Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Too Much Speculation

My head hutrz™. Family? Legal? Financial? I do want to know but I don't want to spin in place. Everything that gets pulled into the event horizon surrounding caseyworld gets harmed by the proximity. Besides, it is all just so dirty. Orbit, observe but respect the prime directive.


CHJTS said...


YouSoSpecial said...

Better be moist if you are using a speculum.

Anonymous said...


CHJTS said...

First I would like to say that casey responsed to my invite to the hatercast that I did. He said he may or may not be on so I didnt say anything here.

I received another email from him that he was listening to it now and that he liked it.

Now that being said.

I was just starting to unwind from the mob mentality of casey hunting and sent this email out today before I went to EN and caught up on the daily happenings.

Wed, 6 Jun 2007 20:51:33 -0700 (PDT)
RE: talkcast today at 5PM pst talking about recent happenings at IAFF
"Casey Serin"
Hey Casey,

I am going to be doing a talkcast while you are gone and until you come back.

I was wondering if you would like to come onto the talkcast scheduled this friday and be a guest for the first or second hour of the talkcast?

The funny thing is that yes I am considered a hater...but after you being gone for a couple weeks now and the mob mentality dying down pretty quick.....the intensity level of my complacency has waned considerably.

I am curious is this is happening across the board to everyone else?

It would be nice if we can get a weekly call in update from you about what you have going on...

At this point I am more curious if things are working out for you than if the goverment agencies are coming after you.

I am sorry your situation had to come to this, albeit with the contract and the family stepping up---it is in a way a full blown intervention....but I thought at the time the information was coming out that this is what needed to be done to get you back to a successful position.

I know your problably under tremendous strain and depression (yes depression--because your blog was just starting to produce)..hell it would have depressed me too..I hate taking steps back when I have fought every inch forward.

But my take on it is that this needed to happen and it will be a chapter in your future book to solvency and success.

I firmly believe (and our opinions may vary on this) that this is exactly what needed to happen to bring you back down to earth and I also firmly believe that the blog and the media exposure was a bad thing and that you made a mistake pursuing it to level you did.

But what is done is done, and you have to deal with what is on the table right now.

See casey, I work a Job that is basically graveyard and I do my real estate business as a side business.

The secret of it is that real estate is not that time keep it simple one deal at a time...dont overdue it and be patient until the deal that reaches your formula comes along.

I look at 100-200 deals over a 3-6 month period before I find the one that fits my formula and tolerance level.

So in the end, just get a job that opens up half of your day to pursue r/e deals.

Please shoot me a note back regarding the talkcast this friday and the subsequent fridays after that.


Casey Serin wrote:
Just listened to a recording of it.. I must say it was pretty good.

Casey Serin
916-595-9632 <-- Join My List

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 1:34 PM
Subject: talkcast today at 5PM pst talking about recent happenings at IAFF


Would you like to have the opportunity to say a final goodbye to all your
supporterz and haterz?

If you would like to then I am hosting a talkcast today at 5 pm pst

If you would just like to make a statement to everyone and not take any
questions or comments that would be fine.

I could make the first half hour only people saying goodbye to you with no
criticism or hatred..have you come on and say whatever you want....and then
open up the topics with no controls after you are done.

Please let me know...if you are please let me know your exact user name so I
will know who you are calling in and where your at in the rotation.


My comments.

That being I dont know what to think because casey goes and pulls another dumb idea (bringing the blog back to life).

He is being a godamn moron again and just pisses me off to no end again as usual.

caseyNOTcasey said...

Hey Dawg,
Time for you to rejoice. Now that casey is back, you have a reason to exist again. SWEET!

El Gabo Gringo said...

Was there a 2nd hater talkcast?
If so, can the link be posted for that?

Rob Dawg said...

At 10:20 PM, caseyNOTcasey said...
Hey Dawg,
Time for you to rejoice. Now that casey is back, you have a reason to exist again. SWEET!

I'll be sure to give this one the same consideration I gave the previous 50 repetitions.

walt526 said...

Personally, I'm bored with Casey and couldn't care one way or another why IAFF is back.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my idea to take some classes to get my CA broker's license in order to avoid paying a buyer's agent commission when we buy once the market settles...

