Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The entertaining, informative and unfortunately infrequent Bakersfield Bubble has the latest news from The Crumbling empire of Crisp & Cole Real Estate.

When last we left Young David a mere 4 years after abandoning his career loading UPS trucks we had the makings of a classic American Success story. Houses, exotic sports cars, private jets... all a hyperleveraged scam to hide the truth. Well that's all history. Had he remained at UPS he'd be millions to the better than he is now with notices of default and now, a Federal Tax Lien. Those are not happy words. What do you think David is saying now? Itsallgood? Close. Try; "I've always been optimistic about what can happen. The next day is a new day."

Visit Bakersfield Bubble for the rest of the story. Read the comments from former employees as well.


R-Boy said...

My bubble is burst FURST! Or FIRST or MURST or WORST

Anonymous said...

F-U I'm Murst.

NotAnOptimist said...

doggone it R-Boy! Ya took 'em all!

Anonymous said...

And I didn't need a fucking BOT to cum in Murst place.

buzz saw said...

A federal tax lien, what's that? Nobody bothers to send those out anymore, the same way nobody prosecutes fraud.

R-Boy said...

Government effiency at its finest.

Anonymous said...

anyways, yeah this the burnt to a crisp moron!

Benoit™ said... redirects to EN. Nice. Yes, I saw the previous post from Rob and checked the WHOIS record to be sure... heh.

Just wanted to re-post about Stewart's protective order. It was filed by a Lynette Stewart, who previous posters alleged was his wife. That is false. Martin J Stewart is 33 years old. Public records list Lynette as a relative, age 59. I would guess it's his mother, or possibly an aunt. It's definitely not his wife, unless Martin has a thing for the geriatric set...

Drop in here in say hi, Marty! :-p

Anonymous said...

reposted, since i hit the end of da thread:

Hi Y'all,

Just a note that I've downloaded all the mp3'z from the other day and will be releasing them on my new site, within the week. All on cd's for a low low low price of $19.95 plus shipping! Site should be up shortly.

R-Boy said...

bad troll

Anonymous said...


What... you think you're dealing with turnips-for-brains? Troll must be new....

The Dude said...

Repost from tail end of last topic:

Calling all Haterz

Tavington, Master D. Bater, issued the challenge, I accepted, but I haven't seen him around. Rather than sit around waiting to see if he's in for the smackdown, could somebody let me know if the weenie confirms we're on?


Irene said...

You guys better be careful. Since GoDaddy is publishing Casey's book, they have deep pockets and will sue exurbannation and everyone here. I like the GoDaddy commercials. I can't believe they're publishing Casey's book.

NotAnOptimist said...


PageDaddy, no relation to GoDaddy, is publishing Casey's book.

Irene said...

But GoDaddy makes webpages. I see it in their ads. So PageDaddy must be owned by GoDaddy.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly (and I do), Crispy Cole there had a "prayer room" built into his flashy mansion.

What is up with all these real estate con men and their Jesus fixation? Is it a straight scam to hook in religious suckers, or is there some correlation between believing in that stuff and being deluded enough to sincerely think things will work out for you and you aren't just ripping people off with a Ponzi scheme?

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Oklahoma Real Estate Agent Sentenced In Cash Back At Closing Scheme
Theresa Ann Campbell aka Ann Campbell was sentenced to two months in prison followed by two years of supervised release and was ordered to pay restitution of $52,490 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud arising from her involvement in an Oklahoma real estate transaction in which Campbell was the seller’s real estate agent. The Judge considered Campbell‘s failing health as well as her involvement in community service in determining her sentence.

The restitution is payable to lenders People’s Choice, Argent and Long Beach Mortgage

king friday the 13th said...

marty likes golfs -- Grandmas Only Losers would F**k. then, again maybe lynne is a sugar mommy.

crisp's story is BORING.

where are the koi-loving olympic pin salesmen?

the litiguous ex-forest ranger?

the 31 yr old spammer with a thin cat and a 59-yr old ex-lover?

the sudden trip to austrailia?

Homey DA?

other colorful haterz.

I hope Declan and Rob realize there is a book here -- and possibly an over-the-top movie comedy. Think Oceans 11 -- but with real estate.

NotAnOptimist said...


One would think that, but no. Marty Stewart is the "forefront" of PageDaddy, and has no connections to GoDaddy.

