Monday, June 11, 2007

Hey Man, it's all fun and games

Hey man, it's all fun and games untill you start allowing your haterz
to rip
off my posts and post them in the comments of your blog. It's been
happening a lot lately. Same with the podcast MP3s and pictures. Not

Will be sending a DMCA complaint to Google first thing tomorrow.

Casey Serin

"allow?' and what's up with this dot us crap? We shall see tomorrow. Stay tuned. I've heard he thinks the controversy has made prblinks story more valuable. We shall see. Long day and all that. Talk amongst yourselves. I just love how they supporterz have gottem real quiet.


Casey's Ego said...


Rob Dawg said...

Oh, and I shall discuss the inflationary aspects of Canada v US echange rates as well as my major score in wheat futures and the mystery of why bonds are up but not their futures. Wht? All Aussietard? NFW. You want boring go to IAFF. You want derivative ripoffs go to SLCRE.

chris said...

Murst I guess and hey, I guess he thinks our ripping him off is something major and we'll be hurting because of it, we've contacted the FBI and everyone else and he is a free man, I guess by comparison we have a lot farther to go until we get our slap on the wrists...

Anonymous said...

I hate when I am the last post in a long thread....

Cost him only $150.... yea right what about the return trip? Does this idiot ever think anything through?

And all of this I have to get away crap is cetainly a tell he does not love his wife. He has also mentioned NUMEROUS times he feels she has held him back.

And back to the God thing. What a joke. Ever think he could pray at a church? Do research, work at the local library perhaps during normal working hours?

I can't imagine being this stupid. I'll fly half way around the world without my wife with no steady income and a one way ticket.

I guess we all know what happened to the $1000/week agreement. How about the $300 blog consulting paid up front, the retun of the advertising money. Want to bet the $2200 is all gone with nothing to show for it?

And who invites an idiot to stay with them. Is it "I had Casey stay with me"? THis is just creepy.

To think the wife felt the neccesity to write the agreement down. I mean how many promises has this guy broken before? Must have been many.

Failure, failure, broken agreement after broken agreement. This guy is a disaster and needs help from himself. Name me one thing he has done right. Even the monitizing of the blog, he had to return money. Perhaps he will turn it around in time to get back to do his taxes.

Yes Casey you need to get back and finish the taxes still! The taxes you where talking to an accountant about. Yea right another lie.

This story is out of control. Entertaining as hell to watch, but peoples lives will be forever changed by his stupidity, arrogance, greed, and laziness.

chris said...

Are you going to be paying the GIFT TAX on those gifts from the 'fans' Casey. First thing tomorrow I'll be contacting the IRS...

PMSPMS™©® said...

F...k him.

As for his material being left on an unsecured site that tells us;

1. He really has no IT skillz at all


2. It was a giant bait/troll.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do I here a slight wimper from Casey?

Lost Cause said...

Amazing. A famous criminal con man threatens law enforcement. Truely a jerk.

PS -- Where does he even claim copyright on his pages? Am I blind, because that is one thing that I have noticed.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Lost Cause,

US Law does not require that copyright be specifically asserted, but it helps.


Sprezzatura said...

well, if he does get EN slammed, then we can always start up some forums....

Jade said...

too bad Casey sold his blog - he doesn't own the copyright on those posts anymore, does he?

Anonymous said...

Casey -

You don't have the follow-through to pull this off. Do you REALLY want to kick the hornets nest and piss off all the haters? Really?

ratlab said...

Being how he's not a details man, and being how he'll probably be in Oz for more then two weeks, I'm wondering how much mail will be accumulated at "The UPS Store" PO box he's been using in Roseville.

Mouse And Pencil said...

From what i remember, the © is posted at the bottom of his site. The irony is, he felt free to use other's pictures, I'm sure his banner was ripped off from somewhere, and he's posted other's copyrighted material before.

Nah. Rob and Duane's Shock and Awe was a wild success, and Casey is now the Disinformation Officer swearing the airport is not captured and all is well.

I mean, he used HARSH LANGUAGE.

I imagine his hands were shaking a lot lately.