Well, I just finished registering: 2 this summer and four in the fall. The two summer and two of the fall ones will be online; the other two will be on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A lot of busywork, but it should be doable. I've been a fulltime student with a 40 hour a week W2 job before and it's certainly manageable, especially for only one term.

After completing those six courses (along with Accounting and Business Law, that I completed years ago) I will complete the education requirement necessary to sit for the exam. And with my BA, I've satisfied education in lieu of experience, so assuming that I pass the classes and exam, I should be all set.

$20/unit with each course at 3 units each, so total cost in tuition will be $360. Plus books (another $200 maybe) and $300 for the application and exam fee. Add in a few hundred more for miscellaneous expenses and it's looking like this thing should come together for under $1200 (plus some education on a subject that I'm curious about anyway). To potentially save $9000 just on the first house.

Not a bad ROI, AFAIC. Beats the hell out of pissing away $50k+ on worthless seminars to cover the same material.

king friday the 13th said...

hmmm, what star trek race would casey be?

I'd say frengi, but they had business sense.

i don't know -- retarded tribble.

CHJTS said...

At 10:27 PM, El Gabo Gringo said...
Was there a 2nd hater talkcast?
If so, can the link be posted for that?

Well if you would go and read stephanieJ's blog you would see there was one for this friday at 7pm PST/10 EST

I was actually going to go create the link for it tonight.

But with casey back, I dont know if he will be resuming his Foreclosure Friday talkcasts. If he does it makes no sense to have a competing one at the same time since the hatercasts are symbiotic with his talkcasts.

I am going to bed now...I will have to consult with stephanieJ tomorrow about the viability of a hatercast on friday.

One of my original ideas was to have a hatercast immedietly proceeding caseys foreclosure friday talkcasts but upon further pondering it would be too soon as we would still be digesting the happenings of his talkcast.

I am thinking a day after his talkcasts kinda like a results show for Idol.

But with snowflake back now, there may be zero need for a hatercast show since we have EN to discuss it...but then again it is a great idea to have a forum where haterz can voice their dissent from the disinformation of casey.

Also, I am thinking that maybe casey's blog going down is just 1 big troll..with maybe his brother steve serin in on it at caseys doing.

This would be a new low in the world of trolling if it is.

and it wouldnt surprise me if it was true because caseys mind is wired incorrectly and would make perfect sense to him.

El Gabo Gringo said...

I am speechless. He didn't even make it a week.

Anonymous said...

Casey has left Galina.


walt526 said...

"hmmm, what star trek race would casey be?"

Borg drone? Definitely unable to think for himself, instead following whatever group-think is the loudest voice in his head. Certainly seeks to corrupt everything in sight. Except the Borg are persistent, dedicated to their given tasks, and willing to sacrifice themselves in the interest of the Collective. Casey exhibits no such virtues.

Romulan? Devious, arrogant, and deceitful. Willing to utilize any means of manipulation to achieve their ends. They are not to be relied upon as allies. However, they tend to be shrewd, highly intelligent, and austere. They typically refrain from excess in order to focus on their duty.

Pakled? Definitely wants to acquire everyone else's toys through whatever amoral means are at their disposal. Not very bright and incapable of much original thought. Their selfish cruelty is tempered by child-like naivete and wonder of the powerful. They know only what the want, but lack the means of obtaining it through anything other than theft or robbery.

Yeah, I'd say he is a Pakled.

Anonymous said...

Casey is back. Cue the psychotic, off-key carnival merry-go-round music, echoing and warbling like something out of a rancid, curdled nightmare.

king friday the 13th said...


congrats. you will be something that neither swaby or serin are ...
a licensed real estate agent.

casey pi**ed away $50k and doesn't even have a realtor's license to shoe for it.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Has anybody told Declan???

We need another CNET update about the worlds most hated lying blogger returning despite his promise not to do so.


caseyNOTcasey said...

Now Dawg,
Don't think of me as one of your Haterz™. I'm just a Realist™.


Lost Cause said...

Awww...I want to talk about Angry White Male stuff. Can Casey shut down the blog again?

Anonymous said...


"Personally, I'm bored with Casey and couldn't care one way or another why IAFF is back."

