Sunday, June 03, 2007

Casey Stuff!

LA Times again. And yes, warmed over leftovers but...


The Real Wagga™ said...

Warmed over First!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

So sad and secondly, and most murstly, yesterdays news. I reckon you are right about that Rob.
He will be back, imo.

flailing forward said...

Yeah, but EN got the love. I just reread that thread it points to and it's pretty damn hilarious. Shall we say not flattering for Nigeypoo.

Lost Cause said...

Are there are only two kinds of people -- the entitled Casey kind, and his self-righteous haterz?

The Ugly American, and the illegal immigrant?

Ogg the Caveman said...


Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Lost Cause:

No, there are plenty of people who for whatever reason haven't gotten wrapped up in this whole thing the way the haterz™, supporterz™, and even long-term lurkerz™ have. They just shake their heads, say "what a dumbass", and move on.

The whole saga is getting more sweet media lately, so who knows. The day IAFF went on, a friend of mine who I know has not been following the story sent me a link to Caseypedia.

Anonymous said...

Gaysey my fradulant friend.

This MUST be killing you. Look at ALL of the SWEET media you are getting and NONE is going to your IAFF web site.

Dude, this must be really, REALLY pissing the HELL out of you having a BLANK page at IAFF.

Casey Casey Casey - how you loved to troll and lie and bend the truth. I just know this is KILLING you not being able to SPIN it like you used to.


007 said...

This is piggybacking stuff is insane (check link). I wonder why Casey didn't take advantage of this sweet deal if he was so worried about his FICO score. Seems like it's right up his alley. No wonder guys like Snowflake can run wild.


Anonymous said...

The "joy" Galina provides (i.e., friendship, companionship, sex) does not meet Casey's needs for (a) reckless spending and (b) the attention generated by the blog and internet.

Even if Galina took the laptop and phone, Casey will find a way to check this (and other) sites to see what is going on. More importantly, though the "center of attention" he has no means to maintain the momentum or control it, so he will find a way to post and make his voice known.

He can't go "cold turkey" - he's an addict with other mental problems. There is no Betty Ford center for his type. He will continue to disappoint Galina and his family. The best they can do is come to an understanding he is who he is, can't and won't change, and either (a) accept and protect themselves emotionally and financially from his behavior or (b) walk away and don't look back.

I don't know if Galina reads EN, but we know brother Steve and others do - I hope you've read this comment... print it out. Read it again and again and again. Put a copy in your bible. Paste it to your refrigerator.

If you think life was tough before he took the blog down, it will only become worse in the coming weeks and months. Casey will become mooding and my experience a deep depression... he will blame you for missing out on those "good things are coming" opportunities that have been in the works. He will likely develop a secondary addiction - gambling? drugs? sex? Who knows - but he'll need his "fix" and if he can't get it via blogging, he'll attempt to get the "high" by another means.

It's not your fault. You can't control it.

Ponders on EN's sad existence said...


Your site is not getting a mention for what it was really intended for (urban planning etc.). You were mentioned in relation to CASEY SERIN. He is still the "REAL" interest. When you build a credible name for your self in the blogosphere related to "urban planning" then you can talk.

For now, You are still riding the coat tails of the LEGEND that is CASEY SERIN. You have become a "clicks whore" as another comment mentioned. How is that different from some of what some haterz acused Casey of doing on his site. At least he tried to make money out of the deal.

What do you get??? New friends like M. Singh and the like??? Then you must be lacking something within. Just think, you have to talk about Casey for as long as this blog is up. You have to bait readers with "juicy details" about Casey then try to "sneak" in what you really want to talk about.

Go on, do your "haterz" thing and tell me I am not welcome here but actually, the non-Casey Serin topics on your blog are quite interesting. Too bad we readers have to be subjected to unrelated "outburst" about a young man who is obviously moving on with HIS life.

Yes RE is part of urban planning but Casey is not the ONLY thing to discuss within that context. Oh (I forget) that is the only way you can keep people coming back. Sad bunch. Why not set up a haterz web site

Now take it away Haterz. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST. HATE AWAY AT MY COMMENT. Justify my point. PLEASE!

