Friday, June 08, 2007

How Much Warning Do You Need?

Nature makes it real clear when to stay away. Take this Dandelion fish. Beautiful to look at from a distance but get close it is all pointy bits and poison.

The Scorpion and the Frog

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, "How do I know you won't sting me?" The scorpion says, "Because if I do, I will die too."

The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp "Why?"

Replies the scorpion: "It's my nature..."


The Real Wagga™ said...

First in the water!

FMW said...

MURST man is not as fast to sting as the scorpion.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

But just as sure to bite the hand that is feeding him, imo.

Jade said...

it sounds like Casey isn't even writing his own book, huh?

Astro the Wonder Dog said...

[see last thread for much more!]

At 9:12 PM, Dumbfounded said...
LossMitPro: It is obvious to all that you are a Casey virgin. Don't worry, soon enough you'll be fucked up the ass like all rest that have associated with snowflake.

At 9:18 PM, LossMitPro said...
Dumbfounded: That's funny! Thanks for the chuckle...

Astro The Wonder Dog said...

So, Mark Anthony Villasenor, of QueueTrac Associates, how's that ben working out forr you so far?

Still sniffing around hoping for the Galina pay-out?

You ever see "The Get away?"

Astro The Wonder Dog said...


Carter "Doc" McCoy is in jail. After being denied parole, he sends his wife to make a deal with a corrupt businessman (using her er.. uh.. ah.. 'feminine charms'. You see, that's the kind of relationship she has with Doc. Odd for some, but..) Doc is then paroled on the condition that he take part in a bank robbery..

Sean said...

Please attend fraudcast friday - I will be hosting if Casey does not host his own. Also visit to see the beginning of my wheat grass shots.

Poet said...

I'm curious what you guys think about how what we do affects Casey's blog. I think a list of activities from most helpful to least helpful to him is:

1. Sending him money in any form.
2. Commenting on IAFF
3. Linking to IAFF from anywhere else.
4. Visiting IAFF
5. Commenting elsewhere (such as at EN)

I draw the line between 3 and 4. It's too fun to comment over here and I have to visit every once in a while.

Rob Dawg said...

I would only offer opinions not suggestions.

In my opinion:

1. Money is Casey's problem. He doesn't know how to handle money be it asset or debt.

2. IAFF generates money with which Casey can cause more pain and mischief.

3. IAFF is running on momentum from past entertainment value and voyuerism. That's a lot but links are by definition derivative.

4. Kind of like visiting a delicate ecological habitat. If we all trampled the meadow it would change. Send in a few professionals to report and bring back samples.

5. Comment everywhere else, as long as you are having fun or have something to say. There's just so many times some observations can be repeated.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I swear, one could write a PH.D dissertation on the eerie blue bug light of Internet fame and fortune - even hint at traffic and it's like you upturned a rather large rock - every bug and creepy crawlie comes scuttling out.

But what do i know, I just have a 20+ year career based on my talent and good business sense, and maintaining a rock solid reputation of being honest, hard working, and integrity.

Sadly, Casey could keep the blog alive for a quite some time, as there's no doubt a line of greater fools ready to take a stab at the tarnished brass ring on Casey's Krrrrrrrazy Karrousel™.

Step right up, buy an "E" ticket to fame and fortune! The only thing that spins faster than LossMitPro is Casey's allegiances! Whoohoo! Who's next for the most exciting ride of Web 2.0!

(Okay, I'm done hammering analogies into the ground)

sid_finster said...

I would say that Caseykins has a character problem, not a money problem.

vid. his adventures with LMP.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Casey would fail to have character even if you nailgunned one to his forehead.

lurker said...

Steve and Galina

What is the name/contact info of the publisher?

I bet we could do some research and find out if he has a legally binding contract to blog.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

While observing the NoDebt...™ household cat™, it occurred to me that Casey and cats have quite a few things in common:

1. Both nap a lot. A lot.
2. Are easily distracted by bright, shiny things - but lose interest once their entertainment value has fallen off.
3. Enjoy the consumption of grass-based products.
4. Think they're cool.
5. Spontaneously take multi-day trips without informing their nearest and dearest.

My cat has also had several "properties" (cardboard boxes) repossessed by the "lender" (me) due to dereliction and vermin infestation - although he always attempted to make "payments" (dead rodents).

LossMitPro said...

Nice thread, Rob, and yes I get the sub-text... No worries, guess I deserve some ribbing.


flailing forward said...