Benoit™ said...

Marty McFly needs to take his DeLorean back to 1985 so that he can write his 11-year-old self a note:

"Marty, in roughly twenty years, remember to password protect your webpages. Oh, and don't harass your mother, she might see you in court for that." ;-p

baa said...

@ The Dude

Tav has accepted your challenge and broadcasted his ability to castrate you.

What a twit.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

My best time so far is 9years 2months. Who wants to beat my high score ;)?

Anonymous said...

Tavington is a homosexual.

Possibly one of Casey Serin's innumerable one-night stands out on Salmon Falls Drive...

Casey Fannnnnh said...

I was archiving the IAFF site, as I often do for reasons that escape me, and this time I actually looked at some of the files.

Is this old news? I don't remember it:
It's a weird christian radio show with a Casey interview. I have not listened to it, but it fits nicely atop the pile of other Casey MP3s. I think I will knit a doily to cover them.

We_Need_A_Poll said...

So here is the real question, which is the quickest, the amount of time it would take Casey to blow a million dollars if he actually had it, or the amount of time it would take before Casey's backside became engaged to Mocha's Brother in the FPMITA Prison?

Tavington said...

" Anonymous said...
Tavington is a homosexual."

It's been scientificly proven that those who accuse others of being gay are oftentimes gay themselves. Besides, I'm gay the happy way, you're gay the other way!

Dude: Accepted your challenge. Scrolldown last thread for my response.

The Dude said...

Tav buried this in the other topic:
The Dude:
I accept your challenge, and when I'm done you will be verbally castrated by my oral skillz and never be able to call yourself "The Dude" anymore.

Unless he's just cruisin' to show off his "oral skillz", the game is afoot!
Tav thinks he's "The Jesus".


Anonymous said...

Tav has accepted your challenge and broadcasted his ability to castrate you.

Oooo, Dude clutch yer pearls, Big Tav is after 'em

Mouse And Pencil said...

I swear to god, if Tav turns out to be Nigel like I'm suspecting, I'm flying to Utah and smacking upside the head with the biggest koi I can find!

Tavington said...

The Dude: backing out of the challenge by trying to set up favorable terms in your favor already?

All too easy.

Tav 1, Dude: 0!!!!

flailing forward said...

I so wanted the publisher to be the guy in the kilt. Bummer.

If anyone knows where I can still find the Marty video, let me know. I want to count the blinks per minute. I'm estimating about 120.

Rob Dawg said...

Tav 1, Dude: 0!!!!

0 factorial 4 times is also 1 but awarding yourself points beforehand is a 2 point penalty.

The Dude said...


If you are going to play games and "go Casey" on me, hit the road. YOU said you were the great debater....which means you understand a debate needs a moderator, rules, and a format.

Murses said...

Mocha will support Tav.

Jerry Mander said...

@ Rob Dawg

Dawg - are you aware that many SoCal Earthlink users for some reason are blocked from this and other blogspot sites? My friend hasn't been able to get on since Sun.
Any tech support help for the computer un-savy?

StephanieS said...


LOL, I'm actually thinking about a Casey, Mocha, Tav debate. I wonder what the combined intelligence would be...

Tavington said...

Dude: "If you are going to play games and "go Casey" on me, hit the road. YOU said you were the great debater....which means you understand a debate needs a moderator, rules, and a format."

Just dial into my talkcast, if you dare, young grasshopper...

(I'm tired of posting the link, I'll post it one last time a few hours before the talkcast)

Rob Dawg said...

First I've heard. I'll try to look into it.

The Dude said...

If Tav wants to pick the Mod, fine with me. If fact, let HIM post how he thinks the debate should be setup. Then, we'll all know if he's serious or just another troll.

The Dude said...

So...this is just another troll for your LoveCast and not a serious challenge.

Jeez...I should have known.

Murses said...

@ StephanieS

Sounds like a brown nose festival to me. Everyone will be talking about what a victim of the housing market KC really was. All that lying on those mortgage papers was a grey area - the fact that he never planned to pay them back was just, you know, not really his fault. Don't blame KC, blame da man for giving him the money.

flailing forward said...

