Sunday, June 24, 2007

Casey Goes "Pro"

Dissatisfied with the results of his serial amateur fiascos our young just a few minutes ago announced he was turning pro. Pro reality? No. Pro Real Estate Investor? No. Pro guru? No. Casey has decided to turn pro blogger.

At least this post doesn't seem ghostwritten even though it is well formatted and generally well constructed. Casey has talked to a real pro blogger, someone I never heard about but that's nothing and decided working 2 hours per day is for him. Hopefully the sudden massive focused increase in effort doesn't kill him. He's started adding new and interesting website deals to IAFF. It may be time to revive the EN massive focused effort to tell these sponsor ads just what it is that they are doing via their particpation.


Lou Minatti said...

M. Singh, mighty Sikh warrior, missing in action.

Oh yeah. Murst!

Lou Minatti said...
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Anonymous said...


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Too Funny, Casey is a Kanga Murse and all!

Lord Have Murses! said...

Gasey is smirking about how he's able to avoid the lender calls.

I wonder how many calls Galina is getting... and if they're calling her while she's scrubbing toilets.

Kerriella said...

I really HAVE to go to the store but Rob I am glad your back. The kids kinda threw a party and left a mess while you were gone. LOL

ANYWAY back on topic, what I don't get is that Casey is such an attention whore but it's very obvious that he is NOT writing his own posts anymore. What is up with that?

I wonder if he already sold the site and this "ghostwriter" is trying to play it off that Casey is still around.

Rob Dawg said...

That Roo has every reason to be jealous of Casey's pouch.

Casey needs to be tracked down as to a phone number so the calls can resume their organic ways. Maybe the guy he had lunch with can take his calls and emails and forward them?

Roastbeef said...

Did y'all read the comments Gasey left on each photo? Besides gushing too much over the Koalas, he had a nice big typo on one of the New Zealand photos:
"I'll have to fund some supporterz here".
Pfft! Yeah right.

Rob Dawg said...

Whomsoever may have bought the blog probably signed a contract that included the phrase "all rights and obligations."

Kerri, thanks. I had fun, ate seafood, visited relatives and some unfreakingly expensive colleges. I think Casey is collaborating on the blog. Is this chance meeting with a pro blogger what he really went to do?

Anonymous said...

Eyep, he's found a new shiny.

Let see if I can write a summary without marty's goons(tm) adding me to their "to sue" list. (yes thats a joke)

1. Generate email spam. Maybe give away a book for free (wait, Casey thinks to himself, I had one almost finished SWEET)

2. Reccomend services and products, nothing like having Casey Serin as your spokesman.

3. Make other people moderate the blog, and actually do the work writing blog posts(SWEET now the amount of work a day drops below the dreaded 2 hours).

4. Actually convince people he's serious about paying loans back, hmm maybe I should call them them hearing I'm in AUS may be a bad thing
(uhh yeah..oooh look shiny)

5. 100k wasn't enough!
(talk about playing right into Casey's ego)

6. (well there was no 6 he's not a details guy you know, he just started a new point) SIgned up with this guy to be my mentor, you know how much Casey loves to have a (likely paid) mentor.

teucer said...

Fucking murseupial.

Roastbeef said...

Anybody talked to Galina recently? Since California is a community property state, could Casey have legally sold the domain without Galina signing off on it?

The Dude said...

Dammit Casey.....which is it? Amature or Amatuer

How can we get publish CaseySpeak if you don't misspell on a consistent basis.

BTW, 50 bucks to the first Roo that kicks him in the head

Anonymous said...

it's a fucking disgrace that our justice system cannot catch a known criminal. fuck, i can't believe i'm living in such an outlaw country.

ha38349 said...

Right now I DO have somebody doing moderation for me and she has been quite good at it. Much more ruthless about keeping things clean than I am. Man, what a great feeling, to have your comments being moderated for you while you sleep!
I wonder if the person KC found to moderate is G.

Anonymous said...

NO BIDS and only 4 hours left

i guess casey cant really sell his domain for 100K

h8er said...

I wonder if the person KC found to moderate is G.

She loathes the blog and is busy working...I doubt it.

Roastbeef said...

So Casey is paying Yaro $47 a month... spending more money that he doesn't have.

I think we need to let CashCall, et al know that Casey can be contacted through Yaro and that Casey has money he's not giving them.

Rob Dawg said...

Wouldn't it be great if instead of deleting the objectional post Casey's secret female moderator was saving them? Wouldn't that make a great post. Funny isn't it? Casey goeas from "trust no one" to implicit trust of this unknown woman? How could someone be able to win his trust so quickly and completely? Unless they were already familiar with the story and knew all the right buttons to push? Jus' wonderin' is all.

T said...

I don't understand. How is this behavior any different from what he's been doing for the past 9 months? Am I missing something? I'm only on my first cup of coffee so I'm still a bit asleep this morning.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

what a great feeling, to have your comments being moderated for you while you sleep!