As far as Galina's contract, if your marriage has come to the point that you have to write legal contracts to keep your significant other from being an asshole and ruining your life, things have deteriorated way past the point of no return. Divorce attorney, NOW.

Overopinionated said...

I don't think there is a publisher. I think the whole thing is the bullshit story he sold to Galina, and he thinks the rest of us are as dumb as she is.

Since his story is essentially over, I don't know that I believe the publisher insisted he keep blogging. How much work and money could the publisher have invested in a book you know Casey hasn't even started writing yet?

lurker said...

Nigel might be the publisher. He is a man of many talents

Rob Dawg said...


Sometimes people mistake my plodding deliberation for passivity or resistance. Somethings take a little time and seeking out of common ground before an understanding can be reached.

I'd love to learn more about the mechanics of closing out broken loans. Maybe later when things calm down and we can wash down a little accidental mud.

Mouse And Pencil said...

That's a Lion Fish, Rob.

Rob Dawg said...

That's a Lion Fish, Rob.

DANDELION fish. ;-)

Jean Valjean said...

lurker:"Nigel might be the publisher. He is a man of many talents"

Oh great. So now we have a 2759 page book to look forward to?

Murses said...


Welcome to the Haterz. We aren't such a bad lot. We've just watched long enough to see this kind of thing happen before, to other people, Casey has duped with his charm. (can I call it charm?)

I foresee a future for Casey of living in Palm Springs and swindling old ladies out of their husband's retirement. Its all good.

flailing forward said...

It's not that farfetched that there is actually a publisher. With the number of visitors he has, he's guaranteed to sell a certain number of copies. Supporterz will buy because they feel sorry for him, cheerleaderz will buy as a fuck you gesture to the haterz, and some of the haterz will buy it to see if their comments made it into the book. Granted, he's only bringing up the contract because it suits his purposes.

Does anybody remember that nutcase MissTrial, who started copyrighting her comments after somebody suggested Casey would write a book back in what, October? She always signed her comments with a stupid cutesy ~MissTrial~ signature. Those were the IAFF cheerleader glory days. I miss Yneone. Other than Mocha and LMP, the supporterz of late have been LAME. It's hard to keep a good supporterz around. They keep turning into haterz.

Astro The Wonder Dog said...

@IAFF #329. LossMitPro
May 3rd, 2007 at 10:26 am

Please tell me, what BUSINESS is this of yours? How does the business activity of another entity affect Casey Serin..? Do you realize what California laws you’re bending by asking such questions? Businesses, like people, have a right to conduct affairs in peace and without undue intrusion into its dealings.

Really, I ask seriously, because in the grander scheme of things such questions have no bearing on reality in relation to resolution of Casey’s situation. None whatsoever, not an inkling to the slightest degree! If the man wants to go to Lake Tahoe, so what??? And should he claim to have flown there on a red carpet, so be it! Again, so what? If he wants to do business with certain people, that’s his prerogative. SOOOOO WHAAAAT????

In any case, I’ve said it before yet I’ll say it again… For you folks whom wish to unlawfully enjoin others associated with Casey by veiled and suggestive disparagement, outlandish and speculative fodder, unlawful investigations serving no purpose? Be forewarned!

Some associated with these matters are apt to test the legal theories aggressively, and with affect. Thus, you may wish to curtail how you comment in the very near future as such relates to others… Get in the habit now of keeping remarks related strictly to Casey, and leave others out of the fray! Do other than this shortly, and YOU (and/or others like you) may find yourself the topic of discussion in a forum with a tad more bite.

Am I making myself clear enough?

Anonymous said...

So for the sake of discussion, let's agree that Casey does have a book in the works. How many books could he sell? And financially how much would he profit? I'll be generous with my guess. 1,000 books sold at the max. $5,000 upfront and a dollar a book for a total of $6,000. Doesn't really change much for him. Especially if his checks come in occassionally as he would congrat himself w/Mac Grill and wheat shots.

flailing forward said...

Sounds reasonable. My guess would be 100 copies at a minimum, and 1000 at the absolute max. It won't make any difference whatsoever to Casey financially, but there could still be enough potential dough in it for the publisher to be worth keeping their dirty noses up in Casey's biz-nazz.

KC said...

Even if he sold 20k copies and made $100k, he is still so far in over his head.

lurker said...

Considering Casey is not writing the book and the publisher is an independant publisher who is actually willing to deal with Casey; I believe it is a vanity press sort of deal. The reasons the publisher wants the blog is because it can generate some short term money to pay the publisher and it keeps Casey committed to the book. Otherwise, Casey's family might get him to play with joining the real world.

tosshitpro said...