I hear you!


You are not only a realist, but you are a moron, for real, just like your NamesakeNotNamesake.

If you spend some more time at IAFF, you could grow up to be a giant moron like the real Casey.

Anonymous said...

I think LossMitPro is finally ticked off also check out #54 on IAFF

Where's Duane 3.0 release?

MaxedOutMama said...

Bummer, total down-and-out Casey-like behavior.

I am genuinely disappointed; I really believed that he was going to get a chance to dig himself out through Galina's intervention. It was like a beacon of hope in a troubled world. I'd get up, read the news, and think "But listen, there's always a chance ... Casey has stopped blogging!"

Now... I don't see much hope. In some way I don't understand the blog is the linch-pin of his reality-evasion bubble; to keep that bubble floating he'll just keep committing more fraud. Mene, mene, tekel upharsin.

Poet said...

Didn't Duane meet with Casey and Galina recently? We should ask him what's up.

Maybe Galina told him he could sell the domain, so he brought it back up to troll a bit and prepare it for sale.

I really hope Declan doesn't do another article on him, cause the media is only fueling him.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'm not speculatin'™. I'm gonna sit this one out.

I still call bullshit. I don't know why, something is tweaking my Spidey Sense™, so I'm just going to pop in to see what's going on.

Don't know why, something is bothering me about it all. It's too...predictable?

R-Boy said...

Casey was about to be sued in relation to his book writing...IAFF being a promotional vehicle.


I am going back to being cryptic

soem dood said...

Oh, let me squeeze in this thoughtful moment, specifically for Mr. Mark Anthony Villaseñor, esq:

We told you so.

and of course, I shall close with the obligatory:


Casey Fannnnnh said...

It seems so obvious now: Prescott Bush and the Aztec Mummies...JFK+Marilyn Monroe+Elvis 3-way...magic bullet theory...Dick Cheney's nuclear tesseract heart built from Area 51 tech...Amelia Erhart, Ambrose Bierce, and Judge Joe Crater thawed out to pilot the 911 planes...the coming secret single world currency, the NorthamEuroChinamanCharlyBoogaBoogaPesoPissoTacoYenYangRuble's Cube...and now Casey's one week away from IAFF, which gave him just enough time to signal the greys to bring L. Ron back. Don't know how I missed it.

Poet said...

A boy once said "never say never"
But his whims change with the weather
His marriage is still new
He'll get out of that too
To be with the one who wears pleather

Tesla said...

Haha, I knew Casey wouldn't be able to stay away from his blog for long. But I thought he could last at least 2 weeks. Maybe he was foaming at the mouth and getting the shakes from blog withdrawal.

Well he took the blog down because of his wife, so what circumstance would have "enabled" him to relaunch it? I'd guess he got rid of G, or vice versa. Maybe he has now fulfilled his dream of living in the Jetta down by the river.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Tied to the "book".

Meh. You mean he might have found a loophole to keep his "child" alive, because he signed a contract that tied a book to the blog?

Great. That's just great. Way to go, that's like the drunk being ordered by the judge to work at a bar.

Well, might as well enjoy the show. I'll go get a Costco barrel of popcorn and enjoy the highjinks.

I'm not getting upset anymore. C'mon everyone. He's not going to answer questions, until he's ready to. He's going to manipulate you like he always has, and 99.99% of what he posts will be manufactured to get a desired result. You are now art of his "book", and from here on out it's a work of fiction to sell a product.

Speculate? Fuck that. I say we detonate it. Take his little publishing deal away from him. Nuke the ground and sow salt after so nobody in their right mind would even think to go there. Permanently boycott it, and create a task team to post there getting the message out. Make him so toxic that even the scammers run away in fright.

I want to make it so bad, his "publisher" screams "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!" and yanks the plug so hard we lose power to the eastern seaboard for a few hours.

Or we can write haikus.

R-Boy said...

If folks read comments...

Yeah, basically, I'm still trying to piece together all the juicy leads I've gotten recently, and its not like any of these folks post on EN ever, so well, I'm at their mercy for new info.

But since this is known from multiple sources, I felt I could share it.