Mouse And Pencil said...

Wow, Nigel, learn to handle those emotions. I suggest an anger management course, or two.

flailing forward said...

Um, ok. M Singh is very popular around here and has several ladiez lusting after his mind. You sir, sound like you're just jealous. In fact, you sound like the type who's never had THE GUTS to blog about urban planning and Casey Serin and maybe you should just go back to your cubicle, negative Nancy.

Miguel said...

In fact, you sound like the type who's never had THE GUTS to blog about urban planning

Now that's gotta hurt!

Enough already said...

Enough already Rob. When are you going to get back to "business as usual". I am personally sick of the same old topic all the time. Give us something to REALLY talk/read about. Even real estate but not JUST Casey Serin. What, you're hooked Casey Serin too? He IS quite an enigma isn't he? Lets move on please. This is still an open blog, meant for people to read and comment on things related urban planning right? Change the name of the blog to "Casey Serin Haterz Support Group" and you won't hear a ping from me (it was just one story like many out there). Please get some closure on this and get back to pre-Casey mode. Or has he changed your life forever too like that MOCHA???

Murses said...

People, this is SUNDAY! The seventh day. Let's give the bitterness some rest, shall we. Sheesh.

As with everything internet related: don't like it? don't read it. But you don't need to be a whiny bitch about it.

flailing forward said...

Hey, the latest bubble to discuss: the EN traffic bubble. Thursday and Friday EN had more hits than IAFF's recent average. Casey's sweet sweet traffic has left him for another, and what Nigel wanted so badly to accomplish, Rob has done without even trying. Rob Dawg, well played.

What Casey Meant to Say: "Good things are coming (to Rob Dawg)!"

LMAO said...

@ flailing


Or better yet, go get laid or something. But can you?
You obviously have issues.

El Gabo Gringo said...

@Rob Dawg

Regarding your gangZter illegal alienZ post, how is the crime in LA?

I went to school in Riverside (yeah, I don't go around telling people that very often) and from what I remember crime peaked late 80's, early 90's and gang activity really backed off, but now I read that gang activity is on a huge upswing and illegalz are playing no small part.

Any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise from someone who is there? (I left SoCal after College and rarely go back to visit.)

flailing forward said...

This IS my life. And I've got nothing but issuez. Don't hate on me because I'm dedicated to the cause.

(flashes the Haterz gang sign)

Anon-O-Cock-Socket said...

Ponders on EN's sad existence said...


Your site is not getting a mention for what it was really intended for (urban planning etc.). You were mentioned in relation to CASEY SERIN. He is still the "REAL" interest. When you build a credible name for your self in the blogosphere related to "urban planning" then you can talk.

For now, You are still riding the coat tails of the LEGEND that is CASEY SERIN. You have become a "clicks whore" as another comment mentioned. How is that different from some of what some haterz acused Casey of doing on his site. At least he tried to make money out of the deal.

What do you get??? New friends like M. Singh and the like??? Then you must be lacking something within. Just think, you have to talk about Casey for as long as this blog is up. You have to bait readers with "juicy details" about Casey then try to "sneak" in what you really want to talk about.

Go on, do your "haterz" thing and tell me I am not welcome here but actually, the non-Casey Serin topics on your blog are quite interesting. Too bad we readers have to be subjected to unrelated "outburst" about a young man who is obviously moving on with HIS life.

Anonymous said...

Casey, just look at this chart:

Look at that SWEET media traffic and then, BANG!

You killed the 9-month IAFF old baby Casey.


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Ummm, LMAO...

Flailing plays the guitar. Leave him alone or he'll ROCK YO WORLD!

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Casey Serin, a legend that will last a lunchtime, possibly at the Macaroni Grill.

Santa F. Clause

Rob Dawg said...

Your site is not getting a mention for what it was really intended for (urban planning etc.). You were mentioned in relation to CASEY SERIN. He is still the "REAL" interest. When you build a credible name for your self in the blogosphere related to "urban planning" then you can talk.