Casey's ultimate Passive income. Blogging Monetized whilst sleeping!
He did it!!!!!!!He is never coming back here to face what he did, I don't think.

G does not have time to moderate the IAFF blog, as she is too busy juggling Casey's debt, collections calls, her W2 job and survival income, I reckon.

H8er said...

Didn't Marty say something about an assistant going through the blog and flagging 'interesting' stuff? Could that be the mystery woman?

KC said...

How does anyone know what G is doing? Have you talked to her?

This story is getting really bad. Gotta hand it to Casey for never dying even when things got real bad, he still managed to keep going.

Father Ted said...

Has anyone noticed in his last post the nice crispy 100 dollar bills.
At a glance I would say that there is
at least us$ 2000.
He probably brought the tin can buried in yulia's backyard with him.

ha38349 said...

Having never moderated a blog I don't know how much time it might take but I'm thinking that it wouldn't be much more than an hour a day say split up into four sessions of 15 minutes. It should be quick especially if you are being ruthless in what gets through.

Hmmm said...

I think the photo of the Christian guide "For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women" and his saying: "Lots of great advice in this book. Implementation is the key though. Still working on that one." shows that he and G are still on the outs.

T said...

Again, how is this different from when he had Nigel moderating?

Anonymous said...

CASEY is trolling again...


Hey maybe, after you look at the Cute Kuala and my Kango friend, perhaps, just perhaps, you will crack a little smile on your hater face and appreciate things for once.

Nothing like being in the nature and getting in touch with the beautiful (intelligently designed) creation!! "


StephanieS said...

A few comments:

1. Marty is just going to love that Casey just offered to give away ebooks for free. How about that for ROI

2. Will Galina get spousal support when she files for divorce?

3. What happen to the IRS extension? Isn't that due soon?

unbelievable said...

This kangaroo has joined the long list of Haterz!

Casey Meets A Haterz Down Under

Now that is SWEET!

KC said...

I think this has turned into a 3 ring circus and I'm quickly losing interest.

One side we have Casey/Marty.

The other side is Nigel and who knows what side he's on just as long as traffic is going his way.

The other side is the haterz who use logical reasoning to explain Casey but that doesn't apply with him.

Finally we have Mark aka lossmitpro aka law school dropout who has made at least 50 lawsuit threats in the past month.

In the end, Casey is vacationing. The Haterz are trying to think of new ways to stop Casey. This is a never ending cycle. Thankfully, I'm not addicted anymore.

unbelievable said...

I'm not sure what happened to my link - giving it another try

A Kangaroo Haterz

Other said...


He prolly made it so you have to use his links.

TK said...

Why are these extra photos finding their way on here now? And is it safe to say that he's nearly off the top end of the cycle and is gonna be on the outs with Marty soon, chasing his new "blog for 2 hours a day" pipe dream?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Thankfully, I'm not addicted anymore.
Warning, Danger, Danger, Will Rodgers, "Do not Drink the Troll Cool Aid."

LossMitPro said...

KC @ 9:57 AM:
”… we have Mark aka lossmitpro aka law school dropout who has made at least 50 lawsuit threats in the past month.”

Never went to law school. Only 50 threats, gee thought there’d be at least a count of 100 or more? Oh well anyone who knows me realizes I’m all bluff, can’t walk the talk, and just enjoy the threat thang. ;)


Anonymous said...


Will Galina get spousal support when she files for divorce?

She doesn't even get it now.

I Like M. Singh said...

Dear Mr. L. Minatti,

I found your video, posted at 8:58 AM, very funny. You sir... have made a funny video. THIS SIR... have been bookmarked for repeat viewing.

As always,

Kerriella said...

Gotta make this quick cause my company will be here any minute but.........

How come Casey(?) approved 5 posts, one of which was mine, and commented on all of them but mine? *Sniff* I feel sooo rejected! ;)

Actually, it makes me wonder if there isn't something to what I commented about.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Good morning, haterz. Can anyone explain what would differ between "professional blogging" and what Casey is already doing? He already spends most of his "working" time on the blog and gets all of his income from it, so what would change if he "went pro"?


Johnny B. Good said...

Yeah, KC, I'm starting to agree with you. I'll bet that you could easily tune out for 14 days with no ill effects. When you got back, a visit to Caseypedia would bring you right back up to speed in 10 minutes.

How interesting is it to watch Casey 'discover' himself down under? The troll posts have gotten thick, and the CS action is glacial.

Anything of interest is not going to take place while CS is in Oz.

- No Cashcall dust-up
- No more foreclosures
- No arrest/jail
- No contracts with his wife.

The only thing that might happen would be for G to start divorce proceedings. But she is a private person and won't participate in Casey's circus, and blogging about a divorce would be like blogging about grass growing...dull.

