

Anonymous said...

Look. there was always a coffee can full of money.


Do you really think that he spent all of the cashback money on rehab and carrying costs? You saw the pics of the houses and you know that he didn't rehab jack dookey on a stick.

He certainly didn't use the money to carry the notes. He barely paid any of them.

Apparently his wife and family didn't know about it.

He is living on that money and will use that to get himself set up in Oz.

He ain't coming back, kiddies.

Anonymous said...


You're a good man. Thanks for the updates.

Dolph said...


Australia is a friendly US supporter of extradition. Snowyflake is fucked.

As for G, I see your points but I know it's hard to accept she might be innocent in all this. When I read Duane's emails I wondered if it was a ruse, but I am starting to think Casey is the mastermind, criminal and asshole here.

If she's anything, she's gullible and that's not a good thing to be in life.

Honestly Wondering said...

10:31a @Murses: Do you know someone close to you with NPD?
Yes: my father. Like you, I grew up in it's shadow. I didn't start to really understand the situation until my early thirties.

Rob Dawg said...

Nobody is gonna bother to extradite the little turd. He's got 6 weeks on his two month visa at which time he turns into a rotten pumpkin. No "shipping" him back. He gets on a plane with his own ticket and the nice men meet him in LAX or SFO.

Tis' time to leave G and the rest alone. They are going to get some serious backwash and AFAICT deserve very little of what's coming.

Stephanie J. said...

How do we know this Aussie stint is permanent (if it's happened at all)?

Could it possibly be another one of his impulsive ventures that might carry possible income; but then he realizes there's work involved and lets it fall through?

Murses said...

@ Honestly Wondering

Yes: my father. Like you, I grew up in it's shadow. I didn't start to really understand the situation until my early thirties.

I just went through nearly 5 months of my mother living in my home because she'd screwed herself out of...everything with her NPD. It was a nightmare.

My sympathies to you for what you've had to deal with. I understand.

And, you are right, KC does show signs of it - especially when I hear people who have met him in real life say he is charming and so clever. Pfft. They should get to know the real KC and see what they think then.

Benoit™ said...

Anyone taking bets that the next photo(s) posted to Serin's Flickr account will include things like the Sydney Opera House, some kangaroos, and possibly a stock photo of Paul Hogan? ;-p

Anonymous said...

are we gonna start a casey death watch? take bets on what day he offs himself?

walt526 said...

"You do not even need to pierce the corporate veil to go after cosigners. When you cosign, you are saying you will be responsible for the debt"

Obviously, she's on the hook for all of Hammer Corp debts. My question is that can she be held for Turdflake's personal, unsecured debt if the corporate veil is pierced. In other words, if it can be proven that there is no distinction between the corporate entity and Turdflake (ie, pierce the corporate veil), can that make the corporation (shareholders and guaranteers) responsible for the personal debt accumulated through malfeasance of the corporation's principle?

Basically, is there any way that Turdflake's parents lose their house to pay off his unsecured personal debt because of the relationship he mother has to Hammer Corp? Or is being a guaranteer to the corporate credit lines too far a reach for that happen?

Stephanie J. said...

Anon 11:08
That's a little extreme.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

With all this talk of NPD, I looked it up. Here's the diagnostic criteria:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
(1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

(2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

(3) believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

(4) requires excessive admiration

(5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

(6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

(7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

(8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

(9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

Wow, 1-8 describe Casey perfectly. Not sure about 9.

walt526 said...

"are we gonna start a casey death watch?"

No, because that could be used to establish pre-meditation for the homicidal ass-kicking I'd feel compelled to inflict if I ever find his scrawny little ass back in Sacramento again.

T said...


Bemused Guy said...

Welcome back T. It was only a matter of time. :)

walt526 said...

AWESOME! T's back!

We're getting the band back together. Hopefully for good. Welcome back, you and Nacho have been missed.

H Simpson said...

11:08 Anon
KC will off himself

That is my thinking too.
He has no:

Just Mocha, Nigel and the remains of the coffee can.

Sounds like Duane pricked his balloon. He is starting to see what all of us have all along.

Does he whack himself rather than come home to an environment with no upside?

My brother worked for a nice middle aged structural engineer with a wife and 2 kids. Wife came one evening to find him hanging naked from a living room beam and a camcorder rolling. On the tape he explained he was gay, blamed her and the kids, then proceeded to jack off before kicking out the chair.

As many have said, Casey has a long way to fall. There is nobody we know of to help him now.

R-Boy said...

Lets quit with the death chatter...I dont think we need to encourage or hope for that

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