Friday, June 29, 2007

Foreclosure Dodo

SacBee reports Casey is still flailing forward. Turns out Casey's "Foreclosure Code" pamphlet (nee book) is going to be self-published. I know, I know, ::yawn:: but remember this is the first time little underoo has admited it.
Bob Shallit: Blogger's book has a barrel of red ink

For months, Casey Serin has been drawing thousands of daily readers to a quirky Web site that tells of his colossal real estate setbacks. Now the brash West Sacramentan, who has as many detractors as fans, is publishing a book detailing what he calls his "failure story." Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book that tells how the 24-year-old racked up $2 million in debt last year after acquiring eight homes in a space of seven months -- just as the real estate market was turning south. "I want to show people what to do and more importantly what NOT to do," he says, via e-mail from Australia, where he is traveling. He says his book will have some similarities to author Dan Brown's best-seller, "The Da Vinci Code," including a look-alike cover. But he isn't elaborating further.

Bob Shalit can be reached here."

Blog note: Yes, too many Casey posts. Relax.


king friday the 13th said...


king friday the 13th said...

wow, a first yesterday. a first today. uh oh. I need a break.

Michelle said...
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Sprezzatura said...

Galina has an email address that is not at

Michelle said...

Looks like I should do a better job masking my email address. I think I just saved Casey the trouble by outing myself :-)

Rob Dawg said...

Generic comment:

Everyone is watching in horror and disbelief as events unfold.

Anonymous said...

"He says his book will have some similarities to author Dan Brown's best-seller, "The Da Vinci Code," including a look-alike cover. But he isn't elaborating further."

It does amuse me that the reason he doesn't elaborate further is because he doesn't know what is going to actually be in the book yet.

Rob Dawg said...

Can I help?

Rob Dawg said...
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Michelle said...

Thanks, Rob. But I'm OK. I don't have a mob of creditors trying to collect. :-)

Khatie said...


Thank heaven you didn't let that lunatic into your house. That creepy little son of a bitch.

I predict horrific fireworks tonight, people.

This is NOT going to turn out well.

The Dude said...


Not to be concerned about being "outed"; especially here. You did what you thought was right.

Question: What was your impression of Casey before.....and now?

Rob Dawg said...

Too late I figured you wanted to be covered so i jumped. I can repost if you so desire. ;-)

Naw, I'm too fat lazy drunk and walruslike to do that.

Rob Dawg said...

I predict horrific fireworks tonight, people.

Wow. That soon?

Gotcha said...


You are a closet sweetie. I just want you to know some of us are on to you :*)

segfault said...

Apple online store is down... :)

Holiday Inn said...


Your 3:01 post includes Michelle's last name.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the Anon post,

re: reading Galina's email - this does not surprise me at all. It's very easy to get someone's password especially if you have access to their machine (e.g. set up a key-hook), and most people don't change their password nearly enough.

I don't condone this at all, but I'm not surprised Casey did it. If LE contacted Galina - damn right he would want to know about it as soon as possible (as well as other "juicy" information such as divorce proceedings etc.)

Rob Dawg said...

You are a closet sweetie. I just want you to know some of us are on to you :*)

Sweetie? No. I am at best a misanthrope; A dysfunctional failure; Incapable of interpersonal relations and/or financial success. Any kind of reading EN reveals me to be shallow, uneducated, insecure and of low intellect. You have it all wrong.

There's no soft marshmallow center, you are barking at the wrong dawg.

Rob Dawg said...

Michelle said...
Hi gang,

My name is Michelle, the "supporter" who was going to put up Casey last night. I thought I was helping out a kid who was down on his luck, and then I stumbled upon this site and

I'm glad I did. As soon as I found out that he appeared to be hiding from his family, I forwarded them his phone number...



subject Casey's cell phone number in Australia

In case you need it:



A few hours later, Casey emails me back... IN ANSWER TO THE ABOVE EMAIL.


Casey Serin
to Michelle

subject Re: Casey's cell phone number in Australia

Do you want me to plaster your phone, name and home address everywhere too?


What a piece of shit. He reads his family's email. Do they know about this?

See? trust no one!

segfault said...

anon @ 3:14:

Are we even sure those are valid e-mail addresses? Many domain providers offer a "catch-all" e-mail box so that you get all the e-mail sent to your domain, regardless of whether it's a valid username or not. So if I own, you could send an e-mail to and it would show up in the dump box.

Also, even if those are Galina and Anna's addresses, he who controls the domain (Casey) can control/intercept mail in the mail server without needing their passwords.

lawnmower man said...