I also imagine his publisher went nuclear on him, especially because Galina did'nt sign anything and isn't under an NDA.

Spin, Casey, Spin. Even Nigel is gonna throw you under the bus.

BelowTheCrowd said...


It wouldn't be tough to point to some servers OUTSIDE the US where DMCA doesn't apply.

Even a server in Australia would do. And I could probably arrange one of those.


Anonymous said...

Casey, sweetie, bring it. Go ahead and sue Rob Dawg - just think of what happens after Rob is able to subpoena YOUR records.

Lost Cause said...

OK. I see his copyright bug. But more to the point, why would I want to contribute content to his sad ass site. What a stupid jerk. No more comments from me. I am tired of his lame act anyway. He is showing his true colors. Biting the hand that feeds. Anybody that would hide behind DMCA, especially to silence his critics, is a jerk.

BelowTheCrowd said...

His publisher is freaking because he realizes that if Galina files for divorce, then in Casey's absence the judge would almost certainly give her control over all known assets, including the blog.

He could only contest that by returning, in which case he'd have to explain why he deserved any of the assets after saddling her with debt, ruining her credit, forcing her to pull out of school, and running off to Australia against her wishes.

If Galina can learn to get even rather than mad, then he is toast.


Mouse And Pencil said...

I seem to remember, Casey put all the satire Photoshops in his Flickr account and linked them to the blog. In one case, the author said go ahead and use it.

I'll bet not all did.

DMCA right there.

Broward Horne said...

Well, Casey's been entertaining for several months but now it's time for the Feds to arrest his ass. :)

BTW, here's my Defcon 15 proposal about click-fraud, inspired by so I can get a slice of Casey's memestream without royalties, ho ho ho!!!!

Jade said...

by the way Casey, why not today? You don't have to wait for them to open for business - you can just send it.

Oh. Right. Because you're too lazy to EVER DO ANYTHING.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Rob, you magnificent bastard, i just noticed what picture you answered him with.

Anonymous said...

Casey is entirely correct here. Reproducing his entire blog posts here is a blatant copyright violation.
Rob, it's your responsibility to delete any such posts from your blog if you see them. If Casey sends his DMCA takedown notice google might comply by taking the whole blog down, not just the infringing material.

Sprezzatura said...

By the way, this is from

To file a notice of infringement with us, you must provide a written communication (by fax or regular mail -- not by email, except by prior agreement) that sets forth the items specified below.

Anonymous said...

Please bookmark:

This blog will remain empty so long as nothing happens to EN.

But I'm a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall EN - if it is brought down by a DMCA complaint, or be found empty and devoid of content with no reason... or if the server it is on should be struck by a bolt of lightning - then I'm going to blame some of the people associated with Casey Serin; and then I do not forgive. Then, will become active. And Marty and Casey will wish they were given the same courtesy as Moe Green.


lawnmower man said...

Yes, he does have a point: the wholesale cut-and-pastes are not fair use.

Recommending that readers arm themselves with AdBlock Plus before visiting his ad-laden content-free bouncing baby blog, is, however, entirely fair game.

Recommending that readers also add a subscription to the ABP Tracking Filter so they can visit his site without even appearing in his statistics is, also, entirely fair game.

king friday the 13th said...

yeah, I agree that reproducing his whole blog posts is over the line.

but, that appears to be a moot point. Casey, with his mad it skillz, took down IAFF again.

number of outages for EN: 0.

number of outages for IAFF: >20

Anonymous said...

Big deal.

Go post the same stuff over on or

The guy who runs Camp Idiot, Heekee, was one of the people that provided hosing for Casey and got stuck with a server that he paid for right before Casey got a new host.

He'd probably be willing to not only give this blog free hosting but would help set up a new blog with new software and help migrate all of the data.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Looks like the entire server is unreachable; probably a technical problem with them grid servers not related to IAFF.

Anonymous said...

I'm running HTTrack, a site mirroring program, on this blog right now.

If the blog is taken down then the only content that will be lost for good will be whatever is posted between now and the closure of the blog.

jack c said...