Essentially Casey sold his rights to a self-publishing group and I guess they're feverishly working on the book and IAFF is the promotional vehicle. I believe that this was part of the contract so that is why IAFF is back up.

It is very likely that Casey paid a few thousand upfront for fees. It's also likely that his expected commission per book is around 1 buck. I haven't figured out everything with Self-pub so I dont know if he has to pay for production runs or not...

This is all being done through Hammar, from what I can infer. Now Casey already has a blog where he admits mortgage fraud, talkcasts where he admits it, and now will have a book that admits it. I know why LE is taking so long. Why bother stopping someone who is busy digging their own grave. Let them do the work.

Of course, this means that Casey won't get a job.

There are two ways to impact this.
1) Do not visit his site
2) If you must, leave unbearable comments

R-Boy said...


Yes, that was his plan

flailing forward said...

As far as a book is concerned, who cares? Even Casey doesn't think it will lead to real money, otherwise he wouldn't have shut the blog down in the first place. He's just using it as an excuse to restart the blog.

Kerriella said...

Ugh! I can't even go to bed anymore! Well, I am not a bit surprised he is back. Is anyone else?

Poet said...


Or maybe he's using it so Hammar is "legit" so he can borrow from it.

Poet said...


What do you mean by leaving unbearable comments? Aren't the comments what bring the visitors in the first place?

Jade said...

the problems with casey writing a book:

1) a story needs a beginning, middle, and end. His has no end or resolution. Not even really a climax for that matter.

2) that silly little contract with the NLL

flailing forward said...

@ Kerriella
Nobody is surprised. Can anyone actually feel angry at this guy anymore? Half of what he presents is an act, but it's also apparent that behind the scenes he's destroying his life, and negatively impacting everyone he touches. I feel like a parole officer; I know the guy is a looser, but I hope he'll get his shit together, even though I know he probably never will. I don't hate the guy, but I want to make sure he makes amends. Thus I sit on the sidelines watching ambivalently. Is this where everyone is at (except for the noobs)?

flailing forward said...

@ poet
Good point.

mejustme said...

Re asking a lot of questions, I left a comment asking about the stock, whether he's started paying back the corporation, what interest rate it's charging him, whether the corp has begun paying its creditors, the utah wrap, etc., and unless I missed it, he didn't post it. But it doesn't mean we can't keep trying!

R-Boy said...

I was going for nigerian scam letters personally

TK said...

A freakin book? Well even if this is true there's not enouhg of an audience to make him any money back. And like self-produced CD's he'll have to spends thousands of dollars on a print run. More debt - even though it's Hammar's debt.

segfault said...

I'd bet Galina is still around. He probably manipulated her into "letting" him bring the blog back up on account of the book deal.

Jefe said...

Rboy thanks for sharing some of the dirt.

The first time I read your post, I thought Snowflake was the one getting paid. How silly of me to think so. Is there anyone who thinks he's going to move more than a couple hundred of these "books?"

What an ignoramus.

Murses said...

Who wants to bet his 'book' has the word Craziness (crazy) somewhere on the cover? It seems to be his favorite word, along with 'lately'.

Is he trying to get us to believe that he was forced to reopen his blog in under a week, without his own knowledge? Weren't the refunds just made on the 4th of June? And blog reopens on the 6th.

The publicity stunt seems far more likely. Casey and his Sweet Media...

I don't want to see him harm himself (or those around him) further. I think that kid is pathological and needs some serious help to get out of his delusions.

aaron said...


I don't think there is a drug out there that could help snowflake. His mind is to far gone.

StephanieS said...

Is it still going to be an e-book? I have yet to see an e-book make anyone money...Doesn't the Ramit guy have an e-book? Shouldn't he have told him all of this? Also what's going on with NLL contract? Where is Duane and why has he been so quiet recently?

Alan Smithee/gt said...

Good lordy, haterz, as if we needed more proof that Snowflake has NO bullsh*t detector. At all. Nada.

Vanity press? I mean you can do a quick google search and get hundreds of the "warning for writers: these are a scam" pages out the wazoo.


R-Boy said...

Duane is busy with work, but we chat about RE stuff and GaTech.

I think everyone's waiting on the next Duane 3.0 series whenever Rob gets around to it. Hopefully we dont wait as long as we have for forums.

flailing forward said...