@ Dude, Tav
1. Pointless and unwinnable arguments are out (i.e. haterz are just jealous, supporterz are all flippers, Casey would have been a millionaire if he started two years earlier, etc.)
2. We don't want to hear about either of your personal backgrounds as pertains to the IAFF story
3. Ogg is moderator (or maybe Nigel if Tav isn't really him)
4. Every two minutes, there will be a break where you both get to quiz Mocha on world politics or other topics for comedic relief
5. If either of you says any Caseyism, you have to drink (as do we)
6. Focus on specifics. Better yet, the callers get to pick the topics you have to debate.
7. Any retarded circular or deflective argumentation techniques that spawned from Usenet are to be punished by immediate Steph J foot to the testicles.
8. If Tav orally removes the Dude's junk during the debate, he/she is to return said junk at the end of the call.

king friday the 13th said...

hey casey/tavingston,

>> will be verbally castrated by my oral skillz

those oral skillz will make you quite popular with your new friends when you move to the "bunk down under".

Murses said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Murses said...

@ Flailing

4. Every two minutes, there will be a break where you both get to quiz Mocha on world politics or other topics for comedic relief

OMG! This would be hilarious!

5. If either of you says any Caseyism, you have to drink (as do we)

I do this on my own during KC's fraudcasts. Itsallgood!

flailing forward said...

Oh and points to be awarded based on whoever is funny and entertaining. Informative is also good but not essential. They aren't to be arbitrarily decided by Tav. I've got to go with The Dude on your previous comments, if this is just so you can get an ego boost by putting us stoopid haterz in our place, I'm not going to waste my time. Bottom line is we're all here for the entertainment, so either deliver or go away.

Tavington said...

flailing forward:

1. I agree to this except for the etc part
2. well, I'll probably doing a preamble on my show. Dude can introduce his story if he wants to when he calls in
3. who is Ogg?
4. this assumes that Mocha is going to call, tell her about the show, she's an instant ratings success
5. fine by me--I plan on being pissed drunk by the end anyway
6. I have an action-packed show, I was thinking of devoting 3-4 minutes to the Dude segment anyway
7. it's true because the Bible says so
8. whatever gives anyone the idea that I am a homo?

The Dude said...

Tav isn't serious....just more troll activity to find a way to promote the LoveCast.

Anyway, I bit....because I would sincerely LOVE to have a real debate with him/her/it.

Have some fun with the idea of the debate since Tav isn't man or woman enough to back up his/her big oral skillz mouth.

I'll be around should the topic become serious......

Skeptic101 said...

Off topic... but anyone else find it strange that Nigel makes a few Hater-like comments/posts and he's automatically back in good standing? Do we forget so easy?

Rob Dawg said...

Hey, I owned houses in the bubble. Am I a victim? Oh, wait. I didn't lie. I sold at the top. I paid my taxes (a Lexus to the Feds and a Toyota to CA). I "feel" like a victim.

BYW The EN site is archived Genisis through 10:38AM today.

lawnmower man said...

What on Earth makes people think Tavington is Nigel? Nigel has no need for his own talkcast; he sounded pretty comfortable calling into the sharkcast.

And Tavington, really, who the hell are you? You talk a big game, but you have no history here and very little credibility. ("Who is Ogg?", indeed.) Stop hogging the limelight, newbie; we'll see on Friday what you have to bring.

And I can only hope that your debate skillz are a little better than those exhibited in your first IAFF comment: Haterz are stupid morons. Casey you rule, dude!

flailing forward said...

Ok, drunken chaotic rambling is always good. Ogg is a pretty level headed local, but I haven't seen him around for a while. Nigel on the otherhand will soil his pleather panties at the chance to get involved. We don't really think you're gay we're just making fun of you "verbally castrating" The Dude.

Tavington said...

Oh you mean Ogg the Caveman. Now I go plan talkcast for new media.

I may be lurker but am no dummy.

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, I hear you... I give credit to T and Rboy for 'forgiving' Nigel, but his outings were really slimy and the way he handled comments in the past was pretty low. He would call "haters" all kinds of derogatory names but delete reciprocal comments from his blog because they weren't 'constructive'. When someone called him on it he posted in a comment that it was his blog and he could do what he wanted. So I say... have your darn blog and you won't receive any of my hits.

And Rboy and T were not the only ones outed.

Leasing a car, even a tC, could be a sound decision for some people. Nigel is low for mocking that or mocking drawing comics (art).

Nigel probably thinks 'turnabout is fair play', which is no excuse for putting ethics 'on hold'- especially when he was (is) the one claiming higher ground.