You are an asshole, don't you have some losers you could go mitigate?

Property Flopper said...

LossMitPro said...
> Nice thread, Rob, and yes I get
> the sub-text... No worries, guess
> I deserve some ribbing.
> ~Mark

Welcome to the Dark Side. Glad to see you understand why you're getting the ribbing. Don't worry, it will fade.

Just a suggestion: take it for what it's worth - little or nothing :) -

Regarding comments made like the one quoted by Astro (7:49). Threatening legal action over non-actionable comments just makes you lose credibility. You're not an attorney, you don't play one on TV. Legal threats may work with a different crowd, but around here they know better and simply laugh.

Anyhow - once again, welcome to the Dark Side. Any contributions to the discussion are welcome, just be civil. (criminal is down the hall) :)

Mouse And Pencil said...

That's a Lion Fish, Rob.

"DANDELION fish. ;-)"

Okay, FINE. :)

(My favorite predator, never kept one but cared for several at a fish store I worked at back in the day. Mean, nasty, pugnacious eating machines, we had one that had to be isolated because we'd find one of the others, who were the same size, halfway down his throat. Removing them was...interesting, as was bagging them for sale.)

(I stuck to community reefs, with no predators or aggressive feeders, because I always had seahorses in my reefs.)

lurker said...


Lossmit has come across as a bit of an asshole. Everyone I know that works in collections or deals with deadbeats on a regular basis develops a work related asshole personality. Once, their guard comes down they can be intelligent, warm people.

Long term, I do not know if lossmit will be a Duane or a Nigel. Give it time, the truth will come out

Anonymous said...

Assuming Casey has a real publisher interested (not just a scammy vanity press outfit that is likely) they would be well-advised to consider how every business deal anyone ever had with the lad has turned out, as well as this very topical bit from Caseypedia:

"Casey responded angrily to haters suggestions that he was plagiarizing Maxwell's book:

There is no plagerism [sic] in my essay. I was refreshing my memory on the Failing Forward concept so I was re-reading parts of the book before writing the article. So if I happen to write a sentence that sounds very similar that what’s in the book that’s why."

Yes..... yes.... well, this certainly would see to bode well for a fruitful, mutually harmonious, legitimate and ultimately profitable venture for all concerned.


Sprezzatura said...

IANAL either, but I'd be interested to see whether any judge in the country would actually accept a case based on slander or defamation against a semi-nonymous Internet alais.

If you say, "Firstname Lastname is a lying, cheating, thieving, no-good son of a bitch" and saying so causes that person to lose business or endure other negative consequences, that may be actionable (truth, of course, is a defense in those cases).

Calling an anonymous username a bunch of bad names may not be fun for the person getting insulted, but unless you can prove that a real-life person is being affected by what's being said about an online username, the odds that it's actionable are very slim.

StephanieS said...

From the previous thread:
Thank you for responding...A few more questions?

Why would Casey agree to pay back the lenders? The foreclosure's would clear up any outstanding loans? At least that was my understanding about the type of foreclosure's he has done...

Also, does he or doesn't he own 50k to Countrywide?

Rob Dawg said...

Moreover, I calculated Casey’s actual responsible loses to be around $350k (estimated number), after liquidations but we never got far enough into the process to determine hard and fast numbers. So you’re $500k take could be just as accurate.

My guestimate was a little over $400k as of last month plus the taxable portion of and debt forgiveness as the REOs close their books. The thing we don't know is what he is/was doing with Hammar. While the mortgage lenders may want to settle accounts and avoid any messy pursuit if Casey is screwing with a California Corp all the plans for cleaning up his other messes are useless. The FTB and Dept of Corps will not "settle." If Casey is doing what it looks like he's doing it will be an administrative issue to revoke, fine and refer for criminal prosecution. They won't bother getting entangled with any mortgage fraud, questions of who was harmed, where did the money go stuff. They'll take the FTB report and Dept of Corps recommendation and do a one day tria,l bench or jury ir won't matter. Slam dunk.

mejustme said...

So assuming that Casey continuing his blog WAS a contractual obligation, that means that throughout all his histrionics about closing down the blog, talking to his wife, posting it ON the very blog, that he never once thought about the contract he had just signed just weeks earlier? He never once called his publisher and said, "Problemo"?

Most legit publishers announce their acquisitions to build a buzz. I'm sure if this publisher were legit, we'd have seen or read about it.

