Sunday, June 03, 2007

Photoshop Sunday Morning

My first CD of photos in the late 80s included a copy of Photoshop 1.5 Tryout. There are lots of people with stories to tell. Let's listen here while i set up the poll of who to focus upon next and rip Rick Cole another orrifice and other tasty raw meat type posts. Expect a few housing bubble realted to illegals topics as well.


Benoit™ said...

First! :-)

ObTopic: I have Photoshop 7.0, but am virtually "illiterate" in its use :-\

lurker said...


Anonymous said...


Benoit™ said...

Here's your Greg Swann "brief outage":

Gregory Stephen Swann

DOB: November 14th, 1958 or 1959 --

public records turn up both years, he may have "juiced" his birth year on something. :-p

Wife may be named Ann Wright-Swann

Benoit™ said...

Take back the last statement about the wife. That was through a cursory 1-minute search. His actual wife is also his partner in the realty biz:

Cathleen P. Collins

Best part, their son works with them doing PHP Programming. Sounds like someone else...

El Gabo Gringo said...

Who is Greg Swan?

flailing forward said...

I don't know much about Greg Swann either, other than reading his blog a couple of times. I gather he's been in a feud with Keith at HP, but can someone explain his history and why we should haterz him?

Benoit™ said...

Who is Greg Swan?

Beats me, some Realtor out of Arizona. heh. People had been requesting that we rip into him as the next Casey... thought I could get the juice™ flowing ;)

buzz kill said...

Don't give up on hatin' KC until the little punk does ten years hard time. As for the rest, you'd better start a list of failed flippers who got foreclosed on multiple houses with multiple zero down financing, straw buyers, miscreant mortgage brokers, crooked appraisers, Realtwhores®, mortgage hos, Wall Street grifters, hedge hogs, and corrupt politicians. There is a lot to hate. Keep the hate alive. BK out.

Anonymous said...

The last topic was interesting Rob Dawg. Why do you feel the need to "rip" into someone else(like you did with Serin) as you and some of the earlier posts alluded to? Why not just "discuss"??? Agree and disagree alike. Your initial intensions for this site were descent. Are you a "clicks whore" now too? You sleep with dawgs, you wake up with flees. It really seemed like you were steering away from the worthless "first/murst" babble. But alas!

El Gabo Gringo said...

That last post sounds like what Casey would say after reading Bronte.

Anon, I can't speak for anyone else, but I like to watch the bubble implode. There's a voyueristic pleasure to it. Details, details, details. For all the times we had to listen to everyone say "this will last forever" I want to hear their capitulations.

king friday the 13th said...

I sorry, but going after someone else will not be the same. Casey deserved it, and at some sick level his NPD craved it. It was not simply incompentence that lead him to leave "just enough" info that we got all that info.

Word of advice. Be careful, because someone else w/o NPD may fight back (lawsuit). Meritless or not, it is nevertheless a pain in the ass.

lawnmower man said...

who to focus upon next

I hate to say this, but: I don't think I have the stamina for another go around. Casey was a one-off, and most of the interest came not from his situation but his bizarre personality.

If IAFF is truly over -- and I'm far from convinced that this truly is the end -- then I want my life back.

(Oh, and Anonymous: if you want to argue, could you at least adopt a consistent pseudonym? Otherwise you just disappear into the endless Anonymous babble of hit-and-run comments.)

buzz kill said...

We should call anon "Fleas Dissent". Bwahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Rick Cole?


Stephanie J. said...

I thought photoshop absorbed Aldus Photostyler. I used to use that religiously, and it is inherently the same product and it was way ahead of its time.

king friday the 13th said...

check out Catherine Collin's stuff (linkable from Greg Swann's page).

I could not tell whether she was describing hooking or real estate; it was all some blather about "customer satisfaction" and "happy endings".

Doubt the carpet matches the drapes, and would be impressed if any of the investigative haterz could find out...

king friday the 13th said...

adobe bought aldus.

aldus products either got rebranded as Adobe ones, or subsumed if Adobe has a competing product.

anyone here remember Aldus Pagemaker?
I stopped using around the time it became Adobe PageMaker.

flailing forward said...