@Rob: I suspect Khatie is referring to the Foreclosure Fridays fraudcast, which Casey still apparently intends to conduct via Skype from his Kings Cross convenience-store foxhole.

As for reading Galina's mail: no keyloggers required, surely? is administered by Casey.

I forget the history -- was it ever established that is or was an real email address for Galina?

1000 a weak said...

Galina needs a Gmail account, like, today.

Rob Dawg said...

Seems Foreclosure Friday is still on. Don't ask me why. Nothing to gain IMO.

Anyway * will be seen by Casey. Gs email there is/was legitimate. That is not the only way to contact her.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>>I predict horrific fireworks tonight, people. This is NOT going to turn out well.<<<

Yay! I'll check in as often as possible. Crash and burn crash and burn crash and burn, yowza. This is like the last two years of X-FILES. I'm sick of it, but I can't stop watchin' until they END THE DAMN THING.

Anonymous said...

good point, Casey is probably managing the domain controls and/or mail server for so no need to even bother with passwords!

The Dude said...

Seems Foreclosure Friday is still on. Don't ask me why. Nothing to gain IMO.

....stop applying logic to anything that fuckwit does.

Concerned said...

Does phoning in benefit him in any way? I would like to tell him how upset I am over giving him money and why.

Anonymous said... is hosted by Google:

# dig mx

; <<>> DiG 9.4.1 <<>> mx
;; global options: printcmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 7892
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 7, AUTHORITY: 2, ADDITIONAL: 2



Sharky said...

Not really archiving, but hoping the kid reads here also.

" Hey kid;

I don't mean to crowd you, but I'm not sure how long this blog is going to be up, or that you'll be able to access it.

And what I have to say is kinda important.

I've given you some pretty good lumps over the months, I realize that and I meant to land 'em, but apparently I didn't land 'em hard enough or often enough to break you down early enough to induce you to WANT to do the right chance that narrow path.

I'm sorry for that Casey, please forgive me.

Because soon I think your young life will sail through very bleak and dangerous waters...and remain there for a very long time.

I want to remind you of a tale you may have heard before, but perhaps have never had interpreted for you, and certainly not in these circumstances where you know you'll soon be facing a righteous judgement.

It's about a crucifixion, (no, not THAT one!, the OTHER two mugs that got nailed up on the same Friday as He did).

Ahh, remember it. Luke 17, IIRC.

One got Saved, the other got...who knows. It's one of my favorite and most cherished passages in the Good Book, youngster.
(This may surprise you some, but I ain't exactly been a Boy Scout either).

But, that's not the part I want to highlight to you.

The saved thief had his legs broken and died on a cross just the same as the other one. (Friday different then as it is now, I guess. Everybody wants to beat the traffic.)

Salvation ain't a "Get out of Jail free" card, see?

The other bit I want you to keep in mind through these times of trouble rapidly approaching on your horizon.

Remember when the Christ asked what it benefits a man to gain the World if he loses his Soul?

Work it backwards.

What loss is it to a man who loses the World, if he gains his Soul?

Your pal;


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Well, this might be one of the last truly entertaining nights in the Casey Saga... things are winding down...

LossMIT's Hammar is apparently dropping soon, unless this is a big web-drama... if it is, kudos to the players!

Otherwise, tonights fraudcast is going to be probably the last time to hear our hero's rope-a-dope broadcasting style...

give em hell, those of you who have voices!

lawnmower man said...

@1000 a weak: Galina needs a Gmail account, like, today.

Galina has a private email address which is, presumably, secure; and which is known to a select few dawgpound insiders.

@Rob: Nothing to gain IMO.

I'm wondering if Casey can smell which way the wind is blowing and is considering another attempt at reinventing himself?

His rambling comment is more "transparent" than the stiffly formal on-message posts of late; "kind of quiet on that" hints at trouble in paradise on the Marty deal; and he sounds a little fed up with "stuffing “foreclosure” in there for SEO".

Maybe it's just me; but I'll throw it out there and see if it sticks. He may be considering a shift to full jennicam-style disclosure.

(FWIW, too, the content-creation files suggest that if he goes down, he could take others with him. It sounds very much like his mortgage brokers were complicit in his false claims of primary or secondary residency. And the Larchmont deal is a boondoggle of such proportions that *nobody* involved sounds like they have clean hands.)

Anonymous said...

Look at this step-by-step mortgage fraud illustration the FBI has on its site:

How in the hell is Casey not being investigated? His story fits this scenario exactly.

That other school said...