The story has reached his peak and is declining. Casey has lost his story (he is NOT facing foreclosure any longer); he's lost control of his story; he cannot be redeemed in an entertaining fashion.

Miguel said...

I found your video, posted at 8:58 AM, very funny. You sir... have made a funny video. THIS SIR... have been bookmarked for repeat viewing.

...and a link has been added to CaseyPedia.

Absolutely brilliant, Lou - more please!

Honestly Wondering said...

10:02 @Other: He prolly made it so you have to use his links.

Nah. Only that you need to use the right URL.

T said...

Hahaha! KC got bitch-kicked by a kanga!!

Dan said...

In response to Casey's last comment that "This is the trainwreck" and he is on his way to a "success story"...

No, you idiot, this is not the trainwreck. You saw the penny on the track that would cause the trainwreck, so you switched tracks at the last second. The problem is that the track that you switched to has a huge concrete wall on it.

By ignoring your problems in the US with your family and the lenders, you have just delayed, and magnified, the inevitable trainwreck. Nobody is going to forget what you did before you left. In fact, they will just dwell on it and get more and more angry at what you are doing while those problems fester. Even if you do manage to make a little bit of money this year, it will pale in comparison to what you will owe when you get back. And no amount of money will repair what you have done to your family.

Honestly Wondering said...

10:22am @Johnny: The story has reached his peak and is declining. Casey has lost his story (he is NOT facing foreclosure any longer); he's lost control of his story; he cannot be redeemed in an entertaining fashion.

This story peaked back in March, when he did the first begathon. That's where he generally crossed the line from "Getting Saved" to "Getting The Hell Out Of Here".

IAFF has been on steady decline ever since, albeit with occasional interest spikes. Since the begathon, all he's been doing is struggling to keep the delusion going on for one more day.

lawnmower man said...

@father ted: Has anyone noticed in his last post the nice crispy 100 dollar bills.

Nah, that image was recycled from October's Borrowed $3000 to make a come back.

Trivia said...

Has he always been so painfully thin?

Mouse And Pencil said...

I take this new posting as a major step forward, Casey has actually decided something! I thought I felt the earth shift ever-so slightly on it's axis, absorbing this new wierdness.

And what has he decided?

Why, that's easy - he's left his marriage forever and for good, there's no other way to interpret it.

It's too obvious - going "pro" is a direct slap in the face to what Galina wants him to do, needs him to do. Casey obviously feels "free" now to make huge decisions like this, without Galina holding him back with all of her drama.

Oh, and to ice the cake, he slaps her in the face with all the phone calls SHE has to deal with now, and he's free to ignore. Oh, he may think about calling them, someday, but they're all bluffing, just like CashCall. Sue Casey? Pish tosh, the very idea makes him laugh.

People, Casey Serin does not exist anymore. A new person has taken over. He is heartless, greedy, lazy, cruel, and does not apologize for it and does not think us mere mortals have the right to question him. He does not care what we think. He does not care what his family thinks. His wife was a useful prop he has now discarded.

Shriveled black heart, indeed.

Meet Constantine. Or however you spell it. Casey was just a role he played.

(Congrats, Marty, you have created a monster. Be hopeful you are not his first victim)

StephanieS said...

Another question:

What happen to the Utah wrap? Has the house been sold yet? Even if it has, doesn't Casey still owe the missing payment since HE incorrectly calculated the outstanding balance.

What happens to that missing payment? Is it accruing late charges every month?

Dan said...

Nobody has brought this up yet (in this thread)...MOCHA is the comment moderator. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

StephanieS said...


I completely agree!!

Mr. Anon said...

I said this before in another post but.......

It looks like Casey is trying to cash in on his fame and notoriety. Some of his recent posts look like they have been ghost written (notice how his buzz words are featured prominently rather than peppered throughout, Marty-like formatting, etc.)

Also, with the picture of him in a tree a post or two ago........ WTF???? Honestly, someone with a camera is egging him to go climb a tree, but to try to look "forlorn" while he is doing it?????

And yet..... if there is no such thing as bad publicity.... He might be able to pull off some income with advertising revenue. I figure the only way for him to achieve his goals ts to get loads of traffic, and that will come from getting a legion of haterz to give his popularity some basis.

So, my prediction is that we will see some barely-true and heavily scripted posts that are meant to bait haterz, like him extending his world tour, mooching off others, talking about jamba juice and wheatgrass shots. Expect more HATE BAIT from him......

Mr. Anon

WeWantTheFunk said...

@StephanieS 10:57 --

Yes, the missed payment is accruing interest and penalties. Casey didn't tell the lender about the wrap, so it dings his credit rating, not the buyers'. (Not that THAT makes any difference at this point, given the state of his credit).

The last time he spoke up on the subject (that I remember, anyway) he was of the opinion that it'd be terribly petty of the lender if they made a fuss about one little payment.