What is the haterz prime directive anyway? "Ridicule, criticize, and annoy, but do not paypal funds"?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ walt526 and Alpha Dawg,
You guys never let me down. I have coffee all over my Large Flat Panel
Monitor and Key board!!!!ROLTLMFAO.
Great Post Dawg, and Walt, nice opine. Let me try.

Casey is the off spring of a Ferengi male and a shape shifter female, who the borg capturd, deprogramed his emotions as a child. But Casey escaped and is in hiding on planet earth in the year 2007 as a real estate Fliptard.
te he

Seven of Nine

Lost Cause said...

That's rich. Casey pays to print the book, he keeps one dollar per book, and somebody else keeps, oh, I guess about 29 dollars for a 30 dollar book? Only a deal that Casey could sign.

R-Boy said...

That is my best guess at this current moment. Just google self-publishers and see their rates.

Mouse And Pencil said...

The idea of a book is laughable, but it's another get rich quick scheme these days - anyone even remotley connected to a big news story generally sells their rights before the story is even over with, just look at the OJ saga, the Scott Peterson travesty, or any of the politicians, actors or musicians who think their tales of greed, excess, immorality and eventual 'recovery" is worth 24.95 at Borders.

The problem with Casey is he has no story. A book published now has no ending. A precautionary tale of what not to do? Hardly, he can't even admit what he did was wrong in his eyes.

See, he thinks he's famous. He thinks he has something to offer. He thinks his experience has granted him widosm beyond his years and bestows upon him the genius and fame he expects and thinks is his by simply being born. A book by him will be a useless enterprise of self-delusion prattle and worthless experience.

On top of that, the bulk of the book is available for free on the bog. I fully expect that the site will go pay per view if the book makes it to the market. That's when I think a lawsuit of anyone who's posted there is filed, as no agreements were made to sell *our* comments. Also, watch any terms or agreements he may try to fob to allow posting rights, if you feel the need to post there.

I am boycotting his sight permanently, I suggest and urge everyone else to do the sam, and we should just appoint someone to go there and copy the comments. Also, watch for copyrights to be put up there blocking useage elsewhere, if he did sell his rights that group will seek to limit the material elsewere.

I'd like to know who he sold his rights to, so i can send them a message that I will never buy their products and will never recommend anyone else to either - clearly they are bottom feeders.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Let him publish then we Haterz sue him for royalties, as I am sure we will also be famous.
te he
Can I go there and read and not post?

Uzbecki Durak said...

Casey to his vanity book publisher:

"I'll pay you an extra couple of thousand if you send me an official-looking letter saying that I'm contractually obligated to keep IAFF open. You will? SWEEEET!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Casey has left Galina and is back up in Tahoe.


Mouse And Pencil said...

If we go by past use of "crazy", I would suspect that he's been tearing galina's heart apart by throwing *another* contract in her face to weasel out of his promise to her.

A healthy, normal, well-adjusted person would have contacted the publisher's and said, "It's over, I've made promises I intend to keep, so we need to figure this out. Keep my up front cash, and I'll walk away".

No. Casey uses it as a way to negate, yet again, his wife.

Galina, how does it feel to know that your husband, who vowed to respect you at the altar, has no intentions of doing this? That promises to you can be forgotten the minute his ego is threatened?

Can you imagine if they had kids? And he had to choose between REAL kids, and his fucking blog? (Which he has already anthromorphised into flesh and blood...sick, sick, sick...)

Replace "blog" with booze, drugs, or gambling. Same story.

The story I want to hear is what Yulia and Galina are discussing. That's where the action is.

"While Casey blogs, Rome (Galina) "......."

Fill in the blanks. That's the speculative story of the year, and the one that will pay off.

Damn it, I'm speculating. Fuck. Okay, time to get ready for my Loser™ job.

Anonymous said...


Forget books. Think Reality-TV. He'll net a sweet 7 figures if he plays his cards right. Handlers on the way to make sure he does until it's a wrap.

America will love it. It's a win-win for everyone.

Fear The Murse™ said...

Casey was a train off the track
Any morals he truly did lack
He's really not lazy
Things have been crazy
And now his blog baby is back!