Au contraire. Casey is a symptom of the ills I generally speak of. The exploitation of illegals cannot take place in an environment that doesn't include twisted land use policies and government meddling in traditionally nongovernmental issues. People confuse all kinds of cause and effect. For instance; there is often overcrowding in places with high immigrant popuations. No. There are high immigrant populations where overcrowding is tolerated. A new subtle form of govt subsidized ghettos. There's a connection, just like the poverty sometimes generated by transit provision.

007 said...


Nobody is "subjecting you" to anything. You can leave anytime you want. If you consider Casey a "LEGEND" I think you should be pondering your own sad existence, not other people's.

Why do you need to come here and bait Rob about his blog. That seems even more pathetic than what you are accusing him of doing.

If people like the topics they will talk about them, if they don't, they won't. If you are interested in the topics of urban planning and find them stimulating, why don't you add something provocative to the discussion. That way perhaps it will steer things away from Casey. It will probably happen slowly over time anyways if he completely disappears.

It's been how long...a day and a half since Casey "obviously" or maybe not so obviously moved on with his life. Are you THAT wrapped up in when the last Casey post will appear here, that less than 48hrs later you jonesin' over it? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am grateful that sites like these exists to expose CROOKS like Casey Serin and Galina Serin.

They both lied on Federal loan applications. The law has turned the other way (for now) on these two crooks.

Instead of feeling frustrated with the law, sites like this one and help me know that the spot light of truth is upon them and wont let up.

Thanks to all of you who brought this crook to a stop. The Serin family got the message.

Anonymous said...


No blogging for you! HA HA.

You have to sit this one out like a little boy.

We'll take it from here Casey. Don't let that door slam you on your way OUT.

Oh man, I just love this. SWEET :-)

hummmmmmmm said...

Bad dawg! Bad Dawg! So you really do moderate some comments. (my original obviously wasn't posted even if this one is) Thought it was "automatic" commenting. You have the nerve to post a comment that called people "niggers" but won't post ALL comments that hit you personally below the belt!Coward! Down boy! Down Boy! Quit humping my leg!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Dawg fucker.

Anonymous said...

I just love that "Nigel Swaby" posted a comment under that LA Times article...

As I spoke with Casey, I realized he was very intelligent and pretty shrewd about reaching his goal of avoiding forclosure.

Posted by: Nigel Swaby | June 03, 2007 at 11:57 AM

Teehee.....kudos to whoever posted that!

Anonymous said...


Blah Blah Blah said...

Blah Blah Blah

Casey Serin Blah Blah Blah. Woopeefuckindoo. Rob, "a symptom"? The "ONLY" symptom? No, the only thing in this world that turns the attention towards you for a sec. And "a quick sec" it will be, as long as Golden Boy Serin stays MIA. Remember he "provided" the material to stretch 15mins to 9 months!!! Without him, you want to tell me you are nothing? Then as M. Singh put it, "GET OFF THE INTERNET". But, if you do have worthy opinions other than Serin, then spit it out man or STFU damn it!

Anonymous said...

Hey KC, I know you read this blog so, HAHAHA!!! G's got your balls in her purse, eh? You aren't a man, or a mogul, you are a pussy whipped twit. She probably even took your murse away. You better suck up buddy boy, or you'll be "homeless". HAHAHA!! A "man" that simultaneously owned eight houses homeless, oh the irony, oh no, here it comes again, HAHAHAHA!!!! I can't stop. LMFAO rolling on floor, wipes tears of joy from eyes. Maybe there is a God.

Anonymous said...

Go away you bad troll.

BJ said...

@Rob Dawg
I didn't notice you asked for which version of the "House of the Rising Sun". It was "The Animals" version. I didn't know that Tracy Chapman, Moody Blues and Woody Guthrie did re-cuts of that same song. In particular, I didn't know that Moody Blues did a re-cut. I have most of the Moody Blue Albums (CDs).

Lost Cause said...