He went on to say the buyers hadn't been making their payments, either, so the loan is in arrears. He was making noises about foreclosing on the buyers, but he may have to hurry before the bank forecloses on him. What the hell he expected when he "sold" it to people that couldn't qualify for a loan in the first place, I have no idea.

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. After more coffee, I'll attempt to chase down some linkies.

SpaceyCasey said...

OMG, Lou, that was the funniest thing I have ever seen (or heard!!) Where is M. Singh?? I miss him!

Anonymous said...


wrt leaving the marriage- and did you see his comment in the most recent thread?

"@3 & 4. More haterz… more or less. This just shows I need to spend less time hanging out with negative people. This trip to Aussie land and hanging out with positive people is really helping me out! I’m glad I’m here."

uuuuuhhhh... yeah, we get it. we know what this means... the question is are you trying blatantly insult your wife with this remark or is it just falling out?

PO'ed said...

I just wrote the moderator and told her exactly what I think of her enabling that creep. Maybe she has a conscience that can be stirred....

StephanieS said...


Thank you for answering my question. If the owner's haven't made any payments in awhile, not surprising who buys a house via wrap, how long before this house is going to foreclose. I doubt that Casey will foreclose on the owners since that would require work and I suspect there is something more shady going on with the wrap.

I'm curious what is really going on with the mail now since G is going to have to go through it and I'm sure it gets more and more depressing each day.

Roastbeef said...

Rob Dawg,
Has anyone tried to contact Yulia or Galina about responding to questions from ENers? I'm thinking of a format similar to the way Slashdot used to do it: A thread where posters post questions to be asked and everyone debates which questions are best, then you (or whoever) asks Yulia and Galina, and then their responses are posted into a new thread.

Anonymous said...

You people who keep harping on the "Casey has sold his blog" thing really need to wake up and take off the tinfoil hats.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh, the wisdom that Casey casts like pearls before us.

Do More to Show Intent to Repay Loans

I know! The instant you get a little cash, take a long vacation to the far side of the planet! He has shown his intent quite clearly. Wouldn't actually paying something to someone go a long way towards showing intent?

Yes, we all need a good guru.

I don't. How about the rest of you? He already paid roughly a gazillion dollars for guru-ing. I guess it didn't work. Perhaps he could negotiate a bulk rate.

And the kicker:

I gotta admit, since I’ve been here in Australia for the last couple of week I have thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet that comes from NOT having lenders bug me every day with 200 calls and 2,000 voice messages.

Pesky lenders. They never take the big, broad, flexible view. At least they can't bug him there in AU -- my God, that poor girl.

@roastbeef 11:43 -- it'd be cool, but it's best to not bug Yulia and Galina right now.

lawnmower man said...

is it safe to say that he's nearly off the top end of the cycle and is gonna be on the outs with Marty soon?

I think so. "Me pro blogger!" is the new shiny thing; he's dazzled by the few new advertising dollars he's collected.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Put yourself in G's place. Would you want the details of what could be a messy divorce out on the internet?

Beyond that, if she's trying to untangle herself from his mess, posting anything would be tactically unsound, from a legal point of view.

And, to be honest...ain't none of our stinking business, really. Galina did'nt ask for this kind of attention, and she and her family don't owe us anything.

Johnny B. Good said...

Expect more HATE BAIT from him......

OK, Casey wants to turn pro. At least it's a decision. The top bloggers make good six figure incomes. My neighbor makes nearly six figures. But Casey is deceived if he thinks this is a 2-hour a day job. My neighbor spends 3 - 4 hours a day at it, and even more optimizing sponsors, corresponding, etc.

There is one additional problem. People read Casey because made such bone headed moves in RE. CASEY'S RE ISSUES ARE GONE...DONE.....FINI. How is he going to keep this train wreck moving?

So far, Casey has been serendipitously brilliant at manipulating his audience. His situation allowed him to become the world's most hated blogger.

With so many avenues for making moronic decisions gone, he is going to have to work hard at maintaining his position as 'Global Village Idiot,' harder than he has worked his whole life. This is entertainment. If he is not constantly fresh, he becomes a side show.

Stick a fork in him...without acting like a dancing monkey or making bonehead decisions, he's done.

My syllogism:

You cannot make bonehead decisions during a successful comeback.

Casey's blog cannot survive without him making bonehead decisions.

Therefore, the blog cannot survive a comeback.


You cannot make bonehead decisions during a successful comeback.

Casey's always makes bonehead decisions.

Therefore, the comeback cannot survive Casey.

Casey Serin said...

@ Kerriella,

Hey - I do appreciate your post, even though I may not read it and probably won't comment on it.

Why do I appreciate it so much? Because your post supports me through ad revenue, puts sweet $ in my pocket, and enables me to continue to avoid my responsibilities, ignore my wife, and travel around the world.


WeWantTheFunk said...