It's funny people posting about the Gift Tax have no clue about how gift taxes work. No one is going to pay tax a $1000 gift, especialy not the recipient.

Aspeth said...

Fucktard is throwing a second-rate temper tantrum today! Jet lag and coach seating must not agree with the king of all entitlement!

In the "who's fucking dumber than Casey Serin?" category, I can't decide---

fuckwit who threw him a grand, Canadian, to keep the blog going even though the publisher already demanded it?

or the morons who are willing to pay for the care and feeding of Sercasey.

All of the above have to be thinking the same thing we've been pondering for many months: "This will end badly."

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

Rob BBB checking in again

Casey doesn't even have money for a return plane ticket from OZ how the hell would he sue anyone

Now me.. I'm still gonna get the IMPOSTERS WHO STOLE MY IDENTITY

yeah, you know who you are. you creepy little bastards

Anonymous said...

Casey said the couple is giving him room and board but who is paying for Casey's car rental in Oz? Maybe the car belong's to his host? Also, I don't know how he expects to live over there with no money. He said the trip is costing him only $150... but he just got over there. Are his hosts going buy him every-fucking-thing? Did this host buy Casey the Starbucks?

Anonymous said... is down right now (I know it's early/late, but I work overnight shifts) and it's been down for over an hour.

has he pulled the plug?

bemused guy said...

If I am not mistaken, a few months ago Casey was taking posts direct from EN and posting on his blog without attributing the sources.

From what I have seen, most of his blog lifts have been attributed to IAFF, non?

Does it take more to copyright an item than just slapping a circle c on it?

aaron said...

IAFF is down. Mad IT skillz at it again!

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

I'll post it again: IAFF is evidently down due to technical problems with the shared server. Other sites on the same IP such as and are down too.

aaron said...

no debt,
thanks. ok so this time it's not snowflakes fault. a first.

Miguel said...

Now me.. I'm still gonna get the IMPOSTERS WHO STOLE MY IDENTITY

yeah, you know who you are. you creepy little bastards

I may have been one of the "creepy little bastards", but I honestly can't remember. But that's because it's too trivial for me to devote any mental effort to it, not because my brain has shut down in terror at the prospect of a legal smackdown from a pseudonymous troll.

Does your birth certificate say 'Rob BBB'? If so, kindly produce a scan. But if not, excuse me while I fall about laughing.

Phil in Freeport said...

Wow, I go away for awhile, determined to wean myself from the increasingly boring Casey saga and then all this happens. It took me a few hours to catch up on the story. IAFF is down at the moment. All the other stuff linked to pagedad seems to have been yanked as well. I think you folks touched a nerve. Thank you for all the details. It felt great to read a large segment of the story all at once. It was interesting that some of the long thought, but not proven storylines were pulled into the light. GSPG ? I looked at that stock like everyone else. There's nothing there but nothing. Ouch. If he is hoping for that kind of investment to save his a**, he just accelerating toward the bottom of the barrel.
For me the story has become quite sad. Casey has now lost control of his story, but only after losing control of his real estate, finances, marriage, diet, schedule, weight, corporation, friendships, taxes, car etc. etc. It is very close to the end of the line. He will hit bottom soon enough. Even his new Aussie friends will figure it out. No one who has ever helped him, either directly or indirectly, is on his 'side' any longer. I don't see that pattern changing merely by changing location. It's called the "geographical cure" and it never cures anything. He can pull the covers over his head; he can go down under... but reality will follow.
Thank you Duane for sharing your experience. I found it telling that cs was seriously thinking he was going to broker a casino deal. Now that is delusional thinking. I can only imagine the severity of the stress he feels when every big fantasy "investment" turns to dust. His story did/does have real value. And now even that is out in the public domain. Bummer.
I hope he gets some professional help. I hope that he joins Debtors Anonymous. I hope he sees a professional marriage and family counselor. As for going to jail, I see him as a very small player in a very large bubble. He's just one of thousands left holding a bag full of tulip bulbs. Broke. Alone. Clueless.
And you know? I bet he would still proclaim that "leverage is a beautiful thing". On the other hand, if he does have NPD none of this will have any permanent impact and the delusions will follow him all his life. Sad.