Casey who?

king friday the 13th said...

>> The "joy" Galina provides (i.e., friendship, companionship, sex)

After they cut up the last of Galina's 13 credit cards, I'm sure Casey has batted 0-for-3 ever since.

Galina was a gold-digger, plain and simple. All Marky V. needs to do is wave a little green, and Galina is all his.

CHJTS said...

Okay I am back...and wow did I miss allot of stuff.

I really didnt think he was going to do his friday night fraudcast otherwise I would have called in.

But I will recap what I actually did do instead of participating by calling in to casey.

By 5 pm...I was already settled in to the hotel room and already went out to eat lunch and dinner and spent some time on the beach flying kites and relaxing.

By the time the fraudcast was over, I was firing up the bbq to roast some dogs (not dawgs) and burgers.

Please note, the wind wasnt that strong and I had a pretty heavy duty I had to run about 5000 miles to get it to stay up 50 feet or it would plummet to the ground much like caseys dreams.

then I went and curled up on a balcony and watched the sun go down over the next couple hours...Note..I read a book too.

Then I slept.

I woke up and repeated.

It was very stressfull.

Stephanie J. said...

Nigel & Friends have their say about the shutdown:

or just click here.

Anonymous said...

Well.. soon there may not be an America as we now know it...

Take a look at this ... scary.. !

Stephanie J. said...

Ah geez is this trolling getting tiresome. And the 'Go on, do what you do best... Hating..' I can totally imagine a teenaged girl having a tantrum when I hear this stuff.

I found it pretty funny on the talkcast when Casey got tired of hearing the truth, and started saying "all I hear is Hate, hate, hate..." and then proceeded to shut the call down. Boo hoo hoo.

What Hate? I mean REALLY? What constitutes Hate? An opinion? Criticism? Criticism is not Hate. If these trolls come here to criticize, are they Hating then?

What a bunch of crap. "OOoh, your opinion opposes mine, therefore you're hateful!" How immature is that? It sounds like a spiteful kid. Grow the fuck up.

One or two people from Camp idiot take it too far, and everyone gets a blanket accusation of being filled with hate?


I don't hate Casey; in fact, he shouldn't flatter himself; he's not important enough to me to hate. I don't hate anything, it's a powerful word and it shouldn't be thrown around to categorize a group of people just because you're too immature to accept criticism.

Most of us watch the Casey story and criticize him because maybe (prepare yourself for this)... a part of us cares. :::::GASP::::: I would never invest the energy I have in something I hate. I have to care on some fundamental level; and perhaps I hold out a crazy hope that Casey will grow up. The fact that he doesn't frustrates me, and what frustrates me more are people like you who stroke his ego, and foster his ridiculous ideas. You're part of the problem; not the so-called 'Haters'.

So get over yourselves, coming into EN on your righteous trains... Calling people names, and criticizing us for doing the exact same thing you are.

Shut up. You're boring.

El Gabo Gringo said...


Nicely done.

CHJTS said...

steph...I am listening to the final talkcast right now.

M singh rock's. trip would have been better if you were there.

I actually had a nice hotel for us to make mad monkey love.

PSs.....I bet you scream out casey's name while your having mad monkey love with your temporary BFF (the chaperone).

Rob Dawg said...

Steph J,
May I clean your boot? Please?

It is amusing to see the amatuer trolls and the truly hateful and the transparently immature show up here thinking they've found a nest of fuzzy baby ducks just ripe for the molesting only to discover they've stumbled upon a band of deadly carnivirous ninja ducks. We just nestle here because it is warm and friendly.

Endgame said...

Attention Casey,

Your slow friends are playing in the street here and are going to get run over! Please come get them!

CHJTS said...

my god.

I had to skip past Mocha after about 3 minutes.

she/he is about as clueless as they come.

That voice annoyed me to no end.

Imagine being a polygamist with 10 wives...and all of them nagging you at the same time.

Now x's that by 50 and that is how annoying her voice is.

Endgame said...