Tavington said...

Tavington master of double entendre. I like club to penetrate into world of intercave media entertainment industry.

Tavington's club only 6 inches ... around... Think about it.

Jerry Mander said...

@ Rob Dawg

re:earthlink issue

No need to invest any more time - my friend has reported that earthlink fixed the problem.


The Dude said...


You've got a dialogue going with Tav. If you can put something together that's a decent format, please do.

I'm in heavy for a real debate!

Dumbfounded said...

@ Tavington "I'm gay the happy way"

Looks like Mocha's got a new alias.

Murses said...

Sounds like Tavington's 'club' is a choad.

Tavington said...


Making fun of Tavington's cavebaby maker not funny.

Murses said...

I hope Mocha shows up. I'll be she'll have something to say. Not that it will be of any value...

Khatie said...

Um, guys--

Do you think Marty=RCS?

This could open a whole new world of possibilities.

segfault said...

khatie @ 11:39:

I have suggested that possibility as well.

saw buck said...

I think it is funny that the subject of Casey's book is houses. We all suspected he would "write" a book using haterz(tm) comments, but instead he wants to proclaim himself a guru of his life's greatest failures? FLMAO. If he wrote a book titled How to Increase Your Blog Traffic by Infuriating Honest People or How to Scam the System for Big Bucks it might sell. A book about flipping houses written by a "looser"? How ridiculous, who would read it?

Anonymous said...

Oh please...

ps-The worst punishment would be to lock him up in a room with Mocha! LOL

pps- M&P-your comment about the goblet of sweet dealz was friggin hilarious~

CHJTS said...


well paraphrase..from duane legate.

It is not a good idea to piss the haterz off and poke a stick at the hornets will regret it and they will bring the war to you 10x's over.

Now that being said.

Our newest little social buttfly marty mcfuckup here.

(and others pay attention closely here because it is one of the few times I will give hints)

Marty ask casey these questions:

1. Why did casey go on his super secret trip to get away to lake tahoe?

2. It is just amazing that he would know he was going to australia and give his wife 1 hour notice..dont you think that is amazing......It is hard to plan a 1 week trip there 30-60 Days in advance..let alone a two month trip 1 hour in advance.

3. Amazing that this story has been called 1 huge troll, as if it was all planned out like a outline for a book.

4. With number 3 above..I would just love to see a police report for when the Jetta got broken into..additionaly I would love to see a picture of caseys fecal finger to make sure he isnt cut.

Anonymous said...

i still think Nigel=RCS. wouldnt put it past him despite what he swears to.

Anonymous said...

The bubble popped long ago. Casey is three years too late with his book. Even if he finished the book (1% probability) and somehow got it on shelves of bookstores(0.001% probability), who'd want to read it now that the market is going down?

Khatie said...


It would explain why the blog got yanked so suddenly, recently. It would also explain why Casey has tacitly let people blame Nigel for RCS--in fact, he doesn't really defend Nigel at all.

It's his way. I listened to the stupid Mp3, and all I could hear is Idiot basically blaming his wife for being unable to "work," if you could call moderating posts and gazing at your navel that.

Oz can have him. He and Marty are perfect for one another.

flailing forward said...

The Dude, I'm not trying to take over Tav's baby, I'm just trying to suggest some things to keep it entertaining and get a feel for whether I want to spend an hour listening to it.

Sea Kelp said...

Tav is a boring attention whore, why encourage him?

Murses said...

@ flailing

I think I don't want to spend an hour listening. If Tav is as sycophantic as Mocha (who I cannot stand to listen to, especially with her head so far up KC's ass she sounds funny), it won't be in the least entertaining.

Euclase said...

skeptic 101

I agree with you, it speaks about the character of some people who post here.

Make a derogatory comment about Casey and you're in the club!

CHJTS said...


I am going to give you some advice.

From someone with (YEP COUNTEM 2 Haterzcasts) under his belt.

An hour goes by before you know it.

Hell listen to my first sharkcast(tm) and you will see it is dead air the first 5-6 minutes.

And I even did a test cast like you did the other day to learn how it works.

An hour goes by like it is nothing.

If you need to go to the bathroom or make a what I did and put 2 people together and let them duke it out.

and it makes for interesting content too.

SO when you say an hour...plan on 2.


