Saturday, June 02, 2007


Miscosoft unveils the worlds largest iPhone. Best of all it has nothing to do with Windows.


walt526 said...

Dumbest idea ever.

And first.

Rob Dawg said...

Dumbest? Ever? What about "Bob?"


The Registry?

Genuine Advantage?

M. SINGH said...


I understand that Microsoft Surface yields exhilarating games of Minesweeper.

Don't spill your coffee on it, however.

I remain,


Endgame said...

It's based on Vista.

Lost Cause said...

What we really need is a respository of stupid ideas. Get rich quick schemes of any kind, real estate investment cults -- the only pre-qualification is that you are bad with money.

I miss IAFF.

Joe Dirt said...

Is this what we have become? Is this what we are left with? Complaining about crappy Microsoft products???? Oh how I miss IAFF.

I wish I knew how to quit you Casey Serin, but I can't.....

Rob Dawg said...

At first I thought it was just an XNA API running in Vista but you are correct, the hooks are everywhere.

I give it a three weeks after Apple releases iPhone and somebody attaches a large touch screen that emulates everything Surfaces does.

The technology will be distributed through International Game Technology, which specializes in computerized gaming machines.

Wow, does that ever give me the heebee jeebies.

baa said...

i am younger and supposedly tech savvy, and all i can think of when i saw the demonstration is "what's the point"

Rob Dawg said...

Old people + gambling = Senior Computing.

Wireless connectivity + GUI = POS

There's lots of "points" to this assemblage of bits. You are correct however that it doesn't add up to something new just something niche.

Natural Language AI, now that's worth something.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that Casey will be asking for an early Xmas gift - this itable.

Casey will quicky scatter a big picture puzzle over it to fake Galina into thiking he is playing.

But we will know that he is in fact blogging.

Also, it has been reported by the family that the PDA is missing. I just know that Casey stuck it up his anus and he is blogging from there at night.

Endgame said...


I'm standardized on MS because of compatibility with clients and work. So, I currently have 3 Vista machines and 2 XP at home.

At this point, Vista feels like putting lipstick on a pig. Vista freezes, locks, fails to respond in very much the same situations as XP. They claim a near total rewrite of the OS under the covers, but it's getting real hard for me to believe that.

I remember when Win 95 came out. My reaction - hey that's just like the Mac I used in '85. It's too bad that Apple chose to go the closed proprietary architecture route back then...

walt526 said...

"I get the feeling that Casey will be asking for an early Xmas gift - this itable."

Waiting until Christmas??? That's like, at least several weeks way. No way our little Snowflake can wait that long.

Assuming that he can't build a time machine to zip ahead to the future, ala Cartman, to play with the new toy (he is magical, you know), expect that it will represent Hammer Corp's latest investment: IT toy for the boy who wants everything but really has nothing.

Endgame said...

@Joe Dirt,

Yeah, I hear you - me to™.

I look at EN as a place to hang around for 2 reasons - (1) news of KC likely to break here first or early, (2) a place to have intelligent conversations with like-minded people.

Oh - and (3), it's fun to watch the occasional troll eaten alive.

BTW, (4) maybe we'll find a new trainwreck to share.

Hey - I just ammended my 2 points to 4 by mutual agreement (and a bit of manipulation) with myself.

Mouse And Pencil said...

This is awesome tech, but I have my doiubts of MS developing it right - as long as it's tied to Vista it's a no-go to me.

I've wanted a drafting table sized touch sensitive tablet since I first used a tablet (looong ago, I used a digitizer with CAD software). I'm an artist, I'm not only a Photoshop junkie but I've been drawing, painting and sculpting since I was a kid, and I have a degree in art. To be able to replace my paper and pencils with a table sized LCD, using Wacom like tools, is a dream I figured would come true some day, and this is one step closer. To be able to draw at life size, using Photoshop....*tingle*'s art porn.

Sprezzatura said...

Screw Vista and the horse it rode in on. I'm going Apple as soon as the new iMacs come out.

"WhatRobDawgMeanstosay" said...

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stick to the subject you retards. Stop with this 'first' business too. Is Casey alllllllllllllll you can talk about? I have created a monster(making this a haterz den, now its eating me up too. I pulled them in with my haterz propaganda, now how do I keep them?"

YOU CAN'T. Maybe a couple hits here and there, but as long as Casey stays MIA(which is the best weapon against you dumbasses), You're toast dude. Be a "dawg" and be honest with yourself will you?

Anonymous said...

It's the beginning to a great idea, what the Newton is to Palm, what the Remote Solutions Personal Jukebox PJB-100 is to the Ipod.

We are going to be working on interactive, touch sensitive computing table within 15 years.

Anonymous said...

OMG Rob Dawg! You baited people with the pic on this post. THE BLUE SHIRT! To make them think its Casey and catch their interest a sec. Good one, but here's a tip>>>try someone with "lighter" hair next time and it just might work ;-) Your "crew" are idiots after all. Bubyeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

@ "WhatRobDawgMeanstosay"

Wow, just wow!

You seem to de a DawgHater. Get over it. I think if CS dries up and blows away Mr Cote will get along just fine:

- This ain't his "baby"
- This ain't his only way to get his attention fix
- He won't have to decide between his wife and his blog
- He is not left with $200k in debt with no way out.