Hey Nigel,

Since you're to much of a puss to accept comments anymore, here are some anyway:

The moment haterz have been waiting for has finally happened.

What - KC in jail? And I missed it?!?!

The IAFF trainwreck has come to its ultimate resting spot.

Not even close, bud!! Just not as public ...

Endgame said...


I had to skip past Mocha after about 3 minutes.

My iPod scroll wheel is really good for that!

Well, the bratz is about done, and ready for 3rd beer and Sopranos (there'd better be a FREAKING LOT of blood this week and next!!!).

KC said...

I will admit that I only visit this site for casey and really have no interest in some of the other stuff. No need to put people down though, this site has provided me with tons of entertainment.

walt526 said...

Is Mocha actually female, or some sort of she-male tranny? I don't mean to speak ill of either gender or whatever, just genuinely uncertain. He/she/it sounded like some Tracy Morgan parody SNL character, high on crack. If that was a natural woman unencumbered by the use of narcotics, then wow. Just wow.

The Real Wagga™ said...

Wildly off topic:

The deliberate use of lower case to diss is catching on. Scroll down to POTUS and note lower case treatment of "President"

24601 said...

Speaking of bush, where should KC buy some Girlfriend Experience™?

I'm Rick James, BITCH ! said...

Cocaine is a helluva drug!

Casey Serin (under the radar) said...

Sweet cashback is a helluva drug!

prlinkbiz said...

Gravy is a helluva drug!

prlinkbiz said...

I've got a piece of meat swinging between my legs that is bigger than any WALRUS COCK.

flailing forward said...

In other truly important news, Hogzilla was faked.

king friday the 13th said...

over / under what percentage of the troll traffic is originating from Salt Lake City and/or the Sacramento public library if Casey's laptop is confiscated OR a Starbux / Jamba Juice in Sacramento if not.

Saying 90%, with the occasional camp idiot reject thrown in...

0 Comment Swabby said...

@ 7:55 PM, flailing forward:
In other truly important news, Hogzilla was faked.

Thus proving that it Prlinkbeast may indeed be a hoax

Anonymous said...

@ 7:55 PM, flailing forward:
In other truly important news, Hogzilla was faked.

And his name was Fred.,2933,277097,00.html

Dumbfounded said...

Hogzilla was faked? Damn. What a disappointment. Oh well, at least no one can discredit the Cardiff Giant.

ratlab said...

Well, I had some tickets to the Rivercats game today. So, I ran a bunch of errands (returning stuff to Home Depot, LnT, Target), had a semi-vegan Hot Pastrami sandwich at Togos, then caught the end of the Rivercats game.

And since Raley Field is in West Sacramento, I thought I would be remiss to not pay Snapdragon a little visit.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report. V-Dubs was not at the residence around 5pm. But there was a cat lounging outside the front door. By the time I could grab a photo, it had run next door and out of sight. I can't confirm if it is the cat that gets a lot of Galina attention, but I thought it was ironic that the cat looked like a younger version of Nacho. Seriously.

I swung by the Starbucks and Jamba Juice a couple of blocks away, but there was no V-Dubs to be seen.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

^^^ psycho-stalker ^^^

Anonymous said...

The people who come and comment on EN regarding our favorite flopper are doing so of their own free will.

If you don't want to read what we have to say, don't viist. In the meantime, Rob, thanks for allowing us to exercise our right to free speech, varied opinions, and most importantly, our ability to express what we must creatively and without censorship.

Any bets on when and how Casey will reappear?

king friday the 13th said...

>> Thus proving that it Prlinkbeast may indeed be a hoax

or those cans are the result of a push-up bra. Okay, Erin, you've been attacked. Time to show the world that the twins are R-E-A-L.

0 Comment Swabby said...

I demand an NDA on her cans

ratlab said...


Two can play that game 8:46.

Anonymous said...