JMHO, Have R, S or H call... if you must. You sound too young and emotional.

Khatie said...

"@Rob: I suspect Khatie is referring to the Foreclosure Fridays fraudcast, which Casey still apparently intends to conduct via Skype from his Kings Cross convenience-store foxhole."

You've got that right, LMM; in reading Casey's last post, I see lot of pent up rage, fueled by a manic high, impendending crash, a lack of sleep, the love/hate relationship with Marty. His labelling of Michelle as a "so-called" supporter, rather than just out and out blaming EN is also telling (word to Michelle; I suggest that you don't respond to this guy if he tries to e-mail you again). I think he's stayed up all night, he's running out of options and out of his Precious, cold hard cash. He doesn't have a place to lay his head without keeping one eye open. I just think he may lose it on the broadcast tonight. Which is fine with me; I'd rather he lose it halfway across the world on a fraudcast than snap on his wife or family members.

However, as this thing plays out, I fear that this may go beyond entertainment value. Casey is one sick puppy, and he's gone beyond a failure chain--he's nearing a death spiral.

Jean Valjean said...


I posted something similar, but much shorter, in my blog:

An Open Letter to Casey Serin

“be sure your sin will find you out.”

--Numbers 32:23

Anonymous said...

No catchall email at

I just verified that there is no catchall email address at, thus for KC to read the email, he would have had to read G's or A's emails.

SmellyPogoStick said...

Casey to English:

Supporter = Enabler

I get it now. All his talk about "supporters", these are just the people that help keep him from facing reality. They are part of the problem with our boy.

The Dude said...

I just think he may lose it on the broadcast tonight.

.....and if I can get on it, I just may have a match that lights his fuse. :o)

SmellyPogoStick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lawnmower man said...

@Khatie: out and out blaming EN

Blaming EN would require mentioning EN, and Casey has never done that. Recently he's very rigorously prevented *any* mention of, or link to, EN or CaseyPedia in the comments -- I'm amazed that James.Marks managed to get one through today.

Casey doesn't want to send *any* traffic to haterz sites; unfortunately his media coverage, and CaseyPedia's climb up the Google rankings (not yet on the first page of results for "Casey Serin", but getting there -- more links to Casey Serin, please) has worked around his attempt at controlling the message.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Of course he reads her e-mail, he's a control freak - manipulators are, it's part of the illness.

I would'nt be surprised if he listens to her voicemail. He strikes me a sneaky litte shit, he's probably an eavesdropper as well.

I can't listen in, hopefully we'll have a good thread covering any potential hijinks, hate and fireworks.

If not, I'll continue with my plan not to think about Casey this weekend at all. It's time to start seperating the little shitbag from all our lives.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Casey wont lose it.

You folks are funny. Casey is a con man and he values himself way too much for that to ever happen.

Casey will be Casey and he will continue to draw up hate everywhere.

The problem here is that Casey has had too many enablers, from Mama Serin to Galina Serin.

I could not believe that Galina Serin was willing to go along with Casey's fraud so long as Casey was able to bring home $1,000.00 bucks a week. That's pretty bad...

LossMitPro said...

Nigel's Guest Blogger @ 3:54 PM:
”LossMIT's Hammar is apparently dropping soon, unless this is a big web-drama...”

Simply addressing your comment (not baiting folks, ease up a bit.) No no, no “web-drama” at all. I keep insisting some action shall be taken and it shall, unfortunately, because Casey refuses to listen to reason. What is about to take place doesn’t have to, whereas I’ve offered both Casey & Marty a way out.

But truly they won’t take my peace offering because in their collective minds, as dysfunctional as their relationship is (and I know that from first hand info), they believe nothing wrong is being done. Sadly that is sentiment used by countless defectives to justify harmful conduct; from a failed paperhanger in Germany, to a Bakersfield Real Estate tycoon.

I don’t relish what is about to take place, it gives me no genuine pleasure. But it MUST be done, and so it shall be done... I am not the one who sought “war” nor flaunted perceived invulnerability, with hollow challenges and bluster. But I’ll answer those calls, and effectively so. My actions are quite real!

Look for info on this early next week, when I’ll be free to expose more. In the interim, thanks for understanding my self-imposed limitations.


lawnmower man said...

Another aside: Sean Reynolds may be a supporter, but he's no fool. He bought Casey dinner, but he clearly didn't want the Boy Bludger under his roof even after Casey spun his "haterz sabotaged me, I've nowhere to stay" tale.

Khatie said...