Thanks again for all the sleuthing. It's been a great read.

Anonymous said...

"who is paying for Casey's car rental in Oz?"

I think her name is Galina.

PMSPMS™©® said...

What makes you think he rented a car? He would have been picked up at the airport no?

Tesla said...

Congrats Rob Dawg,

Yesterday was quite the entertaining day. By my tally you got > 1300 comments yesterday. I've never before seen activity like that.

Walter Sobchak said...


God bless you and the other core Haterz(TM) for today's entertainment. I laughed, I cried (from laughing), and I laughed some more.

It was better than Cats, and better than the trip to Lake Tahoe, too.

Miguel said...

I think her name is Galina.

If you have proof that Galina accompanied Casey to Australia, please post it here as a matter of urgency - this will turn the entire story on its head.

It will also help counter the impression that you're a hate-filled, misogynist troll, which one might have thought you'd welcome. Unless of course you really are a hate-filled misogynist troll and proud of it (though not too proud to sign your name).

soem dood said...


You missed the snark. He did not mean G is there, or even agreed. Just that she's paying.

Khatie said...


Thank you. I'm sick of this anonoass coward that keeps posting this shit without any evidence.

Pissed Off Chick said...

For the duration of this saga, I've remained mute, both on this blog & IAFF, but if Casey decides to go through with his veiled threat, then I, and I think ALL LURKERS who are pissed off with this little weasal, should proceed to start contacting any and all law enforcement/regulators that he willfully defrauded to obtain 2.2 million dollars.

Hey Casey, the people played a BIG part in getting Paris Hilton put back in jail and One Pissed Off Judge reinstated her ORIGINAL sentence.

Just because you have offline faunters and sycophants or got the impression you are a medial darling and your naive-aw-shucks-routine conned enough people to keep you afloat all this time, doesn't mean the gravy train will last forever.

This time last year Paris Hilton was living it up. Hell, 2 hours before she "turned" herself in, she was at the MTV Movie Awards.

Enjoy Aussie while you can...

sid_finster said...

But is the troll hate-filled? Misogynous? A troll?

Actually, don't matter, baby. I just glide over the troll posts without bothering to process the same old-same old, innuendos and accusations, no evidence to back any of it up.

Miguel said...

You missed the snark. He did not mean G is there, or even agreed. Just that she's paying.

Fair enough - if that really was the intention, I stand corrected (and appreciate the snark).

Khatie is right, though - I honestly think the coward behind the anti-Galina posts should put up or shut up. No evidence = automatic deletion.

sid_finster said...

Miguel and Khatie:

we pay too much attention to the troll as it is. It's a troll, they thrive on attention.

We ignore it and it goes away.

Miguel said...

But is the troll hate-filled? Misogynous? A troll?

A troll until evidence is produced, hate-filled and misogynist by definition. What other motivation can there be for these relentless and viciously personal attacks aimed specifically at Galina rather than Casey?

Tavington said...

I am setting up a SWEET talkcast this Friday June 15 at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard time.

Are you sick and tired of having the HATERZ hate on Casey? Do you want to chat about Casey in a SUPPORTERZ-friendly environment? Come one -- come all!

It will be 60 MINUTES OF SWEET-ness

Miguel said...

We ignore it and it goes away.

Only it doesn't, does it?

Seriously, Rob, I suggest deleting all anti-Galina posts that aren't supported by either evidence or reasoned argument. Which is a sensible strategy anyway if we're trying to get her onto our side.

sid_finster said...

Interesting point, Miguel. Assuming that troll-posts can be removed faster than Galya can view them, and that she will be offended.

She probably will be offended. Galya apparently likes her privacy, and ex-FCers (the style of troll is readily apparent) can be pretty vicious.

So has anyone actually contacted Galina?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

OMG, what a ride. Thanks all.
@ Casey,

"When you run away, you run into yourself when you get there."

Quote from a guy on my bus ride from FL to NY when I was 19 years old.

Tavington said...