Longtime follower of casey news and housing bubble.
I see this casey drama as degradation of vlaues and acceptance of "getting away after breaking the law" and this is not going to be good in long term for anyone who abides by law.
I think that although discussion about Casey is cheap form of entertainmaint but the real issue among various folks who are responsible in their dealings is that "why is this crimnal not locked in jail yet"
This is a simple and very clear case of fraud and Casey should be locked in for ever after combining each fraud count.

NoVa Sideliner said...

Thanks ratlab. Even if there's nothing to report, it's a report. I wonder if his car will be there at, say, 4 AM. Something like that might tell if he's liging there or not. For some reason I doubt it. Intervention might have kicked him back to his parents' little hole.

I know I'd have booted the wastrel if (God forbid) I were Galina or Yulia. I've had relatives staying at my place for toooo long, and even without them pulling Casey stunts, I had to toss a few out, very nicely mind you, with good notice beforehand!

The little hobbit is surely pretty ruined now. No houses, no blog, no family (maybe). Probably no sweet deals. Still, if his mom takes him in, he can go indefinitely, you know. But if I were him, I'd be warily expecting more than a few regularly-scheduled ass-kickings from my "little brother".

Anonymous said...


I am getting some reports that Casey's PDA is missing.

We have reason to believe that Casey stuck the PDA up his anus so that Galina wont see it.

We also believe that Casey is blogging straight from his anus by moving side to side to click the keys.

If you see Casey in the car, tell us if you see him moving side to side while driving or even during stops.

Akubi said...

Barack Obama is AWESOME!

Akubi said...

Lost in political "stuff" (would prefer the Bush Admin disappeared over Casey any day) and still catching up...completely agree with Steph J.'s 4:41 comment.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Wow, our Declan can write in Chinese too.

Anonymous said...

Akubi, what is it about him that you find "awesome"? I'm asking honestly, I saw part of the debate, and all I saw is a guy WAY too young and inexperienced to handle the shitstorm that's headed for this country in the next couple of years, and his platform seems to be "Yes, that's a problem, we need to address it and come up with a solution", which is politspeak for "I don't have an effing clue what to do."

Obama is the rock star of this election, obviously, so I'm looking at what he says...there's not much "there" there. Yet. Maybe down the road, but right now he's in over his head. I have nothing against him so far, but then he has'nt really stood for anything...We have so many issues that are coming to a head NOW - Iran, the Iraq war, the housing bust, the economy, we need real leadership and I just don't see it there, just more of the same, or some incredibly stupid ideas that were thrown out on stage.

As for the rest of the debaterz...I'm scared shitless if any of them win. Same for the Republican candidates. There's a whole lot of nuthin' up there on the stage, and Hillary!'s body language could'nt be more fascinating. Gawd what a sack of hot air she is.

Disapointed in Biden. I've heard things from him before that made me think he might actually have something, but he's following the pack and catering to the polls. Bleah. Serves me right for thinking a politician these days is anything more than a whore to special interests and part of an elite class that is clueless about anything outside of their privileged little world.

A bunch of spineless, weak, idea-lacking pack of scoundrels, the lot of them, shouting over each other to get their worthless points of view heard. This is the party of JFK? This is the best and brightest? This is leadership?

The Republican debates should be a lot of fun, too, now that Bush has alientated the core of his party, and now they get to spin his bullshit. Whee!

I'm sitting this election out. Fuck 'em all. We're fucked no matter who wins, and the opposition will destroy anything the winner tries to do, just because they lost - even if, for gods sake, they had an original idea that doesnt require higher taxes.

"Meet the new boss...same as the old boss..."

flailing forward said...

I'll take young and untested over old and ruined any day. And there's no way I'm sitting this election out. For god's sake, vote for somebody. Our country is so fucked because we let it get this way, and abstaining from voting is a vote for the establishment. At least pick some independent to vote for.

I'm even willing to consider this Ron Paul character that everybody here keeps trumpeting (even though I'm generally a haterz of Republicans)

Anonymous said...