OK, Casey wants to turn pro. At least it's a decision.

So what? He makes decisions all the time. He makes enough decisions for all of us with change left over. When he follows through on one, that will be news of the stop-the-presses variety.

Be a better husband -- get up early -- open the mail -- ad infinitum.

The last decision he made where he actually accomplished what he decided to do was probably quitting his job.

Roastbeef said...

That's not true. He follows through on decisions all the time that involve running away from responsibility. Like going to Australia.

Casey's problem isn't making decisions, or following through. It's the irresponsibility behind his decision making.

Mouse And Pencil said...

If you think about it though...does he make decisions, or are they made for him?

Generally, if it's about chasing shinies, he'll make a decision.

If it's not about shinies, he ignores the issue until he's forced to make a decision, or the issue is removed from his control.

And, either way, he lies about it.

Mister B said...

"Has anyone noticed in his last post the nice crispy 100 dollar bills.
At a glance I would say that there is
at least us$ 2000.
He probably brought the tin can buried in yulia's backyard with him."

That's an old picture from October of 2006. He borrowed $3,000 to launch a comeback.

I doubt Casey has or ever had a secret stash of money. He's too impulsive and gulible to make it work.

As an aside, someone said in an earler post that Galina was paying the bills without Casey's knowledge. Is this true? Was she working behind his back?

lawnmower man said...

Yaro's no fool: for the cost of a breakfast, he got six sweet links from IAFF, including two plugs for his blog mentoring program.

No link back to IAFF from Yaro's blog yet.


Blood Hound said...

Blood hound

Casey is definitely a looser and a scumbag. Everyone knows that but he is a survivor. He can live on cat food if he has to. He can sleep in dumpsters or vans. He is a world traveling cock roach.

You can spray for roaches but they always come back. The best way to get rid of a roach is to catch it in a roach motel. I think the best way to catch this insect is to place as many traps as possible.

Trap 1

Who has he received a loan from? If one of them is Countrywide call investor relations and ask them what they are going to do about this fraud. Send a letter to the Ceo. He will never get it but some of his flunkies will intercept it. Mention Sarbanes Oxley that will always get attention.

Trap 2

Get as many email addresses you can that are from federal authorities. Insert their email into casey's email collection. He will eventually send some illegal material. It can’t hurt.

Trap 3

Help him get more attention. Call Geraldo, Jerry Springer evidentially he will meet the wrong guy.

Trap 4

Help him make money. Can you imagine this clown with 50k in the bank? With all of the Grifters and whack jobs hanging around he wouldn’t last long. His net work would have more trouble clubbing a baby seal then fleecing every last dirty penny.

The big picture is the only way this guy is stopped is if he goes to jail. He will keep popping his head up until he is wearing a wedding dress in Bubbas cell. I think someone should call bubba and tell him he will need a delicing shampoo and a Hepatitis vaccine.

I won’t do any of the above, I am an ideas guy.

Ogg the Caveman said...


Put yourself in G's place. Would you want the details of what could be a messy divorce out on the internet?

Beyond that, if she's trying to untangle herself from his mess, posting anything would be tactically unsound, from a legal point of view.

And, to be honest...ain't none of our stinking business, really. Galina did'nt ask for this kind of attention, and she and her family don't owe us anything.

QFT. It's abundantly clear that Galina has zero interest in being part of the Caseysphere. If she wanted to speak publicly, she would have done so by now.

Folks need to accept it and move on.

Broward Horne said...

Cazey's traffic is massively focused. It's hard to believe that more people are reading than ever. Very hard considering the comments section.

Alexa graph

Cazey is gonna give Alexa a bad name here. I'm more sceptical by the day.

serinitis said...

What could be a messy divorce

The reality is Casey will make the divorce as messy as possible, just so he can blog about it. Galina diserves any peace and quiet she can get.

Hello Dooosh Baggs said...

I want to thank Rob Dawg for the SWEET Casey content on his blog today.Luv ya Dawg!

Anonymous said...

I propose that Joy, Erin and Galina be introduced to each other for the purpose of putting an end to the travesty known as Casey.

Casey did sign that contract. It doesn't matter how it was written. Casey would have to sue to challenge it. I doubt he could manage that.

Galina has 1/2 interest in all of this. If she aligned with the ladies from Phoenix they could leave Casey flapping in the wind.

mejustme said...

If he's paying $47 per month, it's probably some automatic payment. What account is he using? Checking? Paypal? Either Galina or his creditors need to get control of it and his "income stream."

WeWantTheFunk said...

Is it even possible to do automatic payments from PayPal?

He's got at least one checking account left; Galina tried using it to pay bills when he went on the lam, but he'd sucked all the money out. He had another at Wells Fargo but closed it when they "stole" back money he tried to steal from them. Deposits (usually?) have to be made at the bank where the account is, so it's unlikely he has a checking account with anything in it he can draw on.