The HATERZ are anti-American as far as I'm concerned... FULL STOP. In America, everyone is given a fair chance to succeed (or fail as in Casey's case).

Now, everyone here wants the full force of state power to put Casey away in prison and live out 20 years of his life in the gulags.

Communists... all of you.

Join the Casey Supportez Fight Back! Talk Cast this Friday, June 15, 5:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet that Casey gets nothing productive done while in Australia? The guy couldn't even take out the garbage when he was staying with his SIL. I work 40 hours a week and still find time to take out the garbage (and mow my lawn, pay my mortgage, etc). Where's my Australian host family?

He already said he needed a couple days to get situated. Next thing you know he'll be posting a blog entry about how he's really behind and needs to get going on writing his book. Followed shortly by how his hosts are starting to get annoyed with him.

Now he's complaining that people are trying to sabotage his attempts at making money. Boo hoo. He deserves every legal attempt made to keep him from making money. One thing is certain, he doesn't deserve to get out of this hole by selling a book about what a big failure he is.

I don't think we have to worry about Casey being a big success, it's obvious he's wired for failure.

Lost Cause said...

Proud American supporting free speech. Free to criticize public figures who flaunt the law.

Yeah, I will be gone for a while too. Vacation. No computers. Well, at least not to where I can follow the snowflake saga. Maybe he will be arrested going through customs, suggling wheatgrass or somesuch. Maybe the FBI will be there to meet and greet. Alot can happen.

Tavington said...

Perhaps what I wrote was hyperbolic, but I can't comprehend the vitriol and hatred that Casey is getting.

Regarding the trip to Australia--many married couples take seperate vacations, I see no issue with that. Husbands with careers will often travel the world and be away for several months away from their families.

And the housing bubble has bottomed out and is showing impressive recovery right now according to realtors and government statistics. As Kuwosaki says, the housing market is always in a boom/bust cycle. I believe that Casey will come back stronger than ever.

Casey Supporterz Fight Back! Talkcast: Friday, June 15, 5:00 PM EST

skip e damann said...

Wow, what an eventful 24 hours. Pretty interesting that as soon as Marty got outed, webpages started coming down like crazy, including RCS, and the amount of trolling dropped off considerably.

Coincedence? I think not! Looks like Nigel was correct and he had nothing to do with RCS, my bet is Marty all the way!

Australian said...

Tavington - You're kidding right?
"Regarding the trip to Australia--many married couples take seperate vacations, I see no issue with that. Husbands with careers will often travel the world and be away for several months away from their families."

And neglect to mention to their wives that they are leaving for another country, using almost every dollar they have to do so??? There is no justification for this behaviour. None.

Dan said...

Cross-commented with IAFF...I know, I know, I shouldn't feed the troll. But his ignorance is infuriating and I can't help myself.


Does it tell you something that She Who Must Not Be Mentioned is turning to Duane for help? That is not a breakdown of trust between her and you, that is a result of your actions, and your actions alone. You honestly thought that the solution to your marital and financial problems was to leave your wife along for 2 months (which is what you told the passport visa people)? BTW, do you really think that you are going to be able to fart out the $800+ to get back home whenever you "figure things out"?

You broke commitments to Duane, he dropped you. You did it again, he started trying to knock some sense into you using the power of the Haterz.

You broke commitments to your family, and Steve called in to your TalkCast to plead with you to stop. You did it again and he turned to the Haterz.

You performed acts so morally bankrupt and reprehensible that even the guy that has stood by you the longest, Nigel Swaby, has turned to the Haterz for a possible solution.

Last, but certainly not least, the person you have managed to screw over the worst and for the longest period, your wife, finally has nobody else to turn to but the Haterz.

At what point do you start to realize that YOU ARE WRONG, and the Haterz are actually realists that have been trying to help you see the errors in your ways this whole time?

For God's sake, man, your wife didn't even know how long you would be gone. From her email to Duane, it appears that she thought the marriage was over right then and there. Nobody really cares what your intentions were at this point because the way you went about this whole fiasco was at best cowardly.