網路上甚至還有嘲弄他個人名言的Casey Serin Dance Remix、各類合成照片,Serin儼然已成全美部落客最愛的「公敵」。反Serin網站Exurbannation站長Rob Dawg表示:「每個人(對他)都有意見和想法。他心理有病嗎?意志薄弱?他怪異的個人習慣是否影響他的判斷或反之亦然?諸如此類。然而,對我們許多人而言,Casey已成為某種暴風眼,而非風暴本身。」

Anonymous said...

"Yes, that's a problem, we need to address it and come up with a solution"

AHH, the precursor to the John Kerry "I have a plan" school of political thinking.

R-Boy said...


Ron Paul's a good guy. I don't agree with everything he says, but good lord, he watches out for our tax money and was adamantly against the war from the start.

I'm hoping though, Bloomberg makes a stand at being an indenpendent.

segfault said...


We anxiously await the Homey e-mail. :)

Dan said...


ron paul is a republican, I wouldn't compare him to any of the Republican bozos.

R-Boy said...

Ron's a libertarian.

One day, we'll take over.

Hey Rob! I hope you use what I sent you yesterday...full of HOMEY goodness

Milton's Ghost said...

Casey needs a role model; somebody he can look up to ...

13-year-old conman wore pricey suits, hired escorts


M. SINGH said...


"Milton's Ghost" gave the link to an amazing article. And to think that three years ago, this young man was on the cover of "Highlights Magazine" and profiled in its review of "13 entrepreneurs under 13."

I remain,


R-Boy said...

I just got around to listening to the last podcast.

I got the distinct impression that at the end, Casey's spirit had died, and that when he hung up, a tear came down.

He needed that.

Murses said...

Thanks, R-Boy! Now you ruined the whole thing for those of us who have not listened. Knowing the ending will make getting through the unbearable MOCHA parts torture!

/ teasing

Actually the MOCHA part is still true though...

dm said...

That article Milton's Ghost posted was interesting. The kid obviously needs to be locked up, for his own and other's good. But I can't help but thinking: At least he lived the high life while he was on the con. I mean, what did snowflake do? He went to Hawaii, drank lots of wheatgrass and ate at Macaroni Grill. Big freakin' deal.

Note: I'm not condoning what he did in any way. He's a criminal, just like Casey. I'm just saying, at least he got something out of it... If the kid could leave his criminal ways, he might be fit to be a high powered executive. Shoot, what am I talking about? I'm sure there are a few companies who'd pay the kid millions right now.

dm said...

Oh, and re: the credit piggybacking... I can't imagine that would help him much. When you've got, what, six foreclosures on your record, not too mention credit cards in default, lenders are likely to be very suspicious of anything more than a 400. I'm not even sure if piggybacking credit would help him at all at that point. He'd have to shell out thousands if it would help at all. Then the best he might be able to do is get credit cards, but only if they base their immediate decisions only on FICO scores.

I honestly hope that no one ever lends Serin money again. Unfortunately, I believe that he will borrow again in the future and he will lose every dirty penny again in the future. If he's lucky, G won't be around and he'll be able to blog about it.

Stephanie J. said...

What really makes me laugh is that Mocha came on with this oh-so-original view that Casey should get off the internet;

Isn't that what M-Singh pretty much 'implied' so 'subtly' when he popped a vein yelling at Casey? (BTW, I rewound that part when he escalated from clipped words into blind rage like nine times, laughing all the while).

LOL. ::sigh:: God I love you guys.

I love long-beach. I stay @ breakers sometimes 'cause we can bring the dogs. I like it off season tho. No freaks; and we can Jeep around in the sand.

I will put a poll on my site to see when's best for everyone.

Stephanie J. said...

Hi-fives Libertarian R-Boy

Anonymous said...

interesting article ..