Murses said...

Reality tv of what? Napping? Watching Casey on the computer? There is no appeal to that. Just as there is no appeal for a book. If he actually wrote things out in black and white, without the constant 'It's been Crazy lately' spin or the 'Stay tuned to find out...' yet he NEVER answers the question. It reminds me of a Bullwinkle cartoon. The real story would be far less interesting in book form than waiting on him to tell the story in little incriments. That is the only way he has held on so long.

And, please, what the hell has this kid done for a week? Nothing. Then he restarts IAFF with the Crazy Lately...more later. What a little troll.

Orson Buggy said...

If the same admonition about mentioning his family holds for the book as does iaff mk ii, that's really going to be an incredibly boring book. If it's a print book, I hope they use thin paper. That would, in fact, give it some value on a camping trip.

Question: if you're writing an eBook, why exactly do you need a publisher?

R-Boy said...

Because its not an e-book

I mean, I've already spoiled Casey's next post. I've told you all why he is back.

So dont go read it. Go outside. Laugh.

If you have the 4 entries casey deleted, please send em to

oh and Casey, we got your entire FLICKR account before the purge.

Rob Dawg, its email time! oldie but goodie!

Endgame said...


Duane 3.0 ?????????

SayWhat? said...

Jade said...

the problems with casey writing a book:

1) a story needs a beginning, middle, and end. His has no end or resolution. Not even really a climax for that matter.

It does have something of an ending just like his many articles: a summary of the many many many stupid mistakes he made that destroyed his life.

Many biographical "recovered drug addict" books end like this like "Howling at the Moon" by Walter Yetnikoff. They end with an admission of guilt about all the crap they've done in their life and how they going to make amends in predictable superfluous ways like going to meetings with other former addicts or accepting Jesus into their hearts (no, for real this time!) or pushing stronger legislation so no one will have to experience a tragedy like the author purposely put himself through. Of course at the time of printing, the author hasn't quite gotten around to doing most of these things they plan to do, but that's our Casey.

Casey can end the book putting 20% of the blame on himself and 80% of the blame on, say, weak law enforcement, corrupt loan officers, corrupt appraisers, a corrupt real estate system and his inherent drive to become the success he already said he was to bag a hot babe. I would also hope he'd put some of the blame on the Communist brainwashing he received during the early moments of his life which distorted his view of how Capitalism works. Readers love tales of brainwashing.

Sac RE Agent said...

walt526, good luck with the classes and the test. hopefully you'll use your license for more than just one transaction.

as for casey writing a book, i'd much rather read about the re agent involved in roughly 75% of 20 houses bought by a drug ring in sacramento. he believes these guys were just investors looking to buy property. yeah right.

f u casey. no more visits to his site by me.

soem dood said...

t 5:00 AM, Mouse And Pencil said...

"I say we detonate it. Take his little publishing deal away from him. Nuke the ground and sow salt after so nobody in their right mind would even think to go there. Permanently boycott it, and create a task team to post there getting the message out. Make him so toxic that even the scammers run away in fright."
"Or we can write haikus."

I say we WALK down there, and do them BOTH!!!


WeWantTheFunk said...

More problems with KC writing a book:

A vanity press doesn't include an editor, proofreader, or ghostwriter, so copy supplied by KC would appear verbatim.

He writes OK (if you take the big, broad, flexible view about things like spelling) but concocting a blog post vs. a coherent book-length work are two very different things. A book is WORK. KC + work = nap time!

If it ever comes out it'll be a pile of unreadable crap sold only through IAFF.

Anonymous said...

Easy way for him to do a book is just download a bunch of public domain stuff from the 'net relating to RE, foreclosures, etc., switch the words around a little bit, maybe add a brief intro in his own unique style and then sell it as his own work for maybe $20 a pop. Much easier than actually writing a whole book, so it's right up his alley.

Anonymous said...

Also, he should seriously consider trading the Jetta for a van. Much more practical should he need a sudden change of "mobile office." He can sleep and do his blogging from the back. Also he could be surfing Craigslist for odd jobs -- there's always people posting looking for help with moving stuff, and a van would be good for that. He'd pick up $50 a pop for a few hours of w*rk.