It's a good thing PayPal doesn't lend money, because he would have lost that account by now, too.

Casey = The New Dumb

YouSoSpecial said...

News about foreclosure auction in today's Sacramento Bee.
More opportunities to overpay in a still declining market

subsonic22 said...

I have an idea for Galina. If Snowflake is raking in the cash like he says. Maybe now is the time to set up a payment arrangement with their creditors. Have the credit card companies take a monthly withdrawl from their checking account. I know with my paypal account, it is just a conduit between the bank where my funds are and whomever I decide to pay. Good luck having Snowflake close down the account being in Austrailia. That will end the world tour real quick if he really has to pay back those dirty pennies.

Night school teacher said...


Stop goofing off on the internet and get back to your GED books. You need to pass this time. Stop wasting the government's money too. $250.00??? I still can't believe it. Dumb bitch. You're lucky you got your money back.

T said...


mejustme said...

Casey (along with dozens or maybe hundreds of other wannabes) is paying $47 to be Yaro's protege. What is he getting for $47/month?

1. YOU GET: Regular e-lessons delivered to your email inbox with simple, step-by-step instructions to create, launch, build and profit from your own successful Blog from beginning to end.

These lessons are the meat of the program and contain action activities at the end of each lesson to keep you on track. (Value $97 a Month)

2. YOU GET: My brand new, Master-The-Mindset 10-part audio series to teach you the necessary mindset you must have to really succeed at Blogging.

Success and failure starts and ends with your attitude.

This audio series is over five hours long and covers critical topics such as the 80/20 Rule, creating a vision, dealing with technical problems, choosing a Blog topic, how to write attention-grabbing pillar content, how to build communication channels for massive traffic, when and how to monetize your Blog and dealing with information overload. (Value $497)

3. YOU GET: Direct access to me as your mentor through a special Members Only Question and Answer forum. (Value $97 a Month)

You can post your questions to this forum anytime and I will respond in audio recordings that all students have access to.

This is like having me on call to ask how to make your Blog better - and you can ask as many questions as you want!

4. YOU GET: Access to audio and Video Blog Case Studies where I review member Blogs and help students with directly applicable advice to improve real Blogs. (Priceless!)

5. YOU GET: To submit your Blog as a potential case study target and ask for my advice on how to perform an "extreme makeover" on your Blog. (Value $500)

6. YOU GET: Four interviews with me (Yaro) in MP3 format, where I am grilled for my best insider tips on making money with blogs. (Value $67)

7. YOU GET: To peak inside my "bag of tricks", including access to the resources, software and programs I use to make money from blogs AND my system for buying and selling blogs and websites for extra profit. (Value $Priceless)

What kind of "mentorship" is this? It's mostly access to prepared materials.

See No. 3, where people get to ask Yaro questions? I imagine this would be very popular.

But assuming this guy Yaro sells a few hundred of these mentorships, and they can all ask as many questions as they want, he is going to have tons of questions. I don't imagine they will be more than 30 seconds each. I imagine after the first few months, this feature will be curtailed (ask one question a month, or submit your question and hope it's one of the few that get picked).

Yet, actually, I don't think it's a bad idea for Casey to blog for dollars. He needs to make money and he doesn't have many other prospects.

But as usual he fell for a sales pitch -- and sees Yaro as a friend altho Yaro obviously sees him as a mark.

And I hate to think that people looking for foreclosure help will just waste their money on some useless information from Casey. What is he going to tell them, get out of foreclosure by starting your own blog?

Anonymous said...

Looking at Yaro's site, his style looks rather like many of the PageDaddy / Marty sites; one LONG page that I really wonder WHO would ever read fully through.

lawnmower man said...

I like the very precise, yet entirely arbitrary and meaningless, values that Yaro ascribes to each of these "features".

mejustme said...

Yeah, as if someone would pay $1,258 + ∞ + ∞ per month for that!!

(How do you figure in two pricelesses?)

Anonymous said...

Casey would..if you told him it was worth $2k

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to create a Casey vs Kangaroo flash game.. it would put us out of our boredom as we wait for the next casey tidbit to leak out :P

I Like M. Singh said...


I humbly submit to you that:


As always,

Holiday Inn said...

Once Casey is indicted, wouldn't it be funny if the Feds also started denaturalization proceedings against him?

One of the questions on a naturalization application is whether the applicant ever committed a crime he hasn't been arrested for. The scams he was running around 14 and later (before he was naturalized) reek of mail/wire fraud. And lying on his naturalization application (I bet he checked "No" on the crime question) is grounds for revoking his citizenship.

I know, the chances of the Feds actually going after his immigration fraud are zero. They haven't even indicted him on the mortgage fraud, so they probably won't even get to his immigration fraud. But it's still something I would ask the AUSA to look into.

Kirk said...