Declan, are you reading? Do you know who this publisher is? Duane? Steve? Galina? Lost Mittens? Bueller? Bueller?

Murses said...

Ok, so let's say there is a publisher. Not likely, but let's just assume that is the case - What on earth have they invested up to this point(what 2 weeks ago was the book talk, right?)that would cause them to threaten legal action against Casey? Not only that but it has been well documented many times that Casey is negative broke and you couldn't squeeze a turd out of that kid, let alone any money.
Casey is just trolling and hoping to hype things up with some speculation so everyone will keep coming back.

Notice his capitalization of the word RAZY? Weren't we all just discussing his use of that same word yesterday? He panders to the crowd and that keeps his ego afloat.

tosshitpro said...


I would expect someone who works with deadbeat credit bandits to develope a certain amount of insight into let's call it, well a persons character.

How is it mr loserMITTS couldn't figure out anything about casey's character after soooo many years dealing with credit bandits?

How is it he couldn't ascertain anything about casey's very consistent treatment of everyone else with whom he had business dealings?

Read the last thread, losermitts is a jerk and extremely arrogant for a man of such nearsighted perception. Gee I hope LoserMIT doesn't sue me.

Murses said...

That would be CRAZY not RAZY in my post.

lurker said...


Lossmit probably had Casey's ethics figured out relatively early. The insanity is what through him for a loop. If Casey could pull off a payback and work his way out, he will be able to make money of his disaster. Lossmit felt he could provide an opening that would give Casey a chance. Casey blew off the chance for a vanity book deal.

Anonymous said...

Get in the habit now of keeping remarks related strictly to Casey, and leave others out of the fray! Do other than this shortly, and YOU (and/or others like you) may find yourself the topic of discussion in a forum with a tad more bite.

Am I making myself clear enough?

Loss Mittens comes across as a BIT of an asshole????

that's like saying mortgage fraud is as harmless as speeding.

He's a major league fucking asshole.

lurker said...

I am not saying Lossmit is not an asshole. I am saying give it some time. No that he may be joining the Dark Side, he may be an ok fella. And if not, it gives us a chance to play with our food.

Honestly Wondering said...

Hey guys. Just wanted to weigh in a bit on the whole publishing thing.. I have some interactions with self-publishers in my line of work, so I might be able to provide a little insight.

Generally speaking, you have three basic groups: 1) the full publishing houses (we buy your book, we work hard to get it ready, we market it, you get royalties), 2) vanity presses (we take your money and print thousands of copies of whatever drivel you give us), and 3) legitimate self-publishing houses (you pay us, we offer paid services for getting your book ready, we print it, we'll help you market it if you pay us). All three play valid roles in the market. Not many people get through the #1 slush pile; for those people, #3 might make a difference. (Self-publishing is how John Grisham got started; after "A Time To Kill" got rejected by an army of New York houses, he self-published and sold it out of his station wagon. That's how he got noticed.)

The "scam" thing starts coming into play when either #3 or #2 call themselves #1.

The self-publishing houses that *I* know wouldn't make a contract contingent on a frakkin' blog. Why should they? They have your money. Sure, they'd love your book to sell, but they make their cash on the up-front. They wouldn't be threatening lawsuits over nonsense like this. Neither would garden-variety vanities.

And, as others have pointed out, the New York houses would walk as soon as the NLL contract came up.

I'm starting to get the feeling that Snowflake hooked up with a one-man shop. It's not hard to set yourself up as a "self-publisher", take your cut and send the manuscript along to a cheap printer. I can easily imagine another grifter "team member" fawning over Casey's "story" - seeing that Casey and money are easily parted - and working up yet another goofy-ass contract ala NLL.

Casey's "publisher" works out of a garage.

flailing forward said...

@ Murses
That would be CRAZY not RAZY in my post.
RAZY is perfectly fine when speaking about Casey if you are Japanese. ROOSER is also perfectly acceptable.
/racist stereotyping

I Smell BullShit said...

You know, in my old age, I have come to a point in my life where I can smell BullShit rather quickly.

All this with Casey, LossMitPro, Duanne and anyone else who has worked with Casey Serin, is starting to Smell like Grand BullShit.

Why has Duane gone away? Where is his 3.0 version that he promised? Why is LossMit pro bashing Casey, to get more clicks to his site?

Casey and anyone working with Casey are Fraud. Galina Serin is as guilty as her husband.


Property Flopper said...

