Sunday, June 03, 2007

Contributing Member of Society

Once again the LA Times reports about another family torn apart. This time a little differently.

Man fights deportation by invoking his former gang ties
He has changed, he says, but tattoos from his youth in the San Fernando Valley mark him for death. The 9th Circuit Court weighs his case. - By Sonia Nazario, Times Staff Writer - June 3, 2007

Gerson Alvarado-Veliz was on a bus in Guatemala in 2002, he says, when three men toting AK-47s boarded and pointed the assault rifles at his face.

"Get off the bus!" they screamed. "Gangster!"

Alvarado-Veliz assumed the men were with the Sombra Negra, the Black Shadow vigilante death squads that conduct killings aimed at "cleansing" Guatemala of suspected gang members. And Alvarado-Veliz's more than 20 tattoos from his life in a San Fernando Valley gang clearly marked him as a onetime gang member.

... had been deported after serving a sentence in California for selling and transporting crack cocaine ...

Now the 23-year-old is sitting in an Arizona immigration detention facility after an arrest related to charges of marijuana possession and driving on a suspended license. He's citing his past as a gang member as the reason he should be granted asylum and allowed to remain in the U.S.


It's all about economic opportunity and fairness. Besides he's only taking jobs citizens won't do. Read the article. Then we can talk about how we are abusing residents. Then we can talk about how the Mexicans "welcome" Guatemalans at their southern border.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, There are too many to deport.

Rob Dawg said...

There are too many to deport.

I take you must be a solid Bush supporter as he said exactly the same thing last week. This isn't Ameican't. This is American. 12 million is easy. We could even make it a profitable venture were to use some of the more onerous laws on the books. RICO for instance to sieze assets. Seizing vehicles used in a crime such as driving without a license or insurance or registraion. Freezing assets suspected of being ill gotten gains. Yes, I think those laws are generally an abomination but mine is a minority view on that. I'm just saying 12 million is an easy thing to pursue -if- we decide to go after it.

The best way to do this however is "diplomatically." Rob Dawg style diplomacy when dealing with Mexico isn't your usual negotiations. No, we run diplomatic bus caravans full of deportees 24x7 down to the Mexico City consulate drive in the back door and walk them out the front with the clothes on their backs. The first few hundred and who'd notice, a few thousand and you've got a municpal crowd problem, ten thousand and you've got an incident, 50,000 and you've got a government toppling crisis in Mexico. Understand one of the reasons Mexico encourages economic migration is as a social safety valve. They can't have millions of young men dissatified with their home towns hanging around agitating change.

0 Comment Swaby said...

I'm having a hard time getting exited about this Greg Swan character. Serin really riled me with his arrogance and refusal to do absolutely anything to help mitigate the harm that he had done. Swaby was just as irritating in his multi-blog, link whore, I have a poolness.

Flamewar for the sake of flamewar seems somewhat pointless. Assholes abound but very few justify the time and effort that Serin and Swaby have so deservedly received. Greggapedia just doesn't have the same ring to it.

king friday the 13th said...

bob dawg,

kudos since you are one of the few that advocates treating the DISEASE not the SYMPTOMS only.

Give Salinas 6 months to fix the problem, or the US should think about replacing him with someone who will. Period.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I am not a flamer for flames sake have a look at the character. He bully's blogs with threats, but he is the sole censor judge. Read then decide.
The Historical:

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

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FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Sorry about all they typo's Haterz, but I posted quicker than planned, and did not really do the final edit.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...
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Lost Cause said...

Is this all we are left with after Casey?

So behind the hate, is also a real dislike for illegal aliens. But I know it as traditional California prejudice towards Mexicans. You can paint it however you want it, but it just old fashioned KKK stuff to me. So why don't you like, instead of hate? The food is good, the people are great. Do you even know any of the people that you villify? I doubt it.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

This one works.

Swan Gag Order as tiny url.

Anonymous said...

"Alvarado-Veliz assumed the men were with the Sombra Negra, the Black Shadow vigilante death squads that conduct killings aimed at cleansing Guatemala of suspected gang members."

I think we need a few of those cleansing squads up here. There are probably more mud gang members in LA than in Guatemala.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Bubble Bloggers are Flying Monkeys
as tiny url
I am done.

flailing forward said...

The original judge's ruling seems fair; give him one more chance, but if he screws up, back to Guatamala with him. It's hard to have much sympathy for him though. Gang members aren't representative of the typical illegal immigrant anyway.

Tesla said...

Are there too many illegals to deport? Absolutely not.

If your yard was overgrown with weeds would you go around and pluck up every single one by hand? No, chances are you'd buy some weed killer. Our "weed killer" in this case is punishing employers who hire illegals, taking away the social programs that give free stuff to illegals, and garnishing their property when they're found & deported. If we did these three things the problem would largely solve itself. The idea is to set conditions up such that illegals don't find it to be favorable to be here.

Hell, if we just deported the illegals that were found in the course of routine law enforcement things would improve drastically. There was an Arizona sheriff who decided to actually enforce the immigration laws on the books and illegals skipped town in big numbers.

1000 a weak said...