I'm just catching up on the weekend's events, I've been at my loser job for a few days. I wish I could come up with a better phrase than "What a prick?", but KC is a constant source of amazement to me. He writes the most offensive, lazy crap without any sign of shame or remorse. Just a few of the things that struck me with his latest post...

-- He thinks its OK to "leverage other people's time" OPT? What a prick!

-- It's a great feeling to sleep while someone else moderates his blog. Can you think of a more offensive way to talk about someone who's helping you out?

-- He wants someone to write PHP for him. What do they get?

-- He doesn't know what arbitrage means.

-- It's great for him to be having fun down under and not getting calls from creditors. I hope Galina feeds his balls to him. This one really pisses me off. He's a complete asshole who doesn't give a fuck about anyone else, especially his wife.

Hell, there are more, but who cares. He's a prick and I hope he gets what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Mochalicious had this to say at IAFF today. She is a dumb bitch but she is kinda funny. (LOL) What is the "B" in her ROFLMBAO?

Casey, Casey, Casey…YOU ARE A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like you are cultivating a whole new crop of Haterz.

All I say is…”hate on Casey all you want…just don’t get malicious with the s*** and don’t stand in his way when he does try to put food on the table.”

I support some of his actions and he doesn’t necessarily listen to all my advice either. That does not mean I am going to start digging into his back ground or those close to him to…errrrrr STOP HIM!!!!!! (The “thought” even sounds crazy as hell…ROFLMBAO) Last time I checked my name was NOT Mocha Serin…hehehehehehehehehehehe… .

Casey you know that I personally want the blog down because I believe that the negative effects on your personal life are not worth the monetary compensation. But I gotta admit that you ARE good at this….and your story is addictive as hell. Even the people that hate on you can’t get enough of you. You know exactly how to push the right buttons to get people going…ESPECIALLY the haterz…hehehehehehehehehehe…I love it!!!!!!!!!

They scramble around like rabid rats at the county dump when a new garbage truck pulls in. Never fails whenever there is just the tiniest bit of news about you. They even make up s*** sometimes!!! It is funny as hell. (ROFLMBAO)

I wish I was a psychology major. I bet there is a good paper to write about all this or maybe even…ummmmm….a book??? Hehehehehehehehehehehe.


Anonymous said...

What is the "B" in her ROFLMBAO?


Holiday Inn said...

Well, morbid curiosity got the best of me, and I took a look at Casey's earlier scam:

And the wire fraud statute:

The mortgage fraud happened because the feds didn't enforce our wire fraud laws earlier. It might be too late to prosecute the early wire fraud, but not too late to prosecute the resulting immigration fraud.

Major Tom said...

Casey falls in with yet another Guru.

Yaro Starak, welcome to Hater world. I hope you enjoy being deeply probed by the Haterz.

Nobody taught him not to write one extremely long page.

I can replace his advice in one minute:

1. To make a blog, go to and follow the instructions.

2. To build a readership, start writing about something which interests you. Keep doing it for a long time - consistently.

3. To make money, put Google Adsense on your blog page.

There, you've saved yourself $47 for a month of crap.

lawnmower man said...

@Holiday Inn:

The mortgage fraud happened because the feds didn't enforce our wire fraud laws earlier.

Meh. That Make-Money-Fast scam and umpteen like them were _rife_ on Usenet in the mid/late 90s. If the Feds had gone after all of these, they'd have had no time to do anything else. In practice, Usenet usually policed itself: MMF messages were invariably followed by replies pointing out both the nature and the illegality of the scam.

It points to Young Casey's irresistible attraction to the fast buck, and his lack of critical "is this too good to be true" thinking, but that's about all.

not too late to prosecute the resulting immigration fraud.

What "immigration fraud"? There's been no indication that the Serin family's immigration, and Casey's citizenship, were not legally obtained.

Holiday Inn said...

I agree with you on the MMF part. My 8:53 post explains the legal basis for revoking his citizenship--basically, lying on his naturalization application by not disclosing the MMF scheme.

Not that revoking his citizenship has any realistic chance of happening. Denaturalization proceedings are rare, and as far as I know when they do occur it's usually for war criminals who concealed their war crimes.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Yaro Starak, welcome to Hater world. I hope you enjoy being deeply probed by the Haterz.

Sweet irony: clicking through from the "pro" blog to the owner's newest site, it says at the bottom "Powered by Butterfly Marketing". Who seem to get their "fake e-box" graphics on their site from the same place Marty does (any signs of life from him recently?).

Lee said...

I get to peak inside his "bag of tricks?"

Did our newest professional blogger misspell that, or does he assume an unusual level of comfort with what one might do with his "bag?"

ratlab said...

Awww, fliptard is going to miss the Jamba Juice Buy-1-Get-1-Free Promo going on now until July 4th.

Coupon Link:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An article by Casey's newest Guru.

Stephanie J. said...