Anon 08:35 -

LossMit just watched too much LA Law while growing up. Lurker also has a point - dealing with dead beats, this kind of attitude may actually work.

These kinds of threats are a joke. Sprezzatura had it right that the person must be readily identifiable and must suffer losses before a comment is actionable.

If I were to say "I don't like X", that is not actionable. "X is a real pain in the ass". Also not actionable.

"X has committed mortgage fraud". Well... if "X" is Casey, then it's fine, the truth is always a defense in slander / liable issues.

If "X" were LossMit, questionable since he'd have to show that people could make the connection to who he is in real life (and not just people here, his clients).

If "X" were replaced with his real name, then it would be actionable as no evidence has been shown that would connect him in any way to criminal activity.

Endgame said...

LMP says to KC at IAFF,

Really, “a contact is a contract” hmmmm? Well that’s never stopped you from breaching one before like with Countrywide, First Franklin, et al. You have a contract with me, remember; “Payback every dirty penny?” Or is this obsession you’ve got with fame and notoriety worth more than keeping your word? (Don’t bother answering, the result is rather clear); worth more than your freedom???

You’ve got much larger (more pressing) issues to concern yourself with little one, than whether or nor a “publisher” moves to litigate because of some alleged “marketing” platform. Cut the crap, some of us know better from first-hand experience!


Mark - welcome to the dark side. You appear to be well on the path to joining the Haterz. Too bad nobody warned you ;=) [I couldn't resist]

Anonymous said...

Jeez. I tried to adhere to the spirit of the IAFF censorship rules and so substituted "%@#!" for "Galina." Would you believe IAFF scrapped my post?

There's just no pleasing some people.

SayWhat? said...

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

While observing the NoDebt...™ household cat™, it occurred to me that Casey and cats have quite a few things in common:

They also have no idea where the food is coming from, but as long as it keeps coming they have no worries.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Casey will avoid the foreclosure of his marriage.

mejustme said...

I went to Talkshoe and searched for Casey Serin and nothing relevant came up, not even the Haterz fraudcast. Does anybody have a link? Could it all have been taken down?

Stephanie J. said...

He is being 'forced' to write a book and to maintain the blog!

The publisher understands my personal issues but a contract is a contract

LOL ROFL! This coming from Casey himself... LOL!

Stephanie J. said...

The publisher must have him shackled to his desk on his blue ball, with a large leather-masked man nearby holiding a bullwhip...

"BLOG!" he shouts, snapping the whip on the floor, "BLOG YOU LITTLE SCUM!"

I Smell BullShit said...

Yes, Casey's latest "statement" that he "has to" bring the blog back on, is nothing more than:


Like I said, until Galina Serin and Casey Serin are taken away in handcufs, these two are going to continue doing Fraud.

flailing forward said...

The publisher understands my personal issues but a contract is a contract.

Galina Serin, Mom & Dad, Reality: NO DEAL!

Email nuggets, sweet links enablers, mystery publishers: DEAL!

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Casey has pretty much revealed that the "publisher" is an individual in the way he writes about them. This is someone who's fronting some money and getting Casey to write his "book".

Who is it? My money is on one of these idiot Gurus (or that advertiser on Casey's site).

The real story is already out on the internet, just waiting to be Googled. Any book isn't going to tell us anything (like Casey's blog since Jan or so).

LossMIT, thanks for the posts... ignore the AnonyNigel posters who clearly have it out for you, doesn't seem like many of the EN'ers have that violent response except to maybe shake our heads with a "i told you so, but welcome..."

Khatie said...

"I don't think there is a publisher. I think the whole thing is the bullshit story he sold to Galina, and he thinks the rest of us are as dumb as she is."

Amen to that. I work in publications and I'm a writer. And there's no value in Snowflake's story except for trainwreck value. And he couldn't write his way out of a paper bag if someone put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him.

So he's lying, or at least distorting a long-dead miniscule nugget of truth. He has no moral compass. What should he care?

I Smell BullShit said...

So where is Duane's 3.0 version going to be out?

This was supposed to be the best of all of his side of the story.

Or is this BULLSHIT now as well?

Property Flopper said...

OK, the CAR numbers may be accurate for the SF Bay Area - sales are down and prices have risen -slightly-, but outside of that, it's a meltdown.

Try the Sacto market, that place is in a freefall. Tons of inventory on the market and prices dropping daily.

Not sure about SoCal, but in NorCal, those numbers are pure BS.

Of course this is CAR. Next month they'll announce a "modification" to this months numbers (from "wow" to "dreadful") and then state how it's once again "wow"!