Why bother deporting them? Let's just open the ovens and gas them.

modest proposal said...

The guy hasn't been shown to participate in "gang crimes" this time around, but he has been breaking the law. What's the limit? I don't buy multiple-time losers who say that they will change *if* given another chance. Change, then ask for us to treat you as something different.

Can't Amnesty International help this guy by hooking him up with a deportation to France? That might solve all of our problems.

If, and this is a big IF... he does get another chance, I think he needs a structured program, where he has a job lined up before release, does community service for at least 10 hours a week, and reports to a probation officer weekly. After 5 years of this with ZERO violations, he gets to stay so that the gang unters won't get him. I'm pretty sure that if certain death is the option, a non-sociopath would make every probation appointment for at least this amount of time.

The rub is whether or not the guy is a sociopath. If he's mis-wired, we would know pretty quickly. I would also add that the judge must forfeit all of his salary for the time that Gerson goes missing. A little accountability might make the judge appreciate the seriousness of a sociopath on the loose.

Anonymous said...

@Tesla 1:55
Good post; I agree with both you and Rob.
Tighten the border and deport illegals as found. Not a hater nor a racist.

Rob Dawg said...

modest proposal [shorthened] said...
The guy hasn't been shown to participate in "gang crimes" this time around, but he has been breaking the law. What's the limit?

Can't Amnesty International help this guy by hooking him up with a deportation to France? That might solve all of our problems.

If, and this is a big IF... he does get another chance, I think he needs a structured program, where he has a job lined up before release, does community service for at least 10 hours a week, and reports to a probation officer weekly.

The rub is whether or not the guy is a sociopath.

Look at his record. He didn't even get prosecuted the first few times. Then crack? Gets deported, comes back and weed? You know there are hundreds of b&es that he didn't get tagged with.

Sure, the US system failed to raise him a US model citizen but that is in very large part because he was given this large leeway of the halfworld of illegal residency.

What country would take him? How much has he cost us so far? How much more? You want to give him a job and support and more. This is the same as vaulting the other illegals ahead of the law abiders for their place in line.

The guy is a career criminal, whether he's not right in the head or we did it to him doesn't matter. He can't change. Think about it. He almost gets murdered in Guatemala and he comes here and then carries a dime bag in his pocket? I wouldn't freakin' J-walk.

1000 a weak went Goodwin on us with a gas oven comment. I'll do you one better 1K/wk. We should machine gun them like the Federales do at Mexico's southern border. There is that what you wanted? I don't want that anymore than I want the continued slow bleeding we are doing now by decanting the best and most ambitious and exploiting them here which what we do.

unbelievable said...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Illegal immigrants
In 2005, Arizona passed a law making it a felony, punishable by up to 2 years in jail, to smuggle someone across the border. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas has issued a legal opinion that those being smuggled can be considered co-conspirators to the smuggling and thusly can be charged under the same law. Under this opinion, Arpaio has instructed his deputies and members of his civilian posse to round up and arrest suspected illegal aliens. Arpaio said to Fox News, "My message is clear: If you come here and I catch you, you're going straight to jail. [...] I'm not going to turn these people over to federal authorities so they can have a free ride back to Mexico. I'll give them a free ride to my jail." [9] To date, Arpaio has arrested at least 263 people under this program. [10]

One of Arpaio's unorthodox practices includes the requirement that these inmates sing "God Bless America" and the "Star Spangled Banner."

The county attorney's legal opinion is being challenged in court. Many critics, including two of the co-authors of the Arizona anti-smuggling law, claim that Thomas and Arpaio are misusing the statute, which was meant only for human smugglers and not for migrants who are being smuggled. [11] Judge Thomas O'Toole ruled in June, 2006 that the sheriff's interpretation is correct, and the migrants can be tried as co-conspirators. However, he later ordered that several migrants be released from custody due to lack of evidence against them. Several other migrants have pleaded guilty and received probation and deportation to Mexico. So far, none of the conspiracy cases have been tried by a jury. [12]

CHJTS said...

murst, furst, moist and first.

oh and Dey tewk r jebs

Benjamin Franklin said...

Yeah, his whole "I was taken off the bus by vigilantes and almost killed" just doesn't rign true with me. The guy WAS a gangster (had gangster tats), and the vigilantes DIDN'T kill him? Yeah, right: they're not in the habit of NOT finishing what they started! If true, he wouldn't be with us today....

Methinks the gangsta smelled a sob story that would slow the wheels of justice to prevent his deportation, and sure enough, someone fell for it. Yeah, he's a political refugee from his own country now. It's OUR fault for allowing him to join the gang.

Everyone else's problem, but his.

Of course, cutting off employment for illegals by imposing heavy fines for doing so WOULD solve the problem, but we all know Bush and cronies are ALL ABOUT kow-towing to big business (which fund PACs, etc); such strategies would work perfectly well, but will NEVER be implemented. Why? Because they'd work.

Anonymous said...

'Seems we need a Sombra Negra outfit in Arizona.

Ths twit should have been deported back to Guatamala. Who cares about his fate there? Whutta bunch'a crap!