Casey was a failure artiste, and his life was his canvas. SDCIA Jeff said stuff like "my exit strategy is a pine box" and then couldn't take a shower without puking six months later. All other RE trainwrecks are chopped semi-vegan liver.

flailing forward said...

I did like the last topic though. That was interesting.

El Gabo Gringo said...


Are you serious about SDCIA Jeff? Did he really get to the point where he was puking from stress/depression?

buzz kill said...

That's a good start for a list:

1. Casey Serin
2. SDCIA Jeff
3. Crispy toast & crew

taddyangle said...

Jeff is no longer posting at SDCIA. I doubt he will post there again, or at least anytime in the near future.

The Real Wagga™ said...

I have all these archived some place, but it it was simpler to Google "Photoshop Kai's chops".

First up is Kai's Chops

I followed through most of them & made some interesting stuff.

Flailing Forward is a drooling imbecilez said...

Flailing Forward's non-anonymous posting tutorial

So you're an anonopussy and you're ready to make the leap from being an anonymous dipshit to being a semi-identifiable dumbass. It's not as hard as it looks, and can take your internet asshattery to an entirely new level. Just follow these seven simple steps, and you'll be trolling and getting flamed in no time!

1. Click the "Post a Comment" link at the bottom of the page. It's in a pink font in tribute to the Casey Serin Blog Mistress contract of olde.
2. In the "Leave your comment" box, type a bunch of gibberish that expresses your intense displeasure with Rob Dawg, haterz in general, or duck dongz. Sprinkle liberally with words (or non-words) such as pathetic, jealous, and morions.
3. Under "Choose an identity" select the "Other" radio button. (Make the circle next to "Other" have a dot in it.)
4. In the "NAME" field, make up a name that makes fun of Nigel Swaby. Alternatively, you may pick something more eloquent. In this example, we will use "Flailing Forward is a drooling imbecile."
5. Add a "z" to the end of the name you chose. This will give you instant street cred with the haterz.
6. If desired, paste in a URL to in the "YOUR WEB PAGE" field.
7. Click the "Publish your comment" button.

It's really that easy! Now your utter nonsense is available for all the world (ok, actually just 12 haterz) to see! Plus the vile haterz will be able to attribute your blathering to your fake screen name! And, with your spiffy new handle, it makes it easier for us to direct our juvenile retorts back at you. It's all mostly win-win!

The Real Wagga™ said...

I have all these archives somewhere, but the easy way is to Google "Photoshop Kai chops" First up is Kai's Chops

Followed most of them through, made some interesting artwork.

flailing forward said...

@ El Gabo
Here's the breakdown part in the Jeff mega-thread. I admit to being pretty schadenfreudish at first, but it's pretty sad to see him break down like that. And the fact that he's freaking out shows that he knows he screwed up big time, which is more than we could ever say for Casey. In some ways he's more reprehensible than Casey, since he essentially gambled his family's future away like that. It sounded like if he could let go of his gains elsewhere and sell, he could have gotten himself above water. We may never know what happened, but I bet if he pulls himself out of it he will post again.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I bet there are hundreds of SDCIA Jeffs out there, and maybe even a few Caseys, that we never hear about simply because they don't post about it online. So many people are loosing™ their shirts, it's hard to imagine that those two are the only ones doing it on such a grand scale.

In this day & age, there's more money to be made in flipping burgers than flipping houses.

@ flailing, re breakdown:

Yeah, that's a big difference. Casey is a steady guy in a storm, in a Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf kind of way.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Yup, those be the ones, I started reading those on AOL around #3 or 4 - and it was a highlight of the week when he posted a new one. I'd love to see if anyone archived the discussion posts, there was a lot of good info there as Kai would explain how stuff worked in detail, and talk about lots of other stuff.

I'm lousy at math, but I understood the mathematical ideas behind how a lot of it worked.

The story of Adobe is fascinating, John Warnock invented a precurser to Postcript at Xerox's PARC (where Jobs & co. got the dog and pony show of the Alto), Xerox passed on it, and he left with another guy and started Adobe. Xerox also failed to appreciate PARC's other accomplishments, like the laser printer and ethernet.