Does ANYONE believe the nonsense they spout?

Sharky said...


Y'know, chum, I'm absolutely fascinated by what you DON'T say.

Just sayin'

LossMitPro said...

For whatever its worth, I doubt there is a REAL publisher. Could be but not likely for many reasons already addressed. Besides I specifically recall asking Casey if there were any contractual issues I should be concerned with, other than the NLL thing, and he said no... Now you’re getting more as to my reaction to his relaunching the blog, I think this “publishing” thing is more manipulation than fact-based. But hey, I’ve been wrong before (obviously)!

Rob Dawg:
Got it, I hear ya, and yes discussing mortgage defaults is doable. Albeit, methinks I’ll be posting privately to R-Boy shortly as well, just to line things up. ;)

Oh and Rob, I KNOW what he was/is intending to do with Hammar corp. and what he has done so far. He was warned against it, but hey, I’m not there to hold his prissy little hands... So, good luck to him surviving a DOC/DOJ compliance audit.

Astro The Wonder Dog:
Ya know, I gotta ask myself what would motivate one to repost material from IAFF here? That is, considering I’ve formally asked Casey to delete same? Careful now, little hobbit, you might expose more than your diminished manhood.

Property Flopper @ 8:08/8:52 AM:
”Glad to see you understand why you're getting the ribbing. Don't worry, it will fade.”

Oh make no mistake; I deserve all of it, no excuses. But hey, it is what it is; people just venting. If it REALLY bothered me, I wouldn’t have lasted this long in a business where either the lender or consumer (and sometimes both) are taking their shots. So yeah, I only take issues personally when such comments ACTUALLY start affecting my practice. Otherwise, negative remarks are part of the territory.

”If "X" were replaced with his real name, then it would be actionable as no evidence has been shown that would connect him in any way to criminal activity.”

Well, not gonna argue the detailed merits here; suffice to say you’ve got some of that right. The standard is what a “reasonable person in a similar situation” would conclude, against what is liable or liable per se. Although such are not always cut-n-dry arguments but based just as much on correlating case law as litigant opinions, positions that don’t always appear clear without all the underlining facts.

Lurker @ 8:15 AM:
”Lossmit has come across as a bit of an asshole. Everyone I know that works in collections or deals with deadbeats on a regular basis develops a work related asshole personality. Once, their guard comes down they can be intelligent, warm people.”

Well, thanks for that, and believe me you’re not far off. But speaking personally, for myself only, my attitude is more about “get it done” than anything else. Yet having said that I can back-up every claim I’ve made online, be that legal or otherwise. So I take solace in that, and tend to lean more toward a reasonable side than ACTUALLY engaging an attack (if that makes sense)?

StephanieS @ 8:21 AM:
”Why would Casey agree to pay back the lenders? The foreclosure's would clear up any outstanding loans? At least that was my understanding about the type of foreclosure's he has done...”

No, the foreclosures only account for as much as the asset can be liquidated (still undetermined in some cases), and in this market that’s not going to be close to principal balances plus recap costs. After all recovery costs, there’s the deficient amount that one like Casey would be responsible for. The sum after liquidation and accounting for all costs is the lender’s loss.

Tosshitpro @ 8:25 AM:
”Gee I hope LoserMIT doesn't sue me.”
Not to worry, you’ve no assets to pursue so why would I bother other than on principal or for affect of object? Now slither back into that hole from which you came, before CashCall takes a stick to ya! (Ha! Vermin: can’t live with `um, can’t have laughs without `um!)

Anon @ 8:35 AM:
“He's a major league fucking asshole.”

Ahhh, if ya don’t mind..? That’s “MR.” Asshole, please? :)

Nigel's Guest Blogger @ 9:28 AM:
”…doesn't seem like many of the EN'ers have that violent response except to maybe shake our heads with a "i told you so, but welcome.”

And you know, my gut told me it was a mistake to continue helping Casey but I KNOW (sure as I’m posting here, sure as I’m alive), his mortgage issues would have worked out very well for him... So maybe a little professional pride got in the way too. But hey, I’m not head-banging over it all either.

...shaking my head also, but it is what it is.


lawnmower man said...

@MeJustMe: Foreclosure Fridays Live, IAFF Demise.

@All: could we stop bashing LossMitPro with the "we told you so" stick now? I think he knows.

Welcome, Mark -- I hope you can tell us more about the inside view of Caseyworld.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ lawnmower man,
Yep. Thanks for the info and answers LMP.
More please.
te he

Dolph said...