PS casey sucks

Anonymous said...

So many great hits in the Declan article:

"'We've been letting everything go for so long, people think they can just do this without any penalties," Serin added.'" Oh, whoops- that that was a quote from Countrywide at first!!

"Because Serin has refused to get a full-time job--preferring instead to chase dreams of instant wealth through real estate deals--Galina lives with her sister and cleans houses to pay for food and rent." I bet her family is so proud to read that!

"A Casey-haterz conference call was held Monday night, with one supposedly expected to be more supportive scheduled for Friday."

"Stewart, the new business partner, claims to be an experienced Internet marketer"

"Stewart's brainchild was an independently published book titled The Foreclosure Code, with cover graphics reminiscent of Dan Brown's best-selling The Da Vinci Code"

Murses said...

@ Euclase

You can always go to Casey's site if you want a PRO-Casey slant... oh wait... that seems slightly stale now too. Hmm.

flailing forward said...

Hey, not everybody here jumped on the Nigel love-fest. As far as I'm concerned, he's at best got gollum status. There's too much sketchy baggage.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Did you also catch that when asked about the $1000 every Friday in cash, Casey basically says that it was a one-time thing, he proved he could do it, and that's it.

He had no intentions of honoring that contract, and I think that has a lot to do with what he decided. Galina starts playing hard ball ("Why, yes, Casey, i AM taking your toyz away"), so he runs away to pout at Mommy and Daddy's, and decides to go to Australia earlier than he intended (he said in the iterview, going to other countries had been discussed between them), as a way of "punishing" her back for taking his sparklies away.

This is why i would love to hear from Galina, I really want to hear HER side. Yulia too. Like Galina said, he agrees with you, and then does what he wants.

Legion said...


So there are a few people here that don't like what Casey has done, who want to see him brought to justice, who make deragoatory comments about Casey. Let's look at what Casey has done shall we?

1. Commited to and admitted to mortgage fraud
2. Spent about 200 thousand dollars in one year
3. Spent 30 thousand on real estate seminars while deriding the 'w-2 loosers' or people who went to college.
4. Has pretty much broke every contract he has ever signed or agreed to; prlinkbiz, east coast mentor, Duane Legate, his wife, his advertisers, his agreement to pay back all the loans he took out, cashcall contract, corporation name it he broke it.
5. Begs for money on a begathon crying about how he needs it for basic necessities, then goes out and buys a penny stock which is tanking big time.
6. Lies about how he uses the money that is sent to him (he claims for basic needs)
7. Lies to his wife about the Tahoe trip, as well as the trip to Australia.
8. Tries to clean up his blog when it appears that he is found out not telling the truth.
9. Screws over people trying to help him, Heekee, Duane, Nigel, all the haters who once were supporters until they voiced their concern that what he was doing wasn't right.
10. Drags his family name thru the mud.

C'mon, step back a bit and see who the real villain is for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Day 7 - May 7th, 2007 Casey Files

Mark and Casey agree to push IAFF site over to one of Mark's dedicated servers leased through GoDaddy. That explains Casey's downtime DNS problems on the 12th, etc.

They also got the site up to help promote that (ripoff site!). Anyways, Mark told Casey to ask for tips on what people wanted to learn about first foreclosure incident in Dallas. They wanted to push these ideas for the book.

Anys, not sure if the book will ever see light at this point.

all things good staff said...



I wanted to comment on how great a job you've done on hosting the Talkshoe podcasts. I downloaded the latest one and listened to it over the last couple days as I have been driving around and was impressed with the job you've done. You do a good job keeping things flowing, for the most part, and certainly entertaining, keeping the discussion dynamic. Just the right balance of being fair while threatening authoritative whipping in case anyone should think of getting out of line. Really good job.

Euclase said...

Hey Murse, I don't want a pro Casey slant, he is a thief, he's scum.

Legion, you are missing my point, despite are the slimey link whoring
ass kissing hypocrasy from Nigel, he's pretty much A ok now that he denounced Casey.

Guess the ROI from kissing Caseys ass and moderating his site was too low.

KC said...

One thing that doesn't sit right is his trip. He claims he had dinner with the family and then stayed at his parent's house for the night. How did G get home from the dinner since the VW was with Casey? Did Casey take his clothes to his parents house and pack them there? You obviously need to bring some stuff to wear. Anyone talk to Steve about any of this? It sounds fishy.