Uzbecki Durak said...

There sure seem to be a lot of nasty anonymous comments on this blog all of a sudden.

Is it:

1) Casey working on his rage issues (since he doesn't dare confront Galina and his family)...
2) Nigel enraged that he can no longer ride Casey's cottails to Internet stardom, and Goggling him now indicates that he is a complete slump...
3) A homeless Camp Idiotard looking for a new home...
4) Tim from Monterey Bay making a comeback (nah - not enough death threats to be Tim)...

Anonymous said...

Sombody needs to go out to West Sacramento and get lazy ass Casey off of his butt and back on his laptop to keep blogging and Galina be damned. You know he won't last three days at a real job. He needs to get back on the internet where he belongs so we can keep the HATE going.

lawnmower man said...

5) Mocha. Hi Mocha. You're as addicted as we are.

0 Comment Swaby said...

I'm picturing Casey in some sort of "Beautiful Mind" scenario. G & Y go off to work thinking that the blog is gone and Casey is cured. Every time they leave he sneaks off to his "office" (complete with cardboard laptop and PDA and a whiteboard full of unintelligible "deals") and meets with his imaginary friend, Nigel.

Endgame said...

I suspect it won't be long before we hear from KC again:

- He doesn't want to get or keep a J.O.B.
- He will now resent and blame G for everything wrong in his life
- I wonder if he isn't trying to "divorce by talkcast", just like common criminals sometimes "suicide by cop". That would explain his talkcast last night.

Benoit™ said...

If each Hater™ donated just $1.00 -- a single dollar -- to Casey Serin to encourage him to continue blogging, my guess is Casey would be able to pay off his outstanding debts within hours, and probably become a millionaire as well... :-p

Miguel said...

5) Mocha. Hi Mocha. You're as addicted as we are.

My money's on Mocha - the other suspects can actually string a coherent sentence together. And Mocha is also clinically insane, as the talkcast proved beyond any shadow of doubt.

The Dude said...


Nice list of MS's Hall of Fame Piece of Shit products. Every one made mine as well.

I am STILL pissed about the Genuine Advantage crap they pulled and have to confess I bit.

Accessed the site because they promised "advantages" and "perks" so it went through it's deal and came back with a congratulations message that my software was all legit...WTF....I already knew that.

The whole thing is nothing more than permission for MS to do some spying and info gathering.

My son, in China, laughs his ass off at MS's attempts to stop piracy over's a joke, just like MS.

Rant mode off

Benoit™ said...

If Casey is legitimately convicted of mortgage fraud or corporate credit shenanigans, they'd probably send him to Atascadero State Hospital rather than a federal prison, due to what I'm sure would be a "juicy" competency hearing. Atascadero is described by Wikipedia as:

an all-male, accredited, maximum-security California state facility for the treatment of men with psychiatric illnesses, who have been convicted of a crime or have been found incompetent to stand trial.

Fits, eh? :-p

Mouse And Pencil said...

Anyone know the story behind Camp idiot?

Mouse And Pencil said...

NVM, they're back up.

Anonymous said...

Casey's last hurrah....he made the front page of a QUITTER!

Anonymous said...

I shop a lot at REI. My brother texts me.

"You know if REI sells messenger bags?"

me - "you mean murses?"

him - "?"

me - "nevermind"

R-Boy said...

i have a lengthy message from Homey that I will unveil on Monday

(Or rather, maybe thats a post we can start out with Cote)

Stephanie J. said...

Check out this "Looser"

Bemused Guy said...

@Steph -
Hey doll. Kind of old news if you search Atlanta news links. The other team on that show from San Antonio also is involved in some sort of mortgage scam.

PLUS the original developer of the series (A South Carolina developer) dropped from the series when A&E wanted to script the show which is based on the documentary style. He is suing A&E since they never paid him for the concept or his office's participation. He's gone solo with the "Real Deal" on TLC.

Anonymous said...

So where is Duane Legate last and final 3.0 emails?

This was supposed to be the best of all.


Stephanie J. said...

What in the world would compel me to search the Atlanta news sites?


Stephanie J. said...

You mean the San Antonio guys with the bimbo wives?

The one that keeps saying: "You can put lipstick on a pig... blah de blah."

What a dork.

king friday the 13th said...

wow. hey I've got a better idea. Casey should do a pay-per-view. Twin-bill.

Round 1: Casey versus Steve, for the Serin family honor.

Round 2 (to be fought in pudding) Galina verus Yulia. Suits optional.

Jeffrey said...

"The Real Deal" is actually pretty good. Richard is a complete professional.

Ginger always makes me laugh. She shows up to a job site in high heels, a short skirt, massive ammounts of clevage and her little yappy dog, then laments on why no on takes her seriously.

Why does she look so much better in the "interview" part of the show?

Huck Finn said...

I didn't see this thing before (I should say, this "thing"), but this is the kind of stuff that makes me scratch my head.

They've had many, many awesome and innovative products, but if this this is real, they're trying too hard.

Apple should just keep it simple and keep scooping the money into pockets with shovels, as they're doing now.