Thoughts on Casey Serin and
June 3, 2007 |

Had a comment recently about the whole Casey Serin/ fiasco, which I have to admit I’ve been checking out daily for awhile now. Anyone reading this is likely familiar with the situation but here’s the short version:

24 year old “investor” in California drops tens of thousands of dollars on “guru” REI seminars, and proceeds to quickly buy seven or eight properties (some sight unseen) in multiple states, all despite the fact that he had no savings and was making something like $50K a year from his day job. How’d he pull that off? He flat out lied on mortgage applications, inflating his income and claiming that he was going to occupy each and every property. More importantly to his house of cards, he was illegally taking cash back under the table on each deal, secretly agreeing to inflate the purchase price so that he’d have the capital necessary to keep the whole thing afloat, as far as making mortgage payments and repairs. His “plan” was to flip the properties for a profit, so that when his illegal cash back stash ran out, he’d have profits from the sale of the first few properties to keep the whole scheme chugging along, allowing him to buy more properties, get more cash back, etc.

Surprise surprise, none of that worked out, as he managed to buy in at the absolute top of the real estate boom in California, almost always at inflated prices to get his cash back under the table. Exacerbating the situation was the fact that he quit his job and had no income at all, and proceeded to max out credit cards and any and all credit available to him, including bogus business lines of credit he established, his wife’s credit, loans from friends, and even credit from sharks such as CashCall. All of which he eventually defaulted on. He managed to arrange a short sale and a wrap for a property or two, but the majority of the properties he bought went to foreclosure.

His site (which is offline now, due to his wife finally putting her foot down and demanding he got a job or else) was pretty soap-operatic, as he basically gave up on salvaging his properties and was trolling for attention, intentionally baiting readers who kept getting upset at his steadfast refusal to get a job, and his assurance that he had lots of “sweet deals” in the works and that this was just a bump in the road, as far as his ultimate success at real estate investing.

I honestly thought for a long time that it was all a scam, designed to drive traffic to his site/blog, which he’d then monetize and make lots of cash from. It just seemed far too intentional, as far as his ability to screw up at every step, and infuriate readers, as he managed to epitomize all that’s wrong with the get-rich-quick-lie-if-necessary-but-never-ever-do-a-lick-of-honest-work mentality. But he turned out to be a miserable failure at even making money off his gobs of traffic, and, ironically, only figuring out how to make some cash from it shortly before his wife demanded he shut it down.

Pretty much until the bitter end, he claimed he was a victim of bad timing, more than anything, and that nothing he did was wrong, and that it was the fault of the mortgage lending industry that he was given all that money to fuel his buying spree, and that his cash-back deals under the table were something that everyone was doing, yada yada yada. He claimed those shenanigans were just temporary and necessary to get his foot in the door, after which point he’d be a model, upright real estate investor.

I think the only real lesson to be drawn from his whole sordid saga (as far as other investors viewing it from afar), is that if you’re lazy and looking to get rich without doing any work, you’re 99.5% likely to fail. That’s really it. Could a “smart” investor use cash-back deals under the table and mortgage fraud to spin up a real estate empire out of nothing, with no money-down and no savings? Well, sure, in theory, but it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for most people who go down that road. They fail because they’re failures, due to a lack of work ethic and a propensity for greed much larger than their legal, available means.

Casey’s failure had nothing to do with real estate. It had everything to do with the fact that he was lazy. Even if he’d bought at a better time and been able to flip some of his properties for a profit, he’d have just kept pursuing cash-back deals, or gotten sucked into some other boondoggle that promised him an even greater payoff, with no work whatsoever required of him, other than cashing checks from his sweet deals.

Moral of the story? If you want anyting in life, you can’t be lazy.

Stephanie J. said...

^Click my name and complete the little Haterz™ polls I put there.

Thanks Haterz™.

Dolph said...

Just added more stuff to the Caseypedia.

I added terms to the Caseypedia and Casey Activities.

Murst Murstofson said...

Down at the Jamba Juice at 5th and main.

Join me???

Stephanie J. said...

I've been reflecting the absurdities we've invented around this whole Casey saga. Absurdities like:

Dirty Jeeps & Steel Toed Boots
The ™ on everything.
6 Degrees to Casey
Duck Dong

Any others that pop into your mind?

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Hey Ratlab, no chance that the absence of the VDubs is because KC took it to his new W-2 job, is there?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *wipes tear from eye* I could barely type that w/a straight face!