Anonymous said...

@12:01 PM, Anonymous

I think you mean Marty, not Mark.

all things good staff said...

I'm sure this has been addressed, but I haven't seen it yet: Casey says he didn't really even know he was going to Australia until the night before he left. But how does that jibe with the idea that you need to get a visa or whatever comparable document in advance?

Rob Dawg said...

Why does anyone think Nigel is off any hook whatsoever? At this point the best that can be said is that he's stopped digging down.

Even if he has pausible deniability to RCS he knows who it is if traffic bursts are to be believed.

Funny thing is I can almost point to the change in SLCRE/DHC. It took making it clear that we knew personal details that he absolutely needed to remain quiet and that we had known for a long time and never revealed. This was an unexpected one two punch to his preconcieved notions. Maybe he learns.

Christopher said...

Has anyone been collecting the "missing posts". I noticed between when he went offline and back online 3 posts were missing. I'm curious how many total posts have been removed.

Benoit™ said...

Semi-satirical™ Conspiracy Time --

RCS was started by Marty? Nope.

RCS was started by Nigel? Nope.

RCS was started by Casey? Nope.

RCS was actually started by Rob Dawg himself as a "false flag" operation to get all the Haterz™ foaming at the mouth in anger against all of the abovementioned people. ;-)

Legion said...

My mistake, I reread what you said and got it wrong. I agree, Nigel did quite a few few dastardly things with his outing of people, made more than a few snide comments about people's intelligence and did his own fair share of name calling. He jumps ship when he sees who the winning side is on and is welcomed with open arms. Frankly, I think most of us here don't really want to hate anyone for that long, and just remember, a lot of people will say good things to Nigel if it means he opens up pandora's box and spills the info is always good.
Frankly, I still think he is an opportunistic dirtbag that tells you what you want to hear...the only one he is loyal to is himself. I'll stop making fun of him, but in no way is his slate cleaned. He bet on the wrong horse, and NOW wants to make friends? It would have been more sincere if it happened earlier.

Anonymous said...

My fav nuggets from the Marty + Casey = Scammer files:

"If it’s perseved as a deal….it’s a deal…hee hee hee" -Marty

"We’ll flush that out more…"-Marty ~~I threatened to pinch my husband every time he said that. He is hurting today!~~

"Spin that same content (like the water downed book!) into more reports!" -Marty

“I am moving to New Mexico for such and such reason…” (mortgage broker helped him put together a letter blatantly LYING) -Casey

"And check this out, it’s funny because I used their payments to live on for a while because check this out, I stopped making payments on my 6 properties at that time in August. Hee hee hee."
-Casey- what a creep

"And I started defaulting and I was still receiving $3500 checks from them for 1 2 3 months. So I was living on that money.

Unfortuately that maybe had not been been the best thing to do..well I really don’t know if there are any moral issues with that but basically they were still paying me but I wasn’t paying the lender. That really came in handy.
That one got foreclosed on." -Casey
Someone please tell me that Casey will end up being held accountable for some of his actions. These two are complete slimeballs. Unreal.


Murses said...


I don't believe he has truly denounced Casey.

Sharky said...

It's weird I tells ya!

Notice that you never see Tavington at the same time as Timeline Guy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know someone who works for GoDaddy (he's a techie), so for sh!ts and giggles, I forwarded him info on PageDaddy.

Needless to say, he told me he would forward the info to their IP lawyers. He told me GoDaddy defends
their trademark very vigorously.

hey marty, sounds like GoDaddy is about to show PageDaddy who is their daddy.

Sounds like you won't remain a Casey virgin much longer (i.e., you will recieve the same ass-f**king everyone else involved with fliptard gets).

flailing forward said...

I assume those last quotes are referring to the Utah wrap? Those are pretty juicy.

Anonymous said...

No, No...

The $3500 payments that Casey was living on were coming from the New Mexico builder!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that Casey never planned to use the cashback money to pay the mortgages for these houses. Even when he had a hard time flipping them he still didn't pay a dime. He used the money for travel, funtime and eats.

He would rather let them go through foreclosure than use the payback money, even though he did try to sell them using the "How to sell your home in 5 days" - some book he read.

Scumbucket he is!!

flailing forward said...

Let's not forget, he also made a flyer. AND he put an ad on Craigslist. What more do you want??