You're right, but the biggest change I see is in Casey's tone. It's ugly. As Rob said, it's the real thing. And Casey's "so-called supporter" comment, much like the oh-so-unnecessary but strategic mention of using another woman's shower--is just another way to mask his hostility.

Sprezzatura said...

KC: Today was a nice day in Sydney, not gloomy and rainy like it’s been lately. I thought Australia is a warm place? And I thought there are kangaroos running around the streets. Oh wait… this is their winter. And I don’t know about kangaroos.

Christ on a crutch, what a moron.

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

The elves go all year without taking a shower.

Santa F. Clause

segfault said...

On a different topic... My iMac C2D has been acting weird for months--spinning beach ball over the menu bar right after starting, refusing to shut down, etc... I did an "archive and install" of OS X, which didn't help. I finally found some relevant error messages in the system log, and Googled them. Found that the message was related to an external drive. Hmm, could it be the USB flash drive I leave plugged in all the time? I reformatted it and it's worked perfectly ever since. Damn, that was annoying!

Youngster said...

Could I trouble some kind soul to tell me if calling into the fraudcast actually benefits Casey's pocketbook?

Rob Dawg said...

Yeah, that and "marginal" memory chips probably turn off more Mac wanna be switchers than anything else.

BJ said...


It does to some degree. I think it has to do with the number of 'downloads' of the 'talk'. From Talkshoe's website:

Every time someone listens to, subscribes to, or downloads your recorded podcast, you earn money. When you refer a host, you get a bonus of 25% of whatever that host earns in the next 12 months. TalkShoe will cut you a check every month or pay you via PayPal - your choice.

When you host a Talkcast, you earn $5.00 for your very 1st recorded episode. You earn another $45 when you record your 10th episode. That's $50 bucks total - a one-time getting started bonus for new TalkShoe hosts! You also earn money when people listen (live or recorded), based on the length of your episodes and actual advertising revenues. Live participants earn you additional bonus cash.

Murses said...

Yay, Fliptardcast tonight! What fun.

Who is calling in?

segfault said...


I didn't think it was a very common problem (like the iBook logic board failures).

Are the Other World Computing memory chips any good? I have the standard 2 x 512, which is not really enough to run Parallels (the upgrade to 3 GB was around $700 when I bought the computer, now that it's more like $200, I'm ready to do it).

Anonymous said...

The talkcast is on.

SmellyPogoStick said...

He sounds good for having stayed up all night, but pretty amped by all the caffeine.

Youngster said...

Thank you BJ, your kind response is deeply appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Just another lie, he has not been up all night, he slept on a table in the cafe...

Anonymous said...

new thread is up

Anonymous said...

Man, he sounds like he's drunk or gone nuts or something... jeez...

Rob Dawg said...

I have never had reason to complain about OWC. I've been using them for as long as they've been around. I feel old. Fry's has really cheap 2Gbs (2x1Gb) for less on sale now that should work. 2Gb seems enough for Parallels. On desktops; pair them no matter what Apple claims.

Now. Tell me why my middle teens' macbook won't charge its' battery.

Schnapps said...

I said that a couple of days ago.

Late to the game there, Dawg :>

segfault said...


I dunno. My dad has a Macbook (since last December) and has had no problems so far. I guess you've tried a different battery and different charger? The DC inverter board was a common failure point on the old Powerbooks and iBooks, particularly with users who placed the power cable under a lot of tension, but I don't think that should be a problem with the improved connector on the Macbook.

If the Li-ion battery has been completely drained and then stored for a long time, that's enough to permanently damage it if not kill it completely.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Mac batteries have a "memory", in that there's circuitry in them that can be reset when they fail to recharge - google the mac model and "battery reset", and see if that helps.

I have a 17" PB a freind gave me, with 3 batteries (he's a serious road warrior). He insisted one was dead, but i brought it back to life.

Also, the power management module might need resetting, and/or the OpenFirmware.

Each model is different, so check at

Finally, Apple did a recall on batteries, check and see if it's covered.

Mike said...

Look at this step-by-step mortgage fraud illustration the FBI has on its site:

How in the hell is Casey not being investigated? His story fits this scenario exactly.

That's easy, the FBIs top 10 priorities are:

1. Terrorism
2. Terrorism
3. Terrorism
4. Terrorism
5. Terrorism
6. Terrorism
7. Terrorism
8. Terrorism
9. Terrorism
10. Terrorism

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Now. Tell me why my middle teens' macbook won't charge its' battery.

Because it's in "electricity ignore mode". Make a written agreement with it that it should put 1000Ma on the kitchen table by next Friday, else it will be deported to Australia.