You have a lot of nerve deriding people for lack of trust after what you just did to your wife, and what you have been doing to the rest of your family and all of the "business partners" you have left in your wake.

Tavington said...

Australian: where is it mentioned that Casey never told his wife that he was leaving for Australia?

Also, Casey has explicitly said on his blog that he has not left G penniless as is speculated here.

Casey Supporterz Fight Back! Talkcast: Friday, June 15 5PM EST

Tavington said...

DAN: The Haterz are not realists -- they are basically internet stalkers. I, on the other hand have been a silent (of the silent majority type) lurker who has had enough of the Casey-bashing.

The Haterz' actions are preventing Casey from making an honest living from his blog.

Casey Supporterz Fight Back! Talkcast: Friday, June 15, 5PM EST

flailing forward said...

Casey is acting like a cornered animal. The DMCA complaint is nothing more than a nuisance move on his part. He has neither the intention or the resources to carry through with a lawsuit. We've seen from RCS that Google takes the free speech rights of their bloggers seriously, so he's going to have to be very specific in his complaint in order to get traction. We all know he won't be.

Anyway, I would recommend deleting the full quote comments on the recent posts. Going forward, we'll just have to put a little more effort into things and when posting material over here, only post the interesting parts and comment on them.

Tavington said...

I think that Casey is perfectly justified to file a DMCA complaint with Google. Intellectual property rights are crucial in this modern age of electronic media and commerce.

Anonymous said...

at least this troll is slightly more creative than the last few we've seen.

Rob Dawg said...

I agree. I mean imagine if there were no laws from which he could pick and choose. Why the possibilities are endless. Agressive letter of the law pursuit of even the most trivial infractions on one hand but free reign to blythely ignore the inconvient ones. Caseyworld™. If Casey can manage to send off a properly worded DNCA complaint to the right address with a description of the violation and if Google agrees then I shall comply. Of course that is the same Google from whom Casey has been collecting AdSense revenues in violation of their terms of service so I'm skeptical that he wants to get on their radar by asking them to look carefully at IAFF. Caseyworld™ is one where the only consequenses are unintended.

flailing forward said...

@ Tavington
I get the feeling that you're not really a supporterz and just trolling, but here goes.

Casey told Galina that he was leaving one hour before he left. And on his blog he doesn't dispute that she's penniless, he just disputes that he drained the account for the trip. See here:

"NO - I didn’t leave my wife penniless. I actually had most of the trip paid for by somebody else. I spend only about $150 on this trip. There were other expenses that hit the bank account at the same time that made it seem like I took a bunch of money out. I indent to continue making money from this blog and other opportunities to support myself and my wife. (In fact I have $500 referral commission that I made a while back but am just now getting paid on it. That should hit the bank account tomorrow morning.)"

So Casey is in Australia on a "$150" vacation, and G is here with nothing except stress and debt. Also, please explain how you justify that he didn't buy a return ticket.

I think you're wasting your time with a supporterz talkcast. Why don't you start a supporterz blog instead? There really ought to be one. Unfortunately, so far no one has stayed a supporterz long enough to start one.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

preventing Casey from making an honest living from his blog.


FWIW the only thing preventing Casey from doing anything (legal, that is) is Casey himself.

Casey supporter said...

@ Flailing Forward 6:07
you said:

"I think you're wasting your time with a supporterz talkcast. Why don't you start a supporterz blog instead? There really ought to be one. Unfortunately, so far no one has stayed a supporterz long enough to start one."

There are many supporters besides Mocha. Also many people neutral on the story. We are just not passionate about it enough to set up web sites like these. But then again I say, why should we? We leave comments on IAFF as is required for blogs. That is good enough. If our comments don't get posted, oh well. It is after all just a blog. Haterz have really taking matters way too far in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

There's still only ONE comment at IAFF on KC's Australia posting. As noted before, slow moderation is killing his blog faster than EN.

JohnDiddler said...

it interested me when lossmit described his perception of casey's mindset. would believe things a pre-teen child considers viable. yet has that "spark", deep... deep what? entrepeneurship? creativity? and what value is it when you'll naively believe something an educated grownup sees through?

quite a night.