Welcome LossMitPro...

I had my doubts about you but it seems you saw the light much like we all did at one point. Guess Nigel Swaby will now say you are full of hate since that is what he does when people come here to post opinions, LOL.

If I was wrong about you, I apologize. Glad you see the light and why we are what we are on all issues regarding our little snowflake.

To the group: There is no publisher. I have consulted for people trying to publish with small indie firms and not only would they NOT work with this little looser, they would most likely INSIST on seeing a finished book before even talking to him. Let's say I am wrong and somebody bit because he sold them on the merits of his site. He'd need to have a lawyer, I doubt he has one. He may even need to have a lit rep, I doubt he has one of those. Publishers don't take cold calls, small houses don't give advances and lawyers want to be paid.

If (big IF) somebody did approach him, I doubt they'd care if he pulled the site. IF they got mad, it might be that the little doofus hasn't done any work and they are loosing patience (spelled wrong on purpose, btw).

Sounds like complete and utter b.s. to me. He restarted the blog because he NEEDS it much like an addict needs crack.

Did he NOT say he was self publishing at one point?

Anonymous said...

"The self-publishing houses that *I* know wouldn't make a contract contingent on a frakkin' blog."

You bet! If the blog was important in creating buzz, they'd keep it but extend their control over the content to protect their investment.

Dolph said...

Nigel's Guest Blogger...

Good point, his publisher COULD be somebody fronting him money to write his story. If true, that person is NOT a publisher and dorkus needs to get his definitions correct.

If he was fronted some money to write his story (like WHO would buy a book by Casey Serin? - Not me) that could explain how he has money to refund his advertisers and T/Nacho.

I Smell BullShit said...


IF there is no publisher, then I would have to conclude that Galina Serin is pretty much going along with whatever Casey BS her.

In which case, Galina Serin is as guilty as her husband - given all of these facts.

What is your take of Galina Serin?

I really cannot believe that she is as ignorant and guilt free as many want to believe, but I been wrong before (dought it with her).

LOL said...

I'd say snowflake got one of his "advertisers" to send a letter threatening legal action to scare/manipulate Galina and his family.

Casey: Hey if someone threatens to sue I will have to restart the blog "wink wink". I'll refund your money and give you month free.

Scumbag IAFF van rental business advertiser: Sure no problem

Anonymous said...

No publisher, Eh? That brings up some interesting questions.

Did he just make up that story so G***** would let him go back to blogging?

Anyone offerng to publish Snowflake's story is probably trying to scam him. But scam him for what?

If there was a publisher, wouldn't they check out the NLL contract? If the NLL contract is not valid, I think S'flake would have mentioned it, no?

Anonymous said...

Here's my problem with the 'Book Deal.'

Casey's story is not done. We have had the exposotion, character development, plot development, but there has been no resolution. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!

Casey bought some houses, lost houses, started a blog, stopped a blog......This does not make a NY Times best seller.

Sure, it all seems crazy and interesting to CS. Is it interesting yo you? Wouls you go back it there was no commenting allowed?

Anonymous said...


If Casey has a publisher, why isn't he/she running away like anyone else who has tried to help Casey (Chris, Duane, Nigel, LMP).

There is someone scamming Casey out of his story, but no book will EVER get published.

I Smell BullShit said...

This "BOOK Deal" is pure BS, but it may give casey the legal wiggling room he needs to funnel CASH into his corporation.

By doing this, he can then buy that apartment he always wanted to buy through his corporation.

Kind of a kill all deal: Get IAFF back on-line, push his falimy aside, get Corporation to be "legal" and be able to committ more Fraud by buying more on borrowed money.

Astro The Wonder Dog said...

At 9:45 AM, LossMitPro said..

[a lot! Whew.]


I know I have not been your biggest fan always, but I will say this -- it seems clear you got a direct jolt of the 'real' Casey Serin, and as long as you are dedicated to outing the truth and the facts regarding our mutual little bug-on-a-slide, I for one won't be needling you any more, directly or under pseudonym.

And as much as it pains me to say this, I really am not Nigel, nor a disgruntled ex-acquaintance/customer.

It's not fair for me to leave you suspecting someone you know, no matter how obliquely -- I assure you we have never met, nor have we had business dealings.

Good luck.

LossMitPro said...

Lawnmower Man @ 9:51 AM:
”I hope you can tell us more about the inside view of Caseyworld.”