I can see that after a weekend doing my own thing, that I've missed absolutely nothing.

Casey's onto his next hairbrained scheme. What a surprise ::said in a bored monotone::

WeWantTheFunk said...

From that article:

What makes Casey different is he decided to blog about everything he did to loose over two million in investment property and as a result he’s become quite famous, or perhaps infamous is a better label.

Trey Conner said...

I am a recent college graduate and have been following the Casey saga for many months. I think I mostly agree with the post on this blog
when it comes to Casey. I can relate to him, I am his age but thankfully I got better advice and access to real investors to learn from.

booger said...

Fat Drunk Walrus said It may be time to revive the EN massive focused effort to tell these sponsor ads just what it is that they are doing via their particpation.

Yes lets get back to sabatoging this guy. I hate him. Please fat man dont have him shot its more fun torturing him. sweet.

Rob Dawg said...

Funny thing is I'm not fat or drunk but you are a self identified booger. If you weren't on summer vacation you could have your 4th grade remedial reading teacher help you with the big words. I want information disseminated not untruths. We've seen time and again that people do not participate once they understand the entire situation.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

I wonder if anyone realizes shutting down all the haterZ sites, only posting happy thoughts to IAFF, and living in this fantasy world will not save Casey. The haterZ aren't Casey's problem, Casey is Casey's problem.

-He is not smart enough to make an honest living.
-It doesn't take skill to break the law.
-He is a con artist. Conartist: "A swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim".

In place of victims you can add the following list of names:

-His wife
-His banks
-His credit card companies
-His family
-His church
-His vows before God

Please note all of these names and violations of trust took place before a single haterZ existed.

mejustme said...

I found another "loose" on Yaro's blog when I looked at it yesterday (before his Casey post). I couldn't believe my eyes. It's like Casey's litmus test of who he'll do business with is how many vowels they think are in "lose."

Rob Dawg said...

you are hot today. Can i use you 20 questions on IAFF as the seed of a new thread?

Anonymous said...


She's a man, baby! YEAH!

SayWhat? said...

lawnmower man said...

Meh. That Make-Money-Fast scam and umpteen like them were _rife_ on Usenet in the mid/late 90s.

Yes, within one month literally everyone who had a public email address had gotten at least one "MAKE MONEY FAST" email and email was never the same. That's when we knew we had made the Internet so easy that even the dumbest teenagers like Casey could use it.

Anonymous said...

She's a man, baby! YEAH!

Man, woman or other...dumb as a rock.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

I saw Gary Coleman on tv the other day for CashCall. I laughed for a good twenty minutes. I'm sure it was his face that talked Casey in to taking out a$10,000 loan at 89% APR.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Rob, sending something to you now. It's in response to one of the 20 questions.

mejustme said...

Rob Dawg, feel free!

BTW, I just posted on Yaro's site. I was surprised nobody else did. But maybe everybody's at their looser™ W-2™ cubicle jobs, which I should really get back to myself.

Mocha said...

Everybody, just shut the hell up!

lawnmower man said...

@mejustme: I have commented there too.

However, note that Yaro's moderation system is quite clever: it will show *you* your comment, but nobody else will see it until it gets through moderation. Clearing cookies from shows you what everyone else is seeing: just the rah-rah comment from "Ponn Sabra".

Rob Dawg said...

Yeah, that's it. I saw my comment and the other comment and the blog said "1 comment." Took me a while to figure out what was going on. Well we know how to fix that. Post here. This is mine:

“Fudged.” Now there’s an interesting word. Funny how you were personally the fifteen thousand dollar victim of fraud but the people who were harmed by Casey were just “fudged” out of a few hundred thousand. Surely the guy in Thailand was only fudging his credit card and he deserves the same gentle handling you give Casey.

Comment by Rob Dawg — June 26, 2007 #

lawnmower man said...

I lost the text of mine when I deleted cookies, but I too noted the gulf between "fudging numbers" and "mortgage fraud"; and between "random trip" and "abandonment".

I also lobbed a few softballs asking whether "itsallgood" really applies to the adblocking no-more-dirty-pennies haterz traffic.

The whole "all press is good press" thing interests me; because I really think Casey has painted himself into a corner as far as the haterz are concerned.

We provided most of his content; we provided most of his notoriety.

And yet, we're fundamentally unmonetizable; we will not allow him to cast off the fraud and the home responsibilities; we will expose him in his attempts to exploit others.

He needs the haterz, more now than ever, to drive attention and traffic. But the light the haterz shine into his dark heart is unbearable.

Anonymous said...

Some people are deluded.
Tard's supporters for one.
Fliptard's monkeys praise him.
Underlings with no pride.

Maybe they will learn.
Or maybe they won't.
Can't really bring myself to care.
Happy to watch them squirm
As fliptard proves Haterz right.

The Trailer Park Boys said...

Casey is a PUSSY!!!!

tanyaa said...

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