Hmmmm, well, feature viewing a Picso abstract through competing fun house mirrors and you’ll begin to get the gist.

Actually, I shouldn’t be so hard on Casey (that’s Bubba, the jailhouse enforcer’s job) he’s far more lucid and calculating than one might expect. He’s not only very likable, but highly intelligent and correspondingly manipulative if permitted to that extent.

It’s not that Casey is a scammer or plans to scam, he simply doesn’t plan! And therein is one rub, he seldom treats his business activities like business. To Casey accomplishment is more about engaging tasks than avenues toward production, shortcuts and slick new methods (that are actually scams waiting to pounce upon him); this is the norm in Caseyworld. He’s a true believer, a go getter for easier tactics. And of course you all know about his lack of attention to detail.

In many ways Casey is reminiscent of a savant, and in others an idiot; and sometimes the two facets are indistinguishable. I don’t see Casey as a bad person; evil in the sense that evil is corrupt. He’s far more a victim of his own shortsightedness, his own selfish desires; an intense `I want what I want, and I want it now’ mindset.

I recall explaining the Ganas principle to Casey; the Spanish word meaning desire, a Latin expression for achieving one’s goals – having a workable map to do so. Oh he’s got desire alright, believe me... What he lacks is Ganas, a steadfast belief in himself enough to work a plan step-by-step, slow and sure.

So yes Casey Serin has what it takes to REALLY succeed! Only I fear those qualities are being suppressed by a combination of catastrophic financial crisis, and his rush to get wherever fast. But here’s the real-deal, the kicker... If this kid ever gets control of his personal demons? I truly think he has the potential to make it big in whatever field or endeavor he pursues.

Will he ever make it, become a success?

Probably not, but I sincerely hope I’m as wrong about that observation as I was about Casey’s sincerity toward my involvement. Time will tell.

flailing forward said...

@ anon 10:41
Good point about IAFF without commenting. It would have never amounted to much.

Jade said...

Mark - you seem like a decent guy. I'm sorry that Casey wouldn't listen to you.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Mark -- join us . . .
Your pod is ripening even now.

(Apologies for recycling my joke. I'll abandon it and move on.)

LossMitPro said...

Jade @ 12:12 PM:
” seem like a decent guy. I'm sorry that Casey wouldn't listen to you.” 

Why thanks, I like to think I am a decent guy. ;)

No, no, no, please don’t get the wrong idea? Casey did listen, he just didn’t hear what he wanted and went into “Ketchup Mode” (Casey-speak for being slow or blowing a thing off). Casey isn’t hard of hearing that I am aware of.

As for me; when I’ve had this dance before, made rules clear the second time around and get put in the trip bag AGAIN??? I’m sure you get the point. Yet if anyone is at fault it is me, not Casey. My decision to give it another try, whereas I could have (and should have) said no thanks.

But life goes on.


Dolph said...


I agree 100%. The first thing one finds with Casey is that he doesn't want to hear anything that doesn't fit his preconceived notion of things. Yes, he MAY be smart to an extent, but that is very subjective. He has shown NOTHING in terms of smarts outside of his ability to talk a good game and recite what he reads word for word.

I took him on a few weeks back and questioned him on this very thing. He takes something a person says, warps it and turns it back on the person so HE looks like HE was right.

You are doing the right thing and I appreciate your openness to questions.

Anonymous said...

It appears Declan commented on IAFF:

Casey, I’ve written two articles about you but have never before felt the urge to post to your site. But I do want to point out two things:

* Unless there’s an explicit contractual obligation to the contrary, you’re not required to conceal the name of the publisher. I presume it will appear in the final book, if it’s ever published, anyway. Who is it? And why can’t you break the contract if you return their advance? (If they paid one.)

* You are effectively judgement-proof. All the opposing party can do is get in line to collect damages. They won’t be able to get an injunction against you to force you to continue the blog (it amounts to a personal service; look up “specific performance”).

So while it may be entertaining for your readers and fodder for writers, the arguments you give are a bit specious.


Property Flopper said...

Three cheers for Declan!!!

Stephanie J. said...

Declan is my hero.

Send Galina Serin To Prison said...

Galina Sein is my un-hero.

Send her to prison - she committed mortgage fraud like Casey.

Aspeth said...

hehe...who the hell is using an old blog post title of mine as a user name???

Jeffrey said...

Just for the record it's not a Lion Fish or a Dandelion Fish.

It's a Dandy Lion Fish!


Have Rob teach you the secret paw shake. You've crossed over to the dark